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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month May

  • Important energies

  • The Pigeon and the star sign Columba Noea

  • Sirius

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • The horoscope as guide

  • Roemie

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Every now and then during your life, you may ask yourself the question, which path to follow.

And then suddenly you understand the answer. Just in a book you received as a birthday present and where you read on a page the following text:

Sometimes a fighter of the light has the feeling to live 2 lives.

In one of them he is forced to do many things he doesn’t like to do,

and having to fight for ideals he is not believing in.

And at the same time, he discovers in his dreams a separate life

In books and also in reality, where he meets people with thoughts like his own.

The fighter makes both lives meeting each other and intertwine.

There appears a bridge between both lives,

A connection between what he does and what he likes to do.

Slowly his dreams become true in his daily existence

And at a certain moment he realizes to be ready for his deepest wishes

And then, he only needs a small portion of endeavor to live these both lives as a whole.

From: Paolo Coelho: Fighters of the light

Preview for the month May

Until May 15th Mercury is retrograde. We can experience many problems related to miscommunications, dates, electronical attributes etc.

Be aware of this, take enough time, and double check where possible.

Picture: Mercury on the tower of the Belfort of Kortrijk (Belgium)

Take good care for your safety, burglars have the retrograde Mercury as their patron saint.

The month begins with a strong purifying energy. We will be reminded of the contribution the community expects from us in the future. This is the time to become prepared.

On May 2nd there is an inner conjunction between Sun and Mercury. This energy makes us reflect on the real value of material needs in our lives.

About May 4th we can receive special pictures in different manners. Try to feel what the real message is in it for you.

The second Full Moon (and Lunar eclipse) of this spring is on the 15th degree Taurus and Scorpio.

It reminds us to the polar side of societal success, fellow responsibility.

From May 7th and on, our emotional life becomes more intense, we prefer the surroundings of our safe home.

About May 9th we can have unexpected ideas and insights on financial issues, or ato deal with possible challenges nature offers us.

About May 12th energy helps us to solve complex problems.

On May 15th Mercury turns direct again. It asks your attention to put in practice insights you got in the weeks behind.

On May 16th Jupiter enters Taurus and will stay there for about a year.

It indicates profitable times in a material sense, provided we also consider the law of pure intention. Where we pay too less attention it may cause unexpected failures.

The New Moon on May 19th is on the 29th degree of Taurus. It is the degree helping us to understand perspective from different approaches. The degree helping us to look beyond the own opinion and insights.

On May 20th Mars leaves Cancer and enters Leo. The energy might be profitable to help us, it might simulate our creativity. Be reminded to purity of intentions,

About May 27th love can offer us a lot of pleasure. If you consider a marriage this is could be the perfect day. There can also be special and loving moments with new friends.

The last days of May, it might be better to be somewhat reserved when approaching “servers of the law”. They might keep their instructions very strictly.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for the month May

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

1 Pluto retrograde on 1st degree of Aquarius (19.09)

2 Sun conjunction Mercury (Mercury retrograde)

4 Venus square Neptune

5 Venus sextile Jupiter, Full Moon (19.34) (on 15th degree Taurus and Scorpio)

7 Venus enters Cancer (16.25)

9 Sun conjunction Uranus

12 Mercury sextile Saturn

13 Mercury sextile Venus, Venus trine Saturn,

15 Mercury direct (05.16), Mars trine Neptune

16 Jupiter enters Taurus (19.20)

17 Jupiter square Pluto, Sun sextile Neptune

19 New Moon (17.53) on 29th degree Taurus

20 Mars enters Leo (17.31)

21 Mars opposition Pluto, Sun enters Gemini (09.09), Sun trine Pluto

22 Sun sextile Mars

23 Mars square Jupiter

26 Venus sextile Uranus

27 Jupiter conjunction Northern Lunar node

28 Sun square Saturn

The pigeon and the star sign Colomba Noae

On the Ace of cups from the Rider Waite Tarot and of Visconti’s Sforza in the 15th century the cup of the holy grail was pictured. This card shows, apart from the cup (connected with the heraldic symbol of eternal youth and pouring the elixir of life abundantly) a dove also being a special attribute of Visconti’s family and having the motto “A bon droyt”

A cup symbolizes the life of the owner. The cup you are yourself. In earlier centuries there was a tradition to give a newborn a silver cup (with name engraved). This cup symbolized the wish the life of the newborn to become as prosperous and unique as this silver cup. May your life be rich and superfluous of fortune.


