Monthly Newsletter May 2022


Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month May

  • Important energies

  • The Pleiades and their mythological background

  • The Nebra slice of heavens

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold (3)

  • Planet returns

  • Astrology and astronomy in daily practice

  • The role of the Moon in spiritual development
  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


The experiences in our journey in life can bring us a concatenation of astonishment.

This is not likely to be identical for every individual.

The moment you are born, you can start to make use of a richness of “luggage”, supposed to be helpful in your live. Part of this “luggage” is clear: your body, the family where you were born, the social community: other parts of your luggage are less evident.

And therefore, are as such considered doubtful by many of us (your karma from earlier incarnations, your talents and preferences as can be found in your birth chart, etc.).

The essence is that everyone has an own specific path of life. On this path each decision is leading for the following decision. There is no possibility to do it twice.

As soon as you have decided, you must deal with it. You can consider repairing the effects of earlier decisions, however everything considered to decide or to repair will remain part of your life.

How can you manage to prevent to make choices you would like to repair the consequences of?

By not making a choice. I don’t think so, for this can also lead to regret.

By making a choice to favor others? By following the own ego? By choosing consciously?

There is no good or bad choice. Every choice indicates a next event on your path and will has its results in whatever outcome. You will have to cope with them.

I already remarked that life is concatenation of astonishment. To become aware leading to consciousness that is the essence. It will be unfolded on your unique path, stipulated by your own choices (routine, aware or conscious). But how can I prevent myself from disasters, some of you may question. Do you choose it yourself?

In some cases, yes, I guess, in most cases no, as what happens can be seen as a result of personal or collective choices. Think about the story of Lot in the Bible at the time of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, where finally Lot saw his family making other decisions, causing Lot to remain single, by adopting the angelical advice.

In our lives, we continuous have to make choices, sometimes in an intensity as Lot. And again, we could ask, what is the right choice?

Follow your heart, choose and fight in justice.

Adrienne gave me her appropriate poem about ‘live” …..

Good and evil

Light and dark

A tear and a lough


Wisdom and love

Enjoying the moment

Fight where needed

To remain who you are

And then …. suddenly ….. we run out of days


Preview for the month May

The first 2 weeks of the month will still be under the influence of the solar eclipse of April 30th.

As is visible in the following figure this eclipse was only visible in the southern hemisphere especially Chile and Argentine.

Picture: Solar eclipse April 30, 2020 (source Wikipedia)

The energy will remain of influence especially for those having a planet or other factor on the 11th degree of Taurus in their birth chart.

Another factor of influence will be Uranus. Uranus is direct again since the beginning of 2022 on the same degree as this solar eclipse. This can result in unexpected actions and changes related to messages for individual and humanity. This degree urges for cultivation and development of awareness.

For instance, for people born about April 30th, July 31st, October 1st, and December 30th there could be a message.

The yearly conjunction of Sun and Uranus on May 5th can carry a liberation aspect. Nice to have this on the official Liberation Day of the Netherlands and to remind those still in a need for liberation, in the first place to develop the own potential and in addition to make this effort also for a better world.

About May 2nd, we could fall in love easy. For those who are single a beautiful perspective, for those already in relation an aspect to be cautious as we still live in eclipse time.

About May 4th the energy is helpful to carry through important changes successfully.

In general, this will take little effort, provided we also consider the interest for the whole community.

Until May 10th in general the energy is positive and constructive.

On this day Mercury turns retrograde. Related to the solar eclipse energy an aspect to be careful.

We could easily get robbed or betrayed in some way. Be careful about those speaking too nice words promising luck and wealth.

On May 11th Jupiter enters Aries, this will give those born under Aries wings of prosperity.

But be aware not to be too egocentric or to exaggerate.

On May 13th we can meet very interesting people. They could play an important role in your next future and help us to recognize new challenges on out paths.

About May 15th we could feel opposition in what we plan to do. Follow your intuition, it can inform you about the changes needed to become successful.

The Full Moon of May 16th ends the period of the solar eclipse.

