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The solar eclipse May 10th 2013

On May 10th 2013 the first solar eclipse of 2013 will take place. Sun, Moon both are on the 20th degree of Taurus. The time of the eclipse is 02:30 MET.

The horoscope of the eclipse shows the following remarkable facts:

Sun, Moon and Mercury are conjunct also with the planetoid Pallas.

There are also conjunctions between this stellium and the heliocentric North node of Mars and the heliocentric North node of Mercury.

Heliocentric nodes of planets mark the places where the planets orbit around the Sun (from the solar point of view) makes an intersection with the ecliptic.

This is the place where the energy of the planet influences most strongly the situation on earth.

In this eclipse period Uranus and Pluto make their 3rd out of 7 waning squares, influencing world community so strongly, and initiating powerful changes in community in these years.

As usual coinciding with all eclipses a number of very well-known people may pass over to the other side.

About the 20th degree of Taurus we can mention the following from an archetypical point of view. According to the astrological mandala of Dane Rudhyar is indicated by “Wisps of wing like clouds streaming across the sky”.  Keynote “the awareness of spiritual forces at work”.

It indicates the end of a process the individual should find himself more securely established in his own original nature, receiving the blessings of super-natural forces.

The fact that both Mercury and Pallas are involved in this conjunction together with the heliocentric nodes of Mercury and Mars is fascinating.

Where Mercury stands for communication in all forms and by all means, Pallas represents the most pure spark of divine intelligence and Mars stands for decisiveness.

All together a fascinating cosmic constellation, that could lead to striking events and brilliant findings. This can also take place in the life’s of particular men, especially there where the horoscope makes aspects with the degree of the eclipse.