My dove between the rocks, hidden in the mountsin range, show me your face, let me hear your voice. Your voice is so lovely and your face so charming.

Song of Songs 2:14

The star sign Colomba Noae or Noe’s pigeon could be seen in April only partial southwest of Canis Major. The 2 most important stars are the alpha and beta stars Phact and Wezn. This 2 form the head of the pigeon and a number of stars to the left and right of Phact form the twig in his mouth, a reason to name this sign Noe’s pigeon.

Innocence, beauty, and simplicity are the legendary virtues of the tame and curious bird with soft feathers, elegant heads, and bright eyes. His joyful presence on pictures of births and marriages are well known, taking care for hope for the better.

Possibly we are already fascinated since centuries by this celestial being, being able to relate with us, and representing holy powers we feel related with.

Goddesses as Ishtar from Babylon and Atargatis from Phenicia and Aphrodite from Greek could incorporate as a pigeon.

Rome’s Goddess of love was as ‘Venus Columba’ or Venus the pigeon, a Messager of a peaceful dead whose catacombs and burial places were called Columbaria.

Pigeons are monogamistic by nature. A female dove can let her feed by her male as a dove chicken by putting her bill in his, like a kiss. Together they build a nest, brood, and feed the young chickens with crop milk produced by the layer of epithelia in their throat. The fertile dove was always associated with mysticism, erotic attraction and devotion, unifying things successfully.

 The descending of the Holy Ghost is symbolized by a dove. In the art of paint, we see we see the descending dove pictured above Maria, when Gabriel makes the renunciation, above Jesus when he is baptized in river Jordan and above the 12 disciples at the moments the Holy Ghost descends to earth.

In arts the dove is used where the Ghost of life should be revealed.

Why the pigeon? The dove has been considered since centuries as a messenger of the Gods.

There was also the sacrifice to God, as Josef and Maria did six weeks after Jesus’ birth.

In the story of Noe’s arch, it was the pigeon who brought the message of the new discover land, after Atlantis was sunken.

When the dove was set free, he was circling around for a while before choosing a direction. This is also what we know from postal dove’s behavior. Doves have an inherited feeling for direction. When dove’s circle around in formation, we can hear their wings en see the come down in an elegant way.

I heard many stories about dove’s appearing in their lives suddenly at special moments in their lives.

When my favorite aunt Flora died, form the moment of her passing away, until her burial ceremony, there was a pigeon sitting in our garden. Coming every day closer until we could almost touch her.

And I also believe that, at the moment of writing of this article, as by accident two turtledoves came sitting outside the window of my office.

In several fairy tales we see white doves, messengers of heaven, guiding people on their path of life.

Cinderella was helped by many white doves, to finally become bride of a prince, son of a King.

Also, in other fairy tales we see white doves appearing guiding the way to lost children to find back the way home.

Dove’s especially the very intelligent postal dove, where our city doves are related to, have special fly and navigating capabilities, feeding our projections as heavenly messengers.

In ancient cultures, the dove was the bird of Ishtar and of Venus, Goddess of love.

In an ancient saga, it is told Zeus is cared for by 2 doves. In other stories we know about pigeons feeding children in danger. Isn’t it remarkable that in the Phoenician language the same word is used for a dove and a priestess. This makes it difficult to really understand what might be meant.

Every time again we meet impressions of doves, being a celestial helper for mankind or a practical postal messenger.

Over 2.500 years ago doves brought the name of Olympic winners from Athens to other Greek states.

They also were used as messengers by air in Egypt and China and brought messages in situations of war. Postal doves saved many lives in WW I and II.

Apart from doves, birds in general are more than a human being connected with the sun by the transparency of their skull, allowing them to react immediately when the sun rises or sets.

In Persian language the word “Murgh” means both soul and bird. In Egyptian hieroglyphs the soul is represented as a bird, an ibis. The soul of a dead man can leave the body as a bird.

Rudolf Steiner once said: This bird is related to the hierarchies of the angels. We should learn to understand what comes to us from heavenly spheres. As priest in ancient times could distinguish from the birds, we could also learn to listen to the symbolic language of birds in our lives.