About May 18th we could become rather disoriented in our actions, we even could become literally “of the road”. It could also happen your motivation to make efforts could be far away.

About May 19th we could possibly be successful in our plans, in many cases we will be successful.

About May 20th we could be confronted with an abundance of communication. However, it could also be of use for our further development.

On May 21st the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.

It is also the moment where the Sun is intensively related to the energy of the Pleiades.

For those people having a Pleiadean background it could be a very positive experience.

In general, everything happening around us will be peaceful.

About May 23rd our activities will be directed to improvement of structures.

About May 25th the world will become more energetic, we feel more need for a physical activity.

It will be much more comfortable to put our energy in it.

About May 27th we will have corrections on the Stock market, but also some unstable relations may come to an end.

The day behind, when Venus enters Taurus, we will become more oriented on nature around us. It could possibly bring a new love. We could perform important efforts successfully.

About the end of the month, there is a New Moon energy, another transition moment with possibility for new choices. This time on the 10th degree of Gemini.

According to the astrological mandala this degree is symbolized by: “An airplane performing a nosedive”. It is the degree symbolizing the vast capabilities of mankind, but also makes clear the dependency to powers of nature.

This is also the degree where the fixed star Aldebaran resists. In the next newsletter there will be an article related to this.

It could possibly inspire us in the many areas we unjustly think to be superior and to come to a better insight.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

2 Venus enters Aries (18.10)

4 Jupiter sextile Pluto, Mars sextile Uranus

5 Sun conjunction Uranus

6 Mercury sextile Venus

7 Sun sextile Mars

10 Mercury retrograde (until June 3rd)

11 Jupiter enters Aries (01.22)

13 Sun conjunction Northern lunar node

15 Sun square Saturn, Sun sextile Neptune

16 Full Moon (06.14) Lunar eclipse at 25.18 Scorpio

18 Mars conjunction Neptune

19 Sun trine Pluto

20 Mercury sextile Jupiter

21 Sun enters Gemini (03.22), Sun conjunction Mercury and conjunction Alcyone

23 Mars sextile Pluto, Mercury R enters Taurus (03.15)

24 Mercury sextile Mars, Venus sextile Saturn

25 Mars enters Aries (01.17), Mercury trine Pluto

27 Venus square Pluto

28 Venus enters Taurus (16.46)

29 Mars conjunction Jupiter

30 New Moon (13.30) at 09.03 Gemini

The Pleiades and their mythological background

This month, the Sun is projected in the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters.

This star sign is situated in the skies between the signs Taurus and Gemini.

On May 21st the Sun is exactly on the first degree of Gemini, where also Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades is situated.

It inspired Eleonore Oldenburg to write the following contribution.

Picture: Pleiades (Seven sisters), source Wikipedia

The stars of the Pleiades are named after seven sisters in Greek Mythology.

They were the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. After their dead Zeus placed them together in the heavens as a star sign, also called “the Seven Sisters”. They are placed in the last degrees of the Sun sign Taurus and the first degrees of Gemini.

The Seven Sisters are also known as the Oceanids, the Water women or Ice virgins, due to their association with water in whatever kind: seas, lakes, rivers, snow, ice, or rain.

They have beautiful names: Maia, Electra, Merope, Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno and Taygete.

Their mother Pleione was a daughter of the sea gods Oceanus and Tethys, which were part of the big group of nymphs together called “Oceanids”. This group was born shortly after the creation of the world.

Pleione married Atlas and together they gave life to seven daughters, later known as the Pleiades, after their mother.

Picture: Pleiades (7 stars), source Wikipedia)


In Greek mythology, Maya is the oldest of the Pleiades. She is considered an earthly Goddess and midwife. She is known for her exceptional beauty, shyness, and isolated life.

Her special traits are intelligence, creativity, water, and magic.

Her name is also related to the Buddhistic concept “veil” and/or illusion.

As the only one of the Seven Sisters she staid living on the mountain Cyllene in the caves of Arcadia. “Maia” is Latin for mother; in other languages it also means caregiver or “the Great”. The Romans considered Maia to be as Goddess of Spring, for this reason we name our 5th month May. Once Maia was shining brighter than her sisters, nowadays Alcyone the second sister is the brightest. Maia is also called “Bona Dea”, the Good Goddess.

