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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month July

  • Important energies

  • Castor and Pollux and the Summer solstice

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold (5)

  • Astrology and astronomy in daily practice

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


In many expressions of our daily lives, repetitions play an important role.

This already begins early when we learn and are taught.

It happens around us in the yearly change of seasons and the way we live with it.

Every time again, these repetitions give new impulses in a process that seemed to have ended. It presents to us as a pattern, we therefore look for an explanation of everything happening in our lives.

In my library I discovered an interesting book. I thought not to have bought it myself, but it was there and indeed it was interesting.

It was about the concept of infinity, viewed from different points of view.

There were interpretations from nature science, mathematics, technology, philosophy, and symbolics. From symbolic we know the lemniscate as a symbol for infinity.

The lemniscate is the mathematical symbol for infinity. It represents all that cannot be expressed in whatever figure. Put upright, we see the figure 8. Between this figure 8 and the almost inconceivable infinity there is more. It is also the sign of respiration and healing from inside and outside.

Paganini was known for the “moto perpetuo” the endless motion in his music.

This moto perpetuo was a masterpiece played in endless repetitions of the same accords, being played quicker and quicker.

Here we see the limitation of mankind and can the relation with questioning the higher objectives of live be made easily.

Voltaire (French philosopher) adds an intriguing question. He makes difference between endless time and endless space and wonders whether mankind as limited creature can perceive an exact idea about infinity.

Lao Tse once defined the Tao as a Law of Nature helping mankind to pass the threshold of our limited life and thus arrive at immortality. Surpassing the own being is supposed to be the essence.

Also, in astrology and Tarot we know the concept of infinity.

In astrology e.g., the 8th house and in the Tarot (Rider Waite) the cards Magician and 2 of Pentacles.


On the card Magician the lemniscate symbolizes eternal life given to us.

In addition, the card gives insight in the conscious way the Magician is going through the alchemistic process life is supposed to be.

On the card Pentacles 2 both pentacles caught in the lemniscate (yin and yang) teach us the lessons of cause and effect.

With the help of the 8th house, we go through our alchemistic process of life, our transformation.

I wish all of you the coming month many events where your understanding of your personal alchemy will grow.


Librero: The book of Infinity

Eleonore Oldenburger: the Tarot as a key to understanding

Pictures: Rider-Waite tarot

Preview for the month June

At the beginning of the month, we will be exposed to a challenging energy.

From one side, it is possible to achieve many objectives, on the other side we could experience a lot of opposition or even misuse of power.

In addition, we should consider our rational thinking can be veiled by enlarged and possibly not realistic ideals. Therefore, we could easily loose track and get lost.

Fortunately, this somewhat diffusing energy flows away. The planet Mars changes signs and enters Taurus. A nice energy to be in a natural environment and do your work.

Some work in the garden or a walk in a forest could fit with this energy.

About July 10th we can come upon a dilemma between exaggeration and smart insights.

About the Full Moon of July 13th, the balance is regained. Especially the implementation of new insights might be successful by now.

About July 15th, we have high expectations, it is possible to realize some of our ideals.

About July 18th, be careful in expressing your deepest feelings. They night be received out of context and meet little understanding.

From July 19th and on we will become somewhat more royal in our communication.

Keep away from exaggeration, otherwise it is possible you get some unexpected and even threatening reactions.

When the Sun enters the sign Leo shortly after, this risk will remain.

About July 24th energy is beneficial. Everything goes as expected, the atmosphere is quite positive.

In many cases success might be assured.

The new Moon of July 28th is on the 6th degree of Leo.

The symbol of this degree is: A conservative old-fashioned lady is confronted by a hippy girl.

This represents the symbolic of becoming conscious of social values.


It is a good moment for a meditation to become conscious of the changes in energy.

It can help you to get insight in innovations needed in your life and the social limitations related to this.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for July

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

2 Mars square Pluto, Mercury trine Saturn, Mercury square Neptune

5 Mars enters Taurus (08.04), Mercury enters Cancer (08.25), Mercury sextile Mars

9 Mercury square Jupiter

10 Sun sextile Uranus

13 Venus trine Saturn, Full Moon (20.38) at Capricorn 21.21

14 Mercury sextile Uranus, Venus square Neptune

16 Sun conjunction Mercury

17 Mercury trine Neptune

18 Sun trine Neptune, Venus enters Cancer (03.32), Mercury opposition Pluto

19 Mercury enters Leo (14.35)

20 Sun opposition Pluto

22 Sun enters Leo (22.07)

23 Mercury trine Jupiter

25 Venus trine Jupiter

26 Mercury square Mars, Uranus conjunction Northern Lunar Node

28 New Moon (19.55) at 05.39 Leo, Jupiter retrograde, Mercury square Uranus

31 Mercury opposition Saturn

Castor and Pollux and the Summer solstice

Marseille tarot

Beneath the Sun we see two little boys, the seeds of future. They get energy from the cosmic energy net. We all have this background, sometimes we remember how this was.

Light, glad, simple, totally free, and still connected in one big togetherness.

Wisdom jumped around on radiant wings, from inside out or upside down, it was all the same.

