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Astrological preview April 2014

April 2014 will be dominated by a Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and Mars retrograde as the 4th planet. As Mars is retrograde the energy related to this Grand Cross will mainly be directed internally.

As such this might mean good luck in these roaring times with a lot of threat, when we will manage to use this energy to get deeper insight and understanding that differences should be discussed and solved by rational communication.

On April 1st we could have the tendency to exaggerate, as the Sun makes a square with Jupiter. So try to be somewhat reluctant and not too overwhelming. The next day we could meet unexpected surprises or have to deal with innovative ideas.

The Grand Cross will be in place until the en of may, however related to other geocosmic influences the influence of the energy may change from day tot day. Sometimes it will bring good opportunities, on other days you can meet trouble or bottlenecks. Try to understand the meaning of these events and make changes where necessary in what you try to achieve.

On April 5th Venus makes a transfer to Pisces, this is the beginning of a period where romanticism can come in your daily live. However on April 12th we could lose our view on reality. Especially people who have an important planet on the 7th degree of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius.

On April 7th Mercury changes signs from Pisces to Aries. Our thinking becomes more clear, more rational and quicker.

The period from April 16th is the most important of this month.

Apart from the Grand Cross there will be a “Kite” formed by Jupiter as the apex planet in opposition with Pluto. Together with Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio Jupiter will also form a Grand Trine in water signs, giving a deep emotional feeling and sensitivity. And complete the “Kite”.

Jupiter as the linking pin in this configuration of cosmic relations and enables growth and innovation.

The meaning of the 14th degree of Cancer where Jupiter resides is “fame”. Those born on July 3rd or 4th will truly benefit from this energy, but also people who are born between April 15th and 21st can benefit.

On April 20th the Sun will enter the sign Taurus. We will be more attracted by nature from this day and will like to spend more time outside in a natural surroundings.

On April 21st we will have to deal with the 5th square (out of 7) between Pluto and Uranus.

I have edited a former article on this constellation elsewhere on this site (see august 2011: Radical changes). It will bring innovative energies but also troubles and opposition.

On April 23rd the opposition between Uranus and Mars (retrograde) will be exact. It could easily lead to explosive situations.

The solar eclipse on April 29th on the 9th degree of Taurus asks our attention for Nature as source of all live. This degree is symbolized by the “tree of life”. A solar eclipse also symbolizes a New Moon phase and a beginning of a new monthly stage in our lives. Try to get the inspiration especially related to the value of nature.

Accept what comes on your way and dance on the waves of events striking you, is the message of this degree. Everything that does not fit in your own plan has a special meaning for you. Try to understand the lessons and intertwine them in your life.

Astrological forecast for March 2014

Immediately at the beginning of the month we will experience a remarkable change of energy. Mercury has turned direct on February 28th. Mental brightness will reappear, especially as Mercury is in Aquarius, the sign of new inventions.

On March 1st on 17:25 MET the planet Mars will turn retrograde, our energy levels will be minimalized especially with respect to physical energy. Our need to realize things in a physical way will fade away. Of course the real effects in someone’s personal life will be depending on the placement in the personal horoscope. Another significant point is that the change of direction of Mars will take place in conjunction with the Northern Lunar node.

This also means that in this situation the Southern Lunar node in Aries will be stressed.

We night easily fall back to the leisure of patterns of own interest and egocentric thinking and acting, while the Northern Lunar node in Libra urges us to pay attention to partnerships and balance of interest. Unfortunately not really an energy the world needs at this moment looking at the many armed conflicts we see in the world.

However with Mars retrograde situations will not have the tendency to escalate.

This might come out when Mars runs direct again form May 20th.

When we take a look at the horoscope of the moment Mars turns retrograde the New Moon on the 11th degree Pisces earlier this day catches the eye. According to the astrological mandala the 11th degree of Pisces symbolizes need for mankind to take a next step on the path of spiritual growth. Together with the symbolism of the 28th degree of Libra where Mars turns retrograde, emphasizing our belonging to bigger wholes, this gives a nice indication for the way we might develop the coming months. Conscious that we are part of something greater and from where we can feed our inspiration and initiatives in the interest of community and mankind.

We will experience a lack of energy for the coming months. Therefore it is important to use the energy cautious and consciously.

On March 2nd Saturn will also turn retrograde (until July 20th). Changes could therefore take place outside the control of authorities. As such this is not necessarily a problem while authorities often have the attitude to defend structures and positions even when they have become useless or not in the interest of community.

On March 8th we feel the positive energy of an aerial trine formed by Moon, Mercury and Mars. We will probably remark a lot of emotional but also balanced discussions leading to mutual understanding.

On March 20th we will experience the spring equinox, the beginning of spring.

As the Sun now enters the same sign where Uranus resides since a couple of years, we arrive at a period of constructive changes with impact on society.

On March 22nd Mercury and Neptune will be conjunct. Our thinking and reasoning will not be very clear. It is even possible to be misled or to be caught by higher ideals.

On March 30th we will experience a second New Moon this month (a so called blue Moon).

Especially for this new Moon is the conjunction with Uranus and the mutual trine between Mars and Venus. This New Moon will be at the 10th degree of Aries, is according to the astrological mandala symbolized by “A teacher giving new symbolic forms to traditional images”. It stands for revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.

It feeds the experience that we are at the dawn of a period of vast changes. However these changes might be realized in a harmonic way, also in our personal lives, provided we do not remain in obsolete situations and defending stubborn against changes.