As soon as Zeus sees Maia, he immediately falls in love with her. Together they give birth to Hermes, later put as the messenger of his father. To be able to carry out these tasks correctly, Hermes received as attributes golden sandals and helmet, to be able to travel quick as an arrow through the skies. As the only one of the Gods, he was allowed to travel between the world and the Hades, the Underworld. He also guarded the death on their journey to the Hades. Therefore, Hermes is called the messenger of the Gods. Maia allows you to lift the veil of the earthly manifestation to discover the real nature of the universe and to protect you to get lost in your illusions. When you become aware of your illusions and the fake world you become a better insight in what really matters.


Electra leaves the parental home and settles on the isle Samothrace. When Zeus discovers her, he also falls in love with her. At first Electra is not interested and flies to the Palladium, but after a while Zeus manages to capture her heart. From gratitude Zeus creates a beautiful palace for her, where she becomes a Priest to honor the holy rites of mother Goddess Rhea.

He also promises that Electra, together with his sisters will be placed as a star sign in heaven “the Seven Sisters”. Due to her relationship with Zeus, Electra has a good esteem on the island and becomes a queen.

Although being happy with her children Electra, has a lot of grief for her father Atlas. Due to a punishment by Zeus, he must carry the arch of heavens. When Electra has given birth to her youngest son, Emathion, Aphrodite visits her with the small baby Harmonia.

She tells Electra that she is not allowed to raise her newborn baby herself. She asks Electra to do this for her.

Electra agrees and raises the 2 children. When Harmonia is old enough to get married, Zeus orders her to marry Cadmus. Cadmus is unknown for her. At the wedding the young married couple leaves the home and Electra stays behind in despair.

After a while Zeus keeps his promise and creates the star sign the Pleiades with Electra and her sisters.

Electra who is representing the stone amber is also known for her miraculous energetic appearances.

When you rub an amber stone, it becomes a negative electric load.

From the Greek word electron our word electricity is derived.

Mellie Uyldert (a well-known Dutch astrologer and natural healer) calls the amber stone “a golden sun gift for the human heart”.

The miraculous Electra also gave birth to Iris, the rainbow.

The Greek understood most natural appearances; however, the rainbow was something miraculous. The rainbow Iris was considered a message of Zeus.

She passed his decisions and approval to mankind. When the Greek had a big problem and a rainbow appeared in the heavens, it was considered a positive message and approval of Zeus.


Alcyone is the 3rd sister of the star sign of the Pleiades. She is one of the daughters being hunted by Orion. Zeus protected them by changing them in doves.

Later he placed them as a Star sign in the heavens, where they still can be seen.

From the Pleiades it is told that that cry without stopping for the loss of a sister, the star Asterope. Asterope has become less clear during the centuries. Another explanation is that they cry for the loss of the matriarchy.

The fog around the Pleiades makes a link between Alcyone and to see. Fog limits your possibility to see and forces you to look inside. In Arcadia the God of the seas Poseidon, together with Alcyone, gives birth to 3 children, a daughter and 2 sons.


According to one of the myths about the Pleiades one of the Seven Sisters, called Merope, was ashamed about her relation to Sisyphus, an ordinary mortal being and not a God, like her sisters. Therefore, her star was doomed to be less bright. However, Merope is, according to modern catalogs, not the weakest shining star of the Pleiades. The star Celaeno is also named the lost Pleiade. Merope becomes a son of Sisyphus, Glaucus. As a punishment for his bad behavior at life, he is ordered after his death to roll a heavy stone uphill. When he almost has reached the top of the hill, the stone rolls back and Sisyphus must start over again (Sisyphus labor).


Celaeno is the name of the so-called “lost Pleiade”.

The name is often translated as “melon” or “dark of skin”.

In Arcadia Celaeno becomes 3 children (suns) from Poseidon. Her star is supposed to be less bright than her sisters. According to the myth this is because she once has been hit by lightning.