Many children can’t forget this and right they are.

Once anchored on earth, at the end of their adolescence, they start their individual personally path to the source of All there is, the eternal light.

There is an implicit drive for growth to the light behind our Sun, the omnipotent source of our existence.

Who are these 2 boys? Possibly the immortal pair of twins Castor and Pollux, children of Zeus and Leda? These strange blue swimsuits hide very prudish their sexual organs. They still haven’t grown up and are connected to the original source.

The brightest stars of the Star sign Gemini are called after them. The alfa star Castor, the white one and most Northern and the beta star Pollux, colored orange gold.

The star sign Gemini is represented in heavens as 2 children with a lyre and an arrow in their hand.

As the sign Gemini is associated with the end of Spring, adolescence, and the element air, this sign is at the origin of all dynamic and cyclic activities in nature, from breath to all kinds of movement of body and mind.

In ancient Greece, the twins Castor and Pollux were represented as 2 opposite temperaments and attitudes. The emotional type, in many cases not able to finalize what has been started and the hyperactive type, not very sensitive and cunning, able to survive any situation.

In short, Gemini as the third sign of the Ecliptic symbolizes the binomial cosmic balance as day and night, mind and matter, active and contemplative living, being complementary.

It could be considered as the creative energy of the mind synthesizing passive and active eternal powers, represented by Aries and Taurus.

The myth of Castor and Pollux.

Leda was the wife of Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. Leda used to get a bath in the evening in a neighboring lake. Zeus spied upon her and had to seduce her for her attractiveness.

But how could he prevent Tyndareus would discover his adultery?

No problem, he changed in a swan, swam to Leda, and could become so near that he could have sexual intercourse with her.

Later that night Leda shared bed with her husband and made love together.

From this happening, very mysteriously from 2 eggs, two sons Castor and Pollux and two daughters Helena and Klytaimnestra were born.

Zeus was the father of Pollux and Helena, the others had Tyndareus as their father.

Castor and Pollux were very different. No wonder as they had different fathers.

Nevertheless, they looked very alike and became inseparable.

Pollux was immortal as son of Zeus, Castor was mortal.

On a certain day they got an argue with their nephews about the division amongst them of a flock of cattle they had robbed together.

The nephews, plaid a sneaky game and went away laughing with their loot.

Pollux and Castor did not accept this and so they came into a fight. Unfortunately, Castor and his nephews were killed and only the immortal Pollux stayed alive.

Sick of grief he went to Zeus, and seeing this brother love, he put the brothers in the skies, close together. It is to say, a certain part of the year.


In many cultures we know myths of twins. The Romans had Romulus and Remus and their wolf mother.

We can also think of Kain and Abel, probably present on the Tarot card 9 of swords.

On the bed we probably see the scene of the brother killing.

The blanket, showing all zodiacal signs, is positioned on the legs of the mourning figure.

Between the signs of the zodiac and the planets, indicating the troubles and challenges for every part of life, we see roses.

The red rose hides a secret “sub rosa” under the rose, one would we wise to talk about his/her problems and grief and not to rest within them.

On all different versions of the card the Sun naked children have been pictured.

The Marseille tarot shows two boys. The Golden Dwan tarot shows a boy and a girl hand in hand. They celebrate the unity of nature. The Crowley tarot shows two children together performing a celestial dance. On the Rider Waite Tarot card, we only see one child. The child effortless contacts the horse without the use of a saddle or reins.

In myths of twins both halves are separated, but they keep longing for each other because they together are whole. Deep inside we all long for our soulmate or twin soul.

The surviving half of a twin, the other half we have never forgotten before we could get in contact.

Most people look for the other half outside as for instance in a partner where we find well known patterns of ourselves.

Myths of twins are about oppositions to be surpassed, for instance related to good or evil or the struggle we have with our shadow or inner enemy.

The contradiction in the case of Castor and Pollux is that one is mortal and the other immortal. Castor as a morning start incorporates our light side and Pollux as evening star our dark side.

Castor symbolizes the gift to live life form the bright side and bridge oppositions by communicating. This is possible by telling your story or to write it down.

Through Pollux the melancholic we are bound to look at the dark side of life.

Having overcome your problems by facing them and fighting against them you can reach a new balance.

Both stars represent a talent to write. Pollux is astronomically less strong and is closer to the earth.

This is remarkable as the Greek ascribe celestial and divine properties to Pollux.


In the star sign Gemini, the fixed star Alhena is situated. Alena forming the left foot of Pollux also is called the wound in the Achilles heel.

In the Arab language Alhena means stigma of a horse or a camel.

As a heritage of your ancestors, you have received this stigma, indicating this life is important to you.

In this life, you must fulfill a mission, either conscious or not.

Possibly as a writer or a journalist. Our interest might be related to spiritual and philosophical subjects and moderation of conflicts. Nevertheless, Alhena is also about wounds on the feet and talent for arts.

The shadow side of Alhena is that, when you stay too long in the unreal world, earthly reality can harm you.

Note: Currently Alhena is on Cancer 10th degree.