The message of the star sign Colomba Noae

The star Phact, represented by the dove with the twig, represents the need and force to explore new areas of life. Phact helps you to enter the path with courage and to overcome obstacles. When you are open to the unknown, it will welcome you and not act against you.

With gratitude to Eleonore Oldenburger!


In her contribution about Columba Noae, Eleonore already touched the star sign Canis Major.

In the middle of this sign, we can see the brightest star at the moment in heavens: Sirius.

Picture: Sirius A accompanied by Sirius B

We all may have seen him, Sirius, some time, but in most cases unaware. When you look at it the next time try to remember this star is very important for humanity.

Not only, the movement of our solar system is concentrated around this star, he is also known esoterically is one of the sources of the seven rays.

In our regions, Sirius is visible in autumn and in winter.

Sirius is currently at the 14th degree of Cancer and also is not far from Orion.

Sirius mover slowly to the southwest (about 1 degree in 3000 years) and reaches in about 67.000 years the shortest distance to earth (at the moment about 7,6 lightyears).

After that, Sirius will go away and become more distance. The star is prominent in the ancient list of Ptolemeus. During the period of July 23rd to August 24th Sirius will be visible shortly before sunrise in the South of Europe. This rising in ancient Egyptian times was considered to be the beginning of the new year. During this rise of Sirius the future was read in the colors visible.

Old rituals refer to Sirius as the Sun behind the Sun. Sirius gives live to our sun and therefore to humanity. This warmth keeps us alive physically.

According to Dogon and Inca myths, mankind at first had a group soul. All animals on earth have one common soul, or a single soul for every community. This was also true for mankind. We lived together and carried out our tasks based on a collective soul.

Also, esoteric pioneers like Blavatsky and Baily refer to these insights and base further thoughts on them. Energy form Sirius has an important role in the building of the bridge between personality and soul and so on the process of becoming more conscious for mankind.

Sources: Wikipedia (several).

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Venus already is some time visible as evening star. This will remain this and also the following month.

On May 23rd the Moon is close to Venus.

Mars will be in the Southwest at sunset. On May 24th, Mars will be close to the Moon.

This implies Mars and Venus are close together. This is a special phenomenon; every time Mars has been retrograde Venus is making a sprint along heavens and tries to overtake Mars.

And finally, when they are close together, Venus slows down, as being disappointed by male behavior of Mars. After all a few months later Venus will be retrograde too.

This will also take place this year, as it takes place almost every second year. It gives a special energy, possibly felt by some of us and meant to support the evolution and understanding between man and women. It symbolizes wishes or desires felt to become distant.

Saturn and Jupiter are visible this month shortly before sunrise in the east.

On April 19th I felt a special energy. Everywhere where I was, I met people reacting very friendly and openhearted. As such already a refreshing experience, in the evening things became even more beautiful. I attended a meditation course, dedicated to Krishnamurti and one of his special theme’s: concentration. It made me clear, all you feel and recognize is related to your own state of mind.

You are what you think to experience. At the introduction I was struck by the loving attitude of all participants, later on there was a very serene atmosphere.

It made clear to me, how an individual is much bigger than presumed by being a part of the galactic reality. When I looked up the actual positions of the planets, I found some relations between Venus and Uranus, explaining what had happened.

In an eclipse period usual many known persons leave the earth and go over to the other side.

This time it was remarkable that many people who passed away had reached a respectable age and were creative persons during life.

Think about Harry Belafonte, Mary Quant, Dame Edna, and local famous people as Paul van Vliet and Hub Oosterhuis.

A special property of the eclipse was a square with Pluto (relation to life and death) and a novile with Venus (harmonic relation to life and artistic talents.

The Greek predecessor of Mercury Hermes is also known as messenger of the Gods and guide to the other side.

The next day I got a call from a friend. She told me she had already for a couple of days an owl on a branch in her garden. This can have different meanings, like clairvoyant experiences, wisdom, and announcing of a journey to the other side. The same day her husband heard about the passing away of a dear friend (he took care for at “Tafeltje Dekje”, a Dutch program where elder people are helped with a warm meal.

In the Medicine cards we find the owl as picture 21.

The owl always is a messenger and says: Use tour intuition and take your dreams seriously.

He can also signify clairvoyant observations. When an owl appears, he recognizes the magic properties you possess and should use in the favor of white magic.