Celaeno was a winged nymph, she had the head and the body of a women but the claws of a bird of prey.

Romantic painters however paint her without wings or claws and put an emphasis on het light-footedness as a creature of light.


About Asterope only little is known. Her name just means “star”.

In mythology she leaves the parental home and settles in Pisa, where she starts a relationship with Ares, the God of war. She gives birth to Oenomaus from this relationship.

It is said that Orion still is hunting for Asterope through the skies. Fortunately, Zeus also protected her by placing her in the Seven Sisters.

She is still seen as one of the weaker sisters, possible because her light is less bright.


Her name means long neck. After leaving the parental home Taygete goes to Korinthos where she sleeps with Zeus. In the myth Taygete is not open to the advances of Zeus. The Goddess of the hunt, Artemis helps her by changing her in a deer, helping her to escape.

Together they become a son, who is raised with love by Taygete.

The Empress in the Rider Waite tarot has a Crown with many stars. They represent the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 qualities needed to approach every individual type of mankind. On her neck we see a string with seven pearls.

She reminds to the Goddess Sesjat from ancient Egypt, where this represents the Pleiades.

In the ancient empire of Persia, they founded the order of the Pleiades. The name of empress Soraya means Pleiade. The seven stars were put as diamonds on the medallion of the order.

About the Pleiades exist many writings. Christiane Beerlandt, a Flemish author and philosopher of life writes about them in her book: Alcyone or the distorted self. She believes Alcyone has a symbolic meaning for whole mankind and that Alcyone, the great Sun in the Star sign of the Pleiades will move from Taurus to Gemini about the change of the century.

The book ‘Where are you really from’ written by Jo Amidon with the Teachers of the Universal Mind gives a description of the planetary descent of those originating from the Pleiades. This might be acceptable as many of the native culture from North America, are convinced they have a Pleiade descent. These people even think whole mankind is related to the Pleiades.

Pleiades are people having a deep and never fainting longing for peace and happiness for everybody. They possess of a nice and soft energy where others, like to get pleasure of.

When angry, Pleiades exhibit a passive aggressive behavior hoping others will make notice of it and answer it, without the need to discuss it.

Pleiades have a strong belief and trust. Already young they have a firm resoluteness, a deep knowing of the relation with the divine power, even in the darkest moment of time.

Eleonore Oldenburger.


Tarot Rider Waite

William Adolphe Bouguereau: Painting of the lost Pleiad

The Nebra slice of heavens

The slice of heavens found near Nebra (Saxion-Anhalt in Germany) is a witness that the Pleiades already were known in ancient periods (the bronze age).

This gold-inlaid slice is found in 1999, its origin is calculated at about 1750 before Christ.

It is probably used as a sacrifice for a man who died and buried together in his grave.

On the slice we see, next to the Full Moon (some interpretations say the Sun), and a slice of the Moon, several star signs. We clearly can see the Pleiades top left to the slice of the Moon.

Originally there were two horizon’s one at the left and one at the right side) and beneath we see the solar boat, where Gods were supposed to travel with between the stars.

With some good will, we could also recognize the Ursa Major (great Bear) above the Pleiades and Cassiopeia (above the solar boat).

Picture: the Nebra slice of heavens

The slice of Nebra is the earliest known object showing the nocturnal skies in its natural shape, it is pictured with stars as brilliant dots and not as Gods or mythical animals.

The slice is possibly also used by farmers for the planning of their harvest and shows that already in the Bronze Age, there was knowledge about the stars.

Light on the path & through the gates of gold (3)

This booklet of author Mabel Collins had been published in the first issue in 1887.

Possibly some of you know it.

When I opened it, I had been struck immediately by the contents and understood it contains messages still being of value.

At least the texts invite to reflect and offer the possibility to apply in the spiritual development of humanity.

Issues in this contribution are:

Rule 9: Only long for what already is inside yourself

Rule 10: Only long for what already is higher than yourself

Rule 11: Only long for what is inaccessible

Rule 12: Because the light of the world is in yourself.

That is the only light that can shine on your path.

