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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Contemplation

  • Preview month January

  • Important energies

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • Esoteric astrology (2)

  • Our cyclic existence

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


This year the Sun entered Capricorn on December 22nd.

In our Christian based society, we are used to relate this to the birth of Jesus Christ. Before his birth over 2000 years ago, this was not the same. By then the 25th of December was the Winter Solstice on the Roman calendar, the shortest day, the point where light starts to increase until its maximum six months later. Afterwards, this day was chosen by Christianity as the date when Jesus Christ was born. This should be considered symbolical.

It represents the start of the process of birth, growing up and return to the source. It is a symbol of our soul’s journey into and out of matter. Every time an individual is born, a new little light is born on Earth, and that light can grow, illuminate the world, and rejoin the Universal Source in all Consciousness and dignity. The planets in its natural order represent the different stages of this journey which correspond to the 7 chakras or layers of life experience. The little light of Christmas reminds us of our essence and of our spiritual journey, and the astrological code sheds light into it. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a new year filled with conscious and inspiring moments.


By Eleonore Oldenburger

Winter: the season of silence is born. Even a crowded street in the city’s rests in winterly silence.

It looks as if nature comes to a stop. Plants disappear beneath the earth surface and animals withdraw in their holes.

We also prefer to stay inside in our warm “castles”. We close our curtains early and light the candles to sit together in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. Especially in the dark days before Christmas there is a need to see lights all around us.

Utterly nature dies, but in our inner a new and powerful initiative grows.

And like the wiseman from the East we see the “Star” as a token of the new light within us. In this time of thinking and willing we suppress our feelings. And, while especially our feelings remind us to the message of Jesus Christ, the sitting together under the lights of Christmas helps us to become aware. Aware of other people all over the world, being suppressed, trying to survive in armed conflicts, trying to survive on the fly. Sometimes even living next door and close to us.

Also, these people need our common attention and action for a save live and the possibility to withdraw in this peaceful message of the newborn Christ: peace on Earth and Mercy to all mankind.

In Poland the evening of December 24th and called “Wigilia” is very special.

Traditionally the evening starts when the first star appears. About sunset small groups of people are staring at the sky and suddenly when they all together see appearing a certain star, they all shout.

Is it supposed to be the Bethlehem star?

As a child I used to stare the skies looking for that one and only purple-red star being my symbol for the light from above. As if a special guiding angel looked smiling down to me, and with whom I could share my little griefs and insecurities.

In childly innocence I then started to sing my star song I learned at school:

Stars shine, first one by one

Then thousands appear not to be counted by someone.

In the period between December 25th and January 6th where we await the return of the light, the time of sunrise is approximately the same.

Our ancestors withheld their breath and stopped the clocks and also the spinning wheel was idle.

But when, on January 6th the Sun appeared a minute earlier, people went around carrying a tossing star, to bring the message of the return of the sun in her new cycle, singing the following:

The star, the star, will turn

We can proceed, the sunlight will burn


Tarot card from: Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, Yury Shakov

Editor: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Preview for the month January

At the beginning January 2023 will have a signature of retrograde motion. I.e., at the beginning of the month both Mars and Mercury are retrograde, setting the energy for this month. It might be a good opportunity to start realizing plans for improvement by deepening them and relate them to the upcoming societal challenges. It might become your contribution to the world in 2023.

The influence of mutual strengthening retrograde energies goes on until the middle of February. Be also prepared on electronic equipment to be secured against cyber-attacks.

Also consider all possible forms of miscommunication.

The beginning of 2023 also is a good moment to check your relations thoroughly and on added value in your life. Most important question to answer. Do they have enough content to put energy in it for the future? The communication about this should primarily be based on feelings. During this period and thanks to the retrograde Mercury words may be understood in a not meant manner.

It is in all cases a period that all types of communication can have unexpected results. Be aware of this.

About January 5th there will be nice possibilities for further personal development and improvement of relationships.

By the Full Moon on January 7th this might have a satisfying result.

Shortly before the Moment Mars will turn direct again on January 12th it is possible to have thought ideas having value for follow-up in practice later on.

The days after the 12th in general will feel fluently. Most issues will be realized as expected, nevertheless attention should be paid to achieve the desired results.

On January 20th there will be a total change of atmosphere.

With the Sun entering Aquarius, our energies will become more directed on friendship and equality, however sometimes also a bit more rebellious.

The New Moon on January 21st on Aquarius 2nd degree is symbolized by: “An unexpected thunderstorm”.

It is a call to strengthen your inner security in order to be prepared to unexpected happenings.

On January 22nd also Uranus will turn direct again. This might give an additional boost to creativeness or rebellious feelings.

It requires character and insight in social challenging situations.

The card Strength form the Rider Waite tarot reminds me to this challenge.

In general, the atmosphere will remain friendly.

At the end of the month, we will meet some positive and helpful energies.

This gives chances to realize your plans. Use this in your advance as long as possible.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Tarot as a key to insight, Eleonore Oldenburger

Rider Waite tarot.

