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The Future

What about the future

We are living in demanding times and for many of us the future seems further away than ever. Why it is seldom so that the things we are longing for are going to happen?

Whether it is about the job of our dreams, the ideal partner, a windfall or intense happiness. It looks like we only have disappointments in our lives.

Where is this about? Are we all born under an unlucky star? Or is it a little bit more complex?

Do we forget to enjoy the beautiful moments, because we are too much concerned with the future?

The essence of our existence goes back to our birth. The same moment when you are born and have your first breath, you are becoming YOU. You are who you are, your unique self, with your own talents and potential. You can find the in your birth chart.

This blueprint of energies, being expressed by the planets the moment you are born, build up the basis for your existence and express your potential. From that moment on all energies you will meet in your live have been fixed and will unfold with the cyclic process of the planetary constellation we are part of, exactly up to days and minutes.

Every time again you will meet energies in your live having meaning for you in relation to your birth horoscope. You will experience them the moment they occur. Let them interact with you, try to understand and feel the message embedded and make your choices based on it. The choices you make, and even “doing nothing” is a choice, you take with you as an inheritance to influence future choices.  So life is about choices NOW. Just doing nothing and waiting for better times is no option. These will only arrive by your choices now and in this manner mankind creates its own miracles.

At the moment I am writing this article we have the energy of a configuration astrologers call a “GRAND CROSS”  It is about Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. These planets all are in a cardinal sign and all elements (fire, water, air and earth) are represented. It represents a powerful aspect with possibility to change. However changes will be difficult as it is a cardinal “Grand Cross”.

Pluto and Uranus, being part of the “Grand Cross”, are since 2012 in a dance of 7 waning squares, the next one will occur on November 1st this year.

This “grand Cross” has renewing (Uranus) and purifying (Pluto) energies, but also matters of power and impotence (also Pluto) play a role. Together with Venus (matter and relations) and Jupiter (religion and personal growth)  there is a tendency for chance in many areas of life and in personal lives especially for people with a connection to this “Grand Cross” in their birth chart. Changes will not always take place smoothly. They only can take place when we understand the signs and succeed to disconnect our Ego system. Then the true spiritual inspiration from our souls can take the lead.

When I am writing this, I involuntary have to think about Coelho’s book “the crusade to Santiago”. I read it without stopping and understood the story is about awakening. On the path to Santiago the pilgrim somewhere comes at the place of the “Cruz de Ferro” a big iron cross on top of a mountain. At the foot of the cross there is a big pile of stones, left there by pilgrims who toke the stone at the start of their journey from home.

It is an archetypical picture of a place where heaven and earth meet each other and the “Grand Cross” of iron, carefully reminds us to the heavy moments in our lives.


Pluto and Uranus dance further their dance of waning squares, every now and then forming a Grand Cross on heaven. As e.g. on November 1st when the 4th square is exact, coinciding with the eclipse of November 3rd. It can lead to situations where people lose control of themselves and completely get lost. However it can also lead to situations where people discover the real spirit.

Some months later in the period between December 24th and January 5th 2014 another “Grand Cross” will appear, again with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, but now completed by Mars in Libra. With Mars connected the energy will be more explosive. So we should be careful and avoid dangerous situations.

Very special is that on December 31st Sun and Mercury are in conjunct with Pluto and on January 1st 2014 there is a New Moon connected as it is also conjunct to Pluto.

A very powerful constellation producing lots of energy and enabling big changes.

Many remarkable new events will take place and influence our lives.

We can prepared ourselves by getting inspired in the NOW be tolerant, and take our action in the interest of community.

The path of the pilgrim clarifies how the we can bring heaven and earth together by being inspired and overcome our difficulties.