If you can’t see it in yourself, it is useless to look for it elsewhere.

It goes beyond you because you lose yourself when you reach it.

It is inaccessible because it always withdraws when you can almost touch it.

You will enter the light but never touch the flame

A beautiful paradox, guiding you in your search for the light in your own life, hided in yourself.

Let it shine as a beacon for the world around you and keep it shining.

For the moment I leave it to the reader to try to understand these rules and get the answers.

Read them more often, every new exercise brings new insights.

References: Light on the path, Mabel Collins

Planet returns

Most astrologers are familiar with Solar and Lunar returns, indicating the return of the Sun and the Moon on their position at birth. The chart depicted on these moments gives information about creative accents for the coming year (solar return) and emotional accents for the month to come (Lunar return). Also, the returns of other planets can give valuable and interesting information.

Most of us know about the Saturn return and their effects and influence on our lives for the next 30 years to come. The first return is shortly before our 30th anniversary. It gives us information about structure and boundaries and how to integrate them in your life in the following 30 years.

The second return, about our 59th anniversary helps you to reflect on the results of the years behind and the changes we should make for the 30 years to come.

Some of us will be blessed by a 3rd Saturn return on the age of 88. In most cases it helps you to understand your life and may give you wisdom for the years to come.

Less known are the returns of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

Returns of Mercury take place yearly, on the moment Mercury passes on the same degrees as at birth of a person.

When Mercury is retrograde at that moment, we can see 3 returns within a short period of time (2 months). So, every individual can have 1-3 returns every year.

This year this will be the case for those who have Mercury on one of the following degrees:

  • Capricorn 25th degree to Aquarius 11th degree,
  • Taurus 27th degree to Gemini 5th degree,
  • Virgo 25th degree to Libra 9th degree.

Each return gives information about the accents in the period until the following return.

The horoscopes of the moments of return give information about the mental processes for the coming period until the next return. These processes have to do with the way we communicate or the way we use information and learn.

Persons with Mercury on one of the above-mentioned positions in their birth chart can experience intense mental processes.

A Venus return also takes place every year on the moment Venus is on the same position as in a person’s birth chart. A Venus return gives information about how we will seek to make loving contacts to others to become more whole. It also gives information about the way we will approach values in our lives.

Here also, we can have 3 returns in a period of 3 months, when Venus is retrograde. Especially people with Venus in their birth chart in Capricorn (between the 12th and 27th degree recently have had these 3 returns in a row. This can have stimulated a more intense process of revaluation in this period. Each return gives information about the accents in the period until the following return.

The house position on the moment of the return indicates what should be revaluated.

A Mars return takes place when Mars is at the same position as in a person’s birth chart.

It takes place on average every 23 months.

Mars represents the principle how we wish to assert our individuality, in other words how we will act to meet our personal needs as presented in the birth chart.

At the end of 2022 Mars will turn retrograde for a period of approx. 3 months in Gemini.

People with Mars in Gemini between the 9th and 26th degree will experience a triple Mars return.

Especially for those people a sabbatical might be a good idea.

Each return gives information about the accents in the period until the following return.

Don’t forget also to consider the house position of the return indicating the area of life that should be considered.

A Jupiter return takes place when Jupiter returns at the same degree as in someone’s birth chart.

It takes place once in every 12 years. A Jupiter return indicates by house position and aspects areas where personal development and growth might have a focus in the coming years.

Also, Uranus might arrive at the position in the birth chart in someone’s life.

This takes place about the age of 84.

For the generation born in the period 1935 to 1940 this return will come together with the oppositions of Neptune and Pluto with their birth position. This is opposition could be considered as a kind of full moon phase, where will be weighted what has been realized in our lives (for Neptune opposition Neptune: about our ideals, and for Pluto opposition Pluto about purification and matters of power).

A new orbit of Uranus will be influenced by the results of this weighting process.

The house position and aspects can give you information about areas to focus on for new ideas and freedom.


Stubbs and Kirby, Solar and lunar returns

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Also, in April we every now and then had the opportunity to see Venus and Mars early in the morning shortly before sunrise.