Important energies for January

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

1 Venus conjunction Pluto

2 Mercury sextile Neptune

3 Venus enters Aquarius (03.09)

4 Venus sextile Jupiter

5 Sun trine Uranus

7 Full Moon at 16.22 Capricorn and Cancer (00.08), Sun conjunction Mercury R

9 Mercury trine Uranus, Venus trine Mars

12 Mars direct at 9th degree Gemini (21.56)

13 Sun sextile Neptune

15 Venus square Uranus

18 Mercury direct (14.12) at 9th degree Capricorn

20 Sun enters Aquarius (09.29)

21 New Moon at 2nd degree Aquarius (21.53)

22 Venus conjunction Saturn, Uranus direct (23.58) at 15th degree Taurus

25 Sun conjunction Jupiter

27 Venus enters Pisces

30 Sun trine Mars, Mercury trine Uranus

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

This month the planet Mars will rise on the eastern sky, about an hour after sunset.

Venus is turned visible again as Evening Star. At the beginning of January and in dark areas of the earth we possibly could also see Mercury close to Venus.

Saturnus and Jupiter appear at the beginning of the evening in the south. About midnight they disappear again.

In the evening of January 26th, and also earlier this month on December 3rd, the (almost Full) Moon will be close to Jupiter, and on January 22nd the Moon will be close to Mars.

On December 8th we had a coincidence of special situations in heaven.

At first, we had a Full Moon, where at the same time the planet Mars disappeared during an hour behind. On YouTube you can find different clips of this event.

At the same time the disappearing Mars made an opposition with the Sun.

This same day somebody sent me a message saying his water system was broken and became leak.

This took place under the path to the front door of his house.

In nature a Full Moon causes floods higher than normal. That also the water system breaks up is special, however from a symbolic point of view it fits well. Also, the retrograde motion of Mars as an indication for future work, at the moment not to be understood, fits very well.

Esoteric Astrology (2)

In the preceding newsletter I shared some new insights about the subject Esoteric Astrology, also named “Soul-centered astrology”.

The background of this subject is a.o. based on the insights from Helena Blavatsky (the secret doctrine), Alice Baily (Esoteric psychology) and Roberto Assagioli (psycho synthesis).

Picture: Alice Baily (source: Wikimedia)

A.o. Baily has elaborated these insights into Esoteric Astrology.

Esoteric Astrology is a.o. based on the following principles:

  • Everything is connected in one big area of consciousness.
  • Cosmic energy flows through our solar system and mankind as the 7 rays;
  • In life on earth the soul incarnates in mankind (persons).

Our solar system is part of this and is considered to be part of a greater entity where the exchange of energies take place.

On the moment of birth, a separation between soul and personality takes place.

In almost all situations this separation continues to widen caused by the experiences of the person in life on earth.

The personal environment and all things happening have an important influence.

Finally soul and personality should become better tuned and aware of their mutual existence.

The soul’s mission in an incarnation can be derived from an esoteric horoscope.

Things happening in relation to the personality can be explained from the birth chart.

A spiritual horoscope starts to become visible for a person when the path of spiritual development is followed. In most cases this process is accentuated by crises in someone’s live. In most cases a crisis comes together with recognizable energies in a personal horoscope, making clear the path has not been found yet and/or the personality not have found the own “kernel” by growing awareness.

It is all about the person to learn to deal with challenges from the soul’s point of view.

In the esoteric horoscope Moon, Sign Rising, Sun, Vulcanus, Neptune and Uranus play a central role.

The other planets are considered in their resonance with other planets form the point of energies of the rays. An esoteric horoscope is made based on the equal houses system. Each house covers 30 degrees.

The explanation of an esoteric chart is based on the following points/celestial bodies:

  • Sign rising
  • Moon
  • Earth
  • Sun
  • Vulcanus

Sign rising (also called Sun of opportunities

The Sign Rising indicates the path to the soul in this and future lives.

It gives indications for the spiritual goal.

Moon (prison of the soul)

The Moon represents the “past” of the soul and gives information about past lives and everything remaining from these lives (DNA, social environment, ancestors, family secrets, etc.).

The Moon doesn’t have power as such and is esoterically considered an obstacle, having no energy.

It gives indications for obstacles the soul will meet to be able to build the relation with the personality (Anthakarana bridge).

The sign where the Moon is gives information about the way it will become evident in the current incarnation.


In this incarnation we live on earth. In most cases astrologers don’t consider this as an explanatory factor. Earth is, as one of the planets in our solar system under the influence of the 7 Rays.

Earth radiates this to her inhabitants. In the esoteric horoscope the Earth is situated opposite to the Sun. It represents the principle of polarity. In this incarnation we live in an earthly body as an earthly personality and always in opposition to the Sun.

It is the objective to embrace the earth in the polar sign.

Sun (called Sun of probability)

The Sun sign indicates the challenge in the actual life.

The Sun represents the actual moment (this incarnation) and represents the actual challenges for personality.


