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Astrological preview 1st half of 2012


Already for many years the year 2012 has cast a shadow on the future. Especially for the reason that on December 21st the calendars of the Maya come to an end. Elsewhere on this site I have published an article on this issue. This article has the objective to give a preview on the geocosmic events in the first half of 2012 and their potential impact on community or personal lives.


The most important geocosmic event will take place on January 24th, shortly after midnight (MET). The planet Mars will turn retrograde on that day. This retrograde period will last until April 13th. A retrograde Mars is not the best time for new initiatives or new contracts. If you have the idea to start something new, in general it is better to do this before the 24th of January or after April 13th.  If you can’t prevent this period be careful because conflicts can occur easily. During its retrograde period Mars is for approx.. half a year in the same house of an individual horoscope. This means it asks for attention to dedicated issues for private persons depending on the house where Mars is. For some people it will be work, for others health, or relations and others will have to deal with issues about friends etc. In many circumstances it can lead to tension or irritations. In addition it is not a good time to start a new job. Also more accidents or aggression might occur. A positive influence can be that things that should have been finalized already long before suddenly can come to an end.



The most important geocosmic event of this month takes place on February 4th 16:41 MET. The planet Neptune will enter the sign Pisces and will stay there until March 30th 2025. As Neptune belongs to Pisces this event is especially important for people born on the Pisces sign or one of the other water signs (Cancer or Scorpio). Especially Pisces born on February 19th, 20th, 21st or 22nd or Cancer born on June 21st, 22nd, 23rd or 24th or Scorpio born on October 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th can benefit from the positive effects of this. Neptune in Pisces offers the opportunity for idealism in a world that urgently needs new impulses for justice. Sometimes it can lead to overidealisme or fraud. The planet Neptune benefits the imaginative power and creativity and in the sign Pisces this is related to societal issues, as e.g. religion, prisons, health care and other societal systems. The last period before, Neptune was in Pisces (from  1847 to 1862) the foundation of the communist movement by Karl Marx and the Red Cross by Henri Dunant took place. For a more elaborated article about Neptune in Pisces see the other article about this issue on this website.

On February 13th or 14th idealistic ideas can be born and on February 23rd someone can arrive in a quarrel. For people born under the sign of Aries the whole month romantic events are possible.


The first days of March ask for your attention. Things can occur unexpectedly and this can also lead to very emotional situations. From March 11th up to April 3rd Mercury turns retrograde. It is a period where rational decisions can be difficult. In additions there will be a lot of problems in communication both between people as well as with technology. You may have to deal with problems with your phone or computer or the technology of your car, but also simple appointments between 2 people can turn out to be miscommunicated. People you expect to come may not appear or when you when you do not take into account some retention you may appear too late at your appointment. It is also a period where you can meet people you did not meet for years.  What the influence is for every person depends on the details of the individual horoscope.

Around March 14th the stars are in a very fortunate mood, but be careful not to exaggerate. Between March 20 and 22 is a good period for good intentions. Around March 29th be careful for dangerous situations. For Taurus born March gives good chances for romances.


In April everything remains relatively quiet, however the influences of retrograde Mars (until April 14th) and retrograde Mercury (until april 4th) are still existing. After these dates the energy will have changed remarkably and many new initiatives will pop up. Gemini born will arrive in a period where romantic will change strongly as well as the value of their financial assets. Until about the 10th of May this influence will be relatively positive, thereafter everything may be subject to some rollercoaster effects.



The first decade of May will be fairly quiet, but from about May 10th the influence of the solar eclipse of May 21st will be present. This eclipse will take place on the 1st degree of Gemini. This eclipse can bring benefit people for the hard labor they have done.

On the mundane level important people suddenly can pass away, and under the influence of the first waxing square between Uranus and Pluto on June 24th, sudden and unexpected events can take place. These events can be related to liberation movements, unexpected revelations, new revolutionary insights in the nature of matter and energy, but also earthquakes, nuclear accidents, volcanic eruptions or plane accidents can ask for a lot of attention. This influence will be present to the end of June. As Venus turns retrograde on May 14th the problems on the financial markets and everywhere else where values of matter are over appraised will worsen.



The period of confusion with positive highlights and negative dips will go on, unless we have managed to change societal systems and society in a righteous way. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun on June 6th, where Venus will shortly cover a part of the Sun around dawn is according to the Mayan predictions an announcement of bad news. Elsewhere on this website I have published an article about this transit (see: Venus transit of June 6th 2012).

It can be considered as a preparation for June 24th when the first of 7 waxing squares between Uranus and Pluto will take place. This first time on the 9th degree of Capricorn and Aries. It is an aspect of liberation and purification and many of us will benefit from it. However people who resist to necessary changes, can feel themselves to be in trouble. The period of important societal changes will start, especially related to issues of unjust societal situations. The issue is service of the whole of mankind, including the purification of mother Gaya. Many things can happen more or less unexpectedly as e.g. in the area of the European integration, segregation and inequality, space travelling, freedom movement as e.g. in Syria, Indonesia, Zimbabwe or the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Many of us also can experience the these influences in their personal life, however it is evident this influence can also be very positive.

Especially Aries born (around March 29th), Cancer born (around June 30th, Libra born (around October 1sr and Capricorn born (around december 30th), but also Aquarius born (around February 13th, Taurus born (around May 14th) , Leo born (around August 16th) and Scorpio born (around November 15th) can experience the energetic influences. About the possible effects of this square between Uranus and Pluto see a special article elsewhere on this website. See Radical changes: the influence of Uranus square Pluto.

Prediction for January 2012

The most important geocosmic moment of this month is on the 24th when Mars turns retrograde. This will take place on the 24th degree of Virgo. The retrograde period will last up to the 13th of April. When Mars is retrograde it is not the good season to start something new.
If you wish to start something new take action before or when Mars turns direct again after April 13th. If you cannot avoid this act very careful because conflicts may rise easily.
When Mars is retrograde it is much longer in a certain area of your life. It therefore can happen you have to deal much longer with certain types of difficulties than normally. In addition it is not the good time to start a new job. This period is also more sensitive for all kinds of accidents or forms of aggression. On January 19th and 20th people born on one of these days (but also born on May 19th or 20th, August 21st or 22nd and November 20th or 21st)  can get into troubles with a superior or chief. On January 22nd be careful and do not exaggerate. On January 27th you can easily run into a fierce dispute.