Venus is slowly coming nearer to the Sun and Mars is making more distance, so Mars will be visible about midnight.

Mars even passed Saturn in April on the 4th and 5th and will also pass Jupiter on the 30th of May.

On May 22nd the Moon is on the same degree as Saturn, on May 25th the Moon is on the same degrees as Mars and Jupiter, and on May 27th it is on the same degree as Venus.

Also, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible, this time around midnight in the South.

On April 12th the planets Neptune and Jupiter were together on the 24th degree of Pisces.

It was a special day with beautiful peaceful energies.

This conjunction takes place once in every thirteen years in the succedent star sign, in 2035 this will be in Aries. The conjunction with Jupiter is the most beautiful experience for a passage of Neptune through a star sign.

The last time Neptune and Jupiter were together on the same degree in Pisces was om March 17th, 1856. Two weeks later, the peace treaty of Paris was signed, ending the “Crim” war.

This war was, besides from being the first modern war with many victims also known from Florence Nightingale, an English nurse who took the initiative to care for the many wounded victims.

published by Illustrated London News, woodcut, published 24 February 1855

Picture: Florence Nightingale (Illustrated London News) source: Wikipedia

Her behavior was the origin for the founding of the World Health Organization and the Red Cross a couple of years later.

On April 15th, 2022, the planet Mars also entered Pisces. Possibly this could also lead to a growing aversion against this Ukrainian war.

However, at the moment of the conjunction in 1856, the Sun was also in Pisces, this time it was in Aries.

On April 30th we have a solar eclipse. Often this is an indication for famous and honored people to pass away. This time we saw the dead of (119 years old) Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman being the oldest (except one) living at her moment of death. In the Netherlands a famous artist (Henny Vrienten) passed away. He was loved by a whole generation for his inspiring and innovative music.

Unfortunately, this eclipse is also symbolic for the lives taken in the war in Ukraine.

The role of the Moon in spiritual development

(by Leidy de Groot)

In the March edition of this newsletter there was a contribution from Leidy de Groot about the spiritual meaning of the Lunar Nodes in our lives.

In addition, she wrote the following article about the role of the Moon in our spiritual development.

Together with the Sun, the Moon is an important duet for lives of mankind.

They form an inseparable two-unity being each other’s opposite and being complementary as well.

This is indicated in the Tai-Chi-symbol, Yin and Yang, light and dark.

The Moon as the primeval symbol of the ‘Great Mother’ incorporates the ‘Yin’ principal in the Chinese philosophy. The half circle of the Moon symbolizes the soul where our emotions and deepest agonies are hidden. The waxing Moon symbolizes fertility.

The Moon is the relation with our inner female dimension: the Anima.

Our rootedness in ourselves, in our family, in our personal live, our parental home, our own home, the community and the society.

It is of influence on the manner we connect with others and how we look for certainty and protection and how we care for ourselves, our children, and other people we share feelings with.

The Moon is crucial for our feelings and our receptivity. When in our youth the feelings were suppressed, we repress our Lunar consciousness and a distorted image of our emotional needs and of the Anima and Animas will be the result.

When, by a transit of Pluto, the deepest Mother instinct in ourselves is awakened, we will be confronted with our instincts (conditioned behavioral patterns) from the collective unawareness. In a flash of recognition, we can become conscious of the cosmic connection in ourselves. This can cause a certain embarrassment and an intense focus in yourself causing you to be tossed to and fro between emotions and instincts.

You might finalize existing unsatisfactory relationships to give space for a new one.

This is the destructive and transforming power of the Plutonic cosmic energy. The wish to unify with the male principle might become obsessive.

When you are unaware of your real needs, you might from a feeling of an unsatisfactory self-image, look for external compensation in matter, nurture and relations projecting your needs on the other. This is supposed to fill the emptiness inside as a compensation and substitute for the inner hunger you feel in yourself. However, this is not going to work, the emptiness in yourself remains and cuts you off from your source, your own creativity and spirituality.