Vulcanus is a still undiscovered planet. In mythology Vulcanus is the God of the Underworld. Vulcanus is supposed to be in an orbit around the Sun, between Mercury and the Sun and has a maximum distance to the Sun of 8 degrees.

Picture: Vulcanus (source: Wikimedia).

In esoteric astrology Vulcanus is on the basis of the alchemistic process (the blacksmith of the Hell).

The creative process a personality goes through in an incarnation, fits on this picture.

It leads to more consciousness and growing necessity in purpose in life (finding explanations about what is happening and why).

Esoteric astrology is teaching you the insight in this why and what the soul is expecting of us.

It is a present from heavens to the soul, but can be difficult for the personality part.

Veiled planets

Veiled planets are planets where the active manifestation in life is related to the process of becoming aware and the making of the connection between personality and soul.

In an incarnation the objective for the personality is to develop awareness and creation of the rainbow-bridge between soul and personality, thus enabling the soul to make a more intense contact to the personality. Vulcanus, Neptune, and Uranus are the veiled planets.

They become active as a result of crises in life.


Helena Blavatsky, the secret doctrine

Alice Baily, Esoteric psychology,

Roberto Assagioli, Psychosyntheses


At the moment I was writing this article, I draw a card from the Rider Waite tarot deck.

This happened to be 7 of Wands.

Picture: Seven of wands (Rider Waite tarot)

I looked up the meaning of this card in the book of Eleonore Oldenburger “the Tarot as a key to insight”. She describes the development in awareness of the soul of a person making use of the meaning of the seven cosmic Rays.

From the viewpoint of esoteric astrology, I immediately was reminded to (the building of the Anthakarana. For this reason, the card fits very well at this article.

Our cyclic existence

Life on earth is influenced by many cyclic processes. They are all related to the dynamics on earth, our solar system, and the other parts of the universe.

Think of the movement of the earth around the own axis, from the earth and planets around the Sun. And there are many more processes not mentioned yet also to be considered.

But there is much more, also our Sun moves together with everything surrounding her in a broader setting. And, then we also have the center of our galaxy, where everything in our universe cycles around.

Very complex indeed and all of influence for sure.

A part of these cycles we possibly recognize in the sequence of era’s where we are living in.

At the moment in the transition phase from the Pisces era to the Aquarius Era.

This transition is related to the so-called precession of the equinoxes.

This is a result of the movement of the earth axis and the gradual transition of the spring equinox through the ecliptic. This is part of the “great polar cycle” of 25.868 years (see a.o. Blavatsky and Rudhyar.

Part of the knowledge of how everything fits together comes from above-natural sources.

When we start learning to connect to our soul, we gain insight.

For this process it is helpful always to be open to new insights and to doubt existing ones.

Every time again mankind managed to discover, and new insights were born.

Would this journey of discovery ever stop for mankind because we are sure to have discovered the truth??

In the newsletter of December, I wrote an article about Pluto entering Aquarius. About once every 250 years this event takes place.

It is not for the first time this happens, but indeed for the first time we are aware of it (at least for a part of humanity).

Pluto was discovered in 1930. The name comes from the Roman God Pluton (God of the Underworld).

In exoteric astrology (source Ebertin) Pluto is known as the higher dispositor of fate and/or invisible power. Dane Rudhyar qualifies Pluto as the great purifier. Alexander Ruperti as a symbol of collective mentality of a generation. I guess al these vision attribute to the understanding of Pluto. Where Pluto is active, we always also have to meet situations of power and inability.

Inside our solar system, Pluto is the planet at the greatest (most time of the orbit) distance to the Sun. When Pluto makes a transit in a sign, Pluto is trying to influence the related processes deeply. This message is not about the sign (or the constellation of stars representing it) but about the relative position of Pluto and Sun to the Earth.

In the past mankind has given this meaning with what we saw at the background at the very moment. Pluto in a sign gives a message about the challenges to the earth and mankind as a whole. The message is about effects on a great scale. How these effects penetrate the personal live depends on the birth chart of the person involved, but also of other entities (family, village society, tribe, nation, etc.).

Pluto makes cycles with the other planets. Such a cycle always starts with a conjunction. According to Rudhyar the birth moment of full potentiality. It is the cosmic objective to realize this potentiality. Between birth and completion (Rudhyar uses the word “pleroma”) there is a never-ending change of energy, caused by all planetary movement, resulting in a non-stop change of challenges from different perspectives.

During a cycle we will meet moment where the tension is enormous. This can have big influence on our personality as well as on our soul. Ultimately it is all about the search, the discovery of the true self, the insight in the always available cosmic connection.

The most intense and intervening energies are used by the coming together of the energy of Pluto with the energy of other trans-Saturnale planets.

We might remember the 7 squares between Pluto and Uranus related to the financial crises and somewhat more recent the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (marking the start of the becoming evident of societal systems to become obsolete (e.g. related to the Covid pandemic)

And the necessity to find solution for it in the interest of the earth and mankind as a whole.


Ruperti, Cosmic cycles of becoming

Ebertin, Combination of planetary influences

Rudhyar, The astrology of personality; The planetarization of consciousness


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