On April 21st Mercury turned retrograde. For me it happened in the 6th house, the house of work and health and daily activities. It was a very quiet day.

I was reminded I had some backlog related to the family tree. I then decided to put some efforts in it.

I also had unexpected occasions meeting people I didn’t see for a long time. The same day it turned out our electric cooking apparatus was down.

In the neighborhood we also had to deal with burglars. These people seem to be protected by a retrograde Mercury.

On April 26th I received a message the weekly meditation session where I participated in had been canceled, due to a breakdown of electricity.

At the moment I read the message also in my area the electricity broke down, the same happened with another person at another location.

Source: Medicine cards: Jamie Sams & David Carson

The horoscope as guide

In my contributions in this newsletter, I regularly refer to the astrological mandala of the French musician, philosopher, and astrologer Dane Rudhyar.

The symbolism used appeals to me and helps me to explain energies in the process of becoming conscious

The moment we are born, we start a long discovery to become aware.

Our birth chart shows the energies we have received at birth and of the challenges and difficulties to be expected on the path of life.

During our life we are receiving cosmic energies, the energies of the seven rays and from cyclic process of planets around the sun having messages for us how to proceed. These energies are identical for mankind. The difference occurs when energies touch an individual and as a result lead to action from the individual.

Thus, we can predict developments in our journey of becoming conscious, as the sequence of energies and the exact moments they will occur.

Astrological techniques are an important help to understand what has happened and to become aware of other occasions. This helps us to understand the challenges we will meet and have to overcome.

In this article I will explain the possibilities the astrological mandala offers us to understand this.

The astrological mandala

In the astrological mandala, every degree of the zodiac is represented by an archetypal image (Sabian symbol).

These images were received by channeling by Elsie Wheeler about the beginning of the 20th century and afterwards systematically recorded by Marc Edmund Jones. When Dane Rudhyar came in touch, he discovered that every symbol reveals a fundamental phase in human existence.

This resulted in the existence of 360 archetypical symbols, together showing a cyclic character. One symbol for every degree of the zodiac. Dane Rudhyar has recorded these symbols and their mutual relations in the book “the astrological mandala”, edited originally in 1973.

These 360 degrees are divided in two halve cycles, the process of individualization (from Aries 1 until Virgo 30) and the process of collective (from Libra 1 to Pisces 30).

Possibly you will notice that for every degree in the process of individualization is a polar degree in the process of collective.

As soon as we are born, we arrive in an environment enabling us to develop our potentials (individualization) and on the other side reminding us to the assignment to contribute to mankind as a whole (process of collective).

Within these 2 halve cycles, exists a further organization, it goes too far to explain this now.

Every degree is represented by an archetypal symbol together with keynote and explanation.

This gives direction and leaves room for further interpretation.

Sun, Moon, and all planets are on one of the degrees of the zodiac. Every degree represents a possible drive for a person.

Also, AC, MC, DC, and IC are on a degree represented by a symbol representing some direction of the person’s path.

The meaning of AC, MC, IC, and DC in the birth chart.

The degree of the rising sign indicates the way the unique self can be realized (the WHAT).

The degree of the DC indicates where this realization can lead to (WHERE TO).

The degree of the IC represents the role of the own social-cultural environment and how the challenges of the unique journey will be met (the HOW).

The degree of the MC indicates the ultimate meaning of this incarnation and what is expected to be the final result of the whole cycle of activity (the WHY).

These points indicate the assignment for life, where this can lead us, how this could be lived form the own social cultural environment and why this path should be followed.

Every planet has to contribute to the realization of the assignment according to the own character.

So represents the degree of the Sun an indication for the source of power of the individual.

Mercury gives an indication for the way to communicate and Mars about the way to act.

Also, outside the birth chart the mandala gives directions, for instance about important cosmic happenings and their possible influence on our society, for instance at the moment of an eclipse or the moment a planet turns retrograde.

Source: the astrological Mandala: Dane Rudhyar.


When your heart becomes the tomb of your secret

What your desire will become more easily real

Already the prophet told us

That who keeps his deepest thoughts hidden

Will soon achieve what he wishes

When seeds are buried in the earth

Their inner secrets will become a flowering garden


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Jan Weber

As he is one with the all, he is with the Dao,

And as he is according to the Dao, he is eternal.

The loss of his body doesn’t frighten him.

(reminding those who went to the other side)

Lao Tse