Result: unquietness by a non-stop looking for your reason to be, physical and emotional complaints, tiredness, stomachache, obsession for nutrition and a big dependency from relations going to dominate your life.

Through introspection you can discover what your real needs are, feel them and integrate them in your life. This will be helpful for the instinct to manifest as a creative power.

Carl Gustav Jung about this: “What is inside us, but not helpful in life, develops against ourselves. Everybody neglecting his/her instincts will be attacked by them unexpectedly”. What you deny about your feelings will turn against you in a destructive way.

Then, emotions and instincts can overwhelm you without giving any possibility to control it.

When one can’t find rest, this can lead to depressions and vulnerability for emotional situations.

It is the longing in oneself source causing this vast restlessness.

By then, it is necessary to go deep inside to discover the wounded child and heal it.

It is about the ability to penetrate in the deepest corners of the self, the unconscious and the dark to connect the conscious with the unconscious.

The Sun, the basic symbol of the God and father is the light of the rational consciousness.

The light of the Sun can’t enlighten the darkness of the unconscious. This light sets to slender and rises again to replace the night. The light of the Sun can’t enlighten the darkness of the soul but can be helpful to destroy what he we like fin the unconscious.

See for example the myth where Psyche lost her lover Cupido by lighting a candle to be able to see him in the night in stead of heaving trust in his love he offered in the darkness.

Besides the stars, only the Moon can, by reflecting the light of the Sun, enlighten the darkness.

The casted light helps to save feelings and emotions of the soul.

The moon is reflecting the sunlight like emotions mirror the deepest feelings of the soul.

Therefore, the Moon symbolizes the mirrored and sensitive thinking.

What we symbolically can experience trough the Sun will be transferred emotionally through the Moon or repressed.

This is leading for the way we react emotionally.

According to Freud the unconscious is the psychological area of the Moon, where unpleasant events that took place in our lives are hidden.

Picture: The iceberg metaphor (Freud)

As the Moon feeds the memory with the light of the past, the Moon also gives us the possibility to remember. Through the unconscious side of the Moon, we can hide unpleasant experiences and put them far away to be able to forget them. But this is not how it works. When we are not aware of what we have hidden in our unconsciousness we make an unconscious projection of al this on the others.

Sometimes unconscious feelings can have a disturbing influence. The shadow of the unconscious will keep following us until we have revealed the hidden feelings and made them conscious. Not through the Sun (the rational thinking) but through the Moon (the irrational), we can become entrance to the darkness of the unconscious and illuminate it. It helps us to use our roots to discover our most intimate feelings.

When we succeeded to penetrate in the darkness, we should not stay there and swallow in feelings of self-pity, overwhelming us. We should try to use the healing power of the Moon to free us from anger, fear, pain, frustrations, and disappointment to release it forever.

This gives a feeling of rebirth. A child is born from darkness. We have become conscious of our Moon feelings, our roots, our basics our Anima. Then we can become aware of our creative talents, imagination, intuition, instinct, and sentiment, enabling us to create a nurturing life.

Our growth and evolutionary development are indicated by the Moon and her placement in sign and house of the birth chart. The sign where the Moon is placed indicates the inner power you can possess of to feel safe and protected. The house and aspects to other planets indicate the areas of life and possibilities to realize your needs and wishes and to release your karmic connection to the past. When we do not feed the needs of our Moon, we will manifest our needs in a compulsive way.

As the Moon makes a monthly orbit around our earth every month it will come back on the degree she was when we were born.

The lunar horoscope we can make at that moment, indicates the important energies can be expected for the coming 29 days. It is a kind of calendar to be used to be prepared and become aware of the energies you can expect.

When we use secondary progressions of the Moon (one day for a year) the progressive New Moon gives an indication of the process for the 29 years to come. House and sign of the progressive New Moon are the starting points for this. The phases of the Moon build during these years further on what has been achieved.

The secondary progressive phases of the Moon give direction to the flow of energy in your life. It is nothing else but following the waves of the washing and waning phases of the Moon (Bernadette Brady).


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Jan Weber

Heaven and earth can life forever

Because they don’t live for themselves

Lao Tse