Litha, the feast of the Summer solstice

At the Summer solstice of St John, the whole creation is for a moment weightless and considered a coming home in an earthly paradise. There is no need for action for nobody.

Just swallowing light, the nectar for our souls. We fill up with light to be prepared for the days when the Sun is near the winter solstice.

The summer solstice traditionally is celebrated on the even of the solstice on June 21st.

This is the longest day of the year, so the night before is the shortest night. The days will become shorter again until Yule, the winter solstice, and the shortest day.

The ancient Celts only knew 2 seasons, light and dark, summer and winter.

Contradictions as related to Castor and Pollux. Castor embodies the light side and Pollux the dark side. At Litha, everything reaches a climax, we celebrate a point of return, there can be harvested. The fertility of crop is at a max.

In ancient German Litha means slope of a mountain. It reminds to the movement of the sun.

To rise, to shine and finally to set. An old German myth is about the struggle between an Oak king or the God of the waxing light and a Holly king or the God of the waning light.

These two are in a struggle and naturally the Holly king wins. Until Yule when he makes place for the rebirth of the light, the young Oak king.

It is a magic and powerful process in nature, the process of dyeing and flowering.

Litha, the summer solstice is a joyful feast with music and fires.

In the past people went together and in ecstasy and unconscious longing to the hills to approach the Gods as near as possible, be filled with inspiration and to receive all good gifts of nature.

When we were on a summer holiday in the south of France, we laid down until late at night on stretchers looking in the skies.

In the southeastern skies shortly after sunset our attention was drawn by the sign of Scorpio.

With the help of celestial charts, we saw his mighty curled tail near the horizon.

In the western skies we saw Castor and Pollux, setting down and disappearing.

This short night we saw many star signs appearing and again disappearing, until early in the morning.

Until early in the morning we spied to discover Aldebaran the eye of the bull. Unbelievable all these star signs in dynamic motion. If we could keep following these movements it should be possible, also at day, to follow these movements internally.

So to say, it can be considered a process to observe without saying, to be touched by higher creative powers in order to be able to understand the gestures of the stars.

Isn’t this the real objective of astrology?

Eleonore Oldenburger

For information concerning the tarot card the Sun see:

Eleonore Oldenburger: the Tarot as a key to insight

Light on the path & through the gates of gold (5)

This booklet of author Mabel Collins had been published in the first issue in 1887.

Possibly some of you know it.

When I opened it, I had been struck immediately by the contents and understood it contains messages still being of value.

At least the texts invite to reflect and offer the possibility to apply in the spiritual development of humanity.

Issues in this contribution are:

Rule 17: Long for the path

Rule 18: Look for the path through inner consultation

Rule 19: Look for the path by courageous presenting yourself in the world

Rule 20: Don’t look for a special path. For every situation there is a most valid path.

However, the path can’t not be found only by devotion or religious contemplation, or by diligent proceeding or to observe life conscientious. Neither of these can help the disciple on his path. The entire human character should be used by those willing to follow the path.

Everyone is the path for him or herself, the truth, and the life.

The path is before us, the one who is willing to follow it has to make his/her own decisions, real decisions from the heart and all aspects of his/her being.

For the moment I leave it to the reader to try to understand these rules and get the answers.

Read them more often, every new exercise brings new insights.

References: Light on the path, Mabel Collins

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Also, during the month of July, Venus will remain visible regularly. However, this will be everyday a little bit later before sunrise.

This month the planet Mars will be visible at sunset in the South.

Jupiter and Saturn are rising in the Southeast at that moment.

On July 16th the Moon is close to Saturn, on July 19th the Moon is close to Jupiter and on July 22nd the Moon is close to Mars.

The June newsletter was sent when Mercury still was retrograde.

I put a question about your experiences and received from one of the readers the following reaction:

I once was the owner of a collection of strip books “the worlds of Aldebaran”.

I liked this, unfortunately I lost it due to a fire incident in my house. Also other strips got lost.

It is remarkable the fire took place in an earlier period Mercury was retrograde (February 2021). I was reminded to it.

Another reader about the many dreams and other special incidents appearing in her life.

She also told me she was preparing for a last “bucket” travel.

When walking with her dog, she came in a quiet place, where she found some garbage, a mirror, and a broomstick (as for a witch). In her horoscope we saw Neptune in transit on her natal Moon and Jupiter. This symbolizes the mirroring of the feeling in an enlarged way and different types of observation.

On the same moment the Moon made a transit opposition her natal Uranus.

This enlarges the need for freedom.

The witch broomstick indeed is a symbol for traveling, but also for fertility.

The Celtic feast of Beltane is known as the feast where the begin of the summer is celebrated and the witches are advised to select a new broomstick.

Put differently: new inspiration for the journey of the soul.

Shortly after she received a special offer for her journey.

On June 20th I received a mail message from somebody I had contact with almost 20 years ago.

I remember to have explained the birth chart.

All these years we didn’t have contact, and now suddenly as from nowhere there was this message.

I now understand why. It has taken a full cycle of the Lunar Nodes from then until now.


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Who knows the destination will find the path

Lao Tse