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Newsletter Juli 2023


Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month July

  • Important energies

  • Hercules

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • Venus retrograde

  • Children (Kahil Gibran)

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Nowadays we are in the transit period from Pisces to Aquarius. We are approaching the promised Aquarius era. This influence will become stronger, at the same time reducing the influence of the Pisces era.

Gradually the accent on community as a whole and our expected role in relation to the creation of the new society will increase.

Awareness, consciousness, servitude, and services become increasingly important.

The idea of “everybody for the own ego and God for all of us” still can be recognized in our world in many different societal expressions and actions. There still is a focus on rights and equality, however we lack the insight in our obligations to be a real part of mankind by using our talents in the interest of the whole and to help improve the wellbeing of all. Having talents also gives the obligation to develop them and to use them in service to mankind as a whole.

Preview for the month July

The month of July will be a rather quiet month. Nevertheless, there are some important changes of energies.

In the first place Venus turns retrograde (for more detail see the article dedicated to this, also in this number). Also, the lunar nodes will change signs. Both are changes having their influence indirectly.

The month begins with good opportunities for personal development and growth.

We can be surprised by unexpected events in the area of relations and the valuation of people or material issues around you.

The Full Moon on July 3rd can give you insight about activities needed, related to family life.

On July 7th we will get good chances to further develop our new insights.

On July 10th the planet Mars enters Virgo. Our activities will be related to the interest of the society around us, we become more service oriented. There may be some opposition related to the ideals we will try to bring in practice.

About July 16th there will be opportunities to let new insights in our lives play a role.

The New Moon on July 17th on the 25th degree of Cancer gives opportunities to success.

We should be aware to use a positive imaginatory view and be receptive for assistance from above.

Almost at the same moment the lunar node axis makes a transfer from Taurus and Scorpio to the following signs in the ecliptic (Aries and Libra).

We will be offered opportunities for new initiatives and acquaintances with persons being able to help us to find solutions related to our karma issues. Don’t be reluctant but be prepared to use the opportunities offered.

Between July 20th en 23rd energy may turn out to be complex and contradictory.

We can be very receptive for our ideals and at the same time feel resistance in our efforts to live them. About July 22nd it is better to keep away from unsafe places.

On July 23rd Venus will start to run retrograde. This will last until September 4th. It is a period of reorientation on our value systems. The first issue to understand is the relative importance of wealth and luxury in relation to other value systems. Our Ego might be very reluctant to accept these insights.

About the end of the month, we will become more related to serviceability and related actions.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for the month June

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

1 Sun conjunction Mercury, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Sun sextile Jupiter

2 Venus square Uranus

3 Full Moon (18.50) on Capricorn and Cancer 12th degree

7 Mercury sextile Uranus

10 Mercury trine Neptune, Mars enters Virgo (13.40), Mercury opposition Pluto

11 Mercury enters Leo (06.11)

15 Sun sextile Uranus

17 Mercury square Jupiter, New Moon (20.32) on Cancer 25th degree

17 (True) Lunar Nodes enter Aries and Libra

20 Sun trine Neptune, Mars opposition Saturn

22 Sun opposition Pluto

23 Venus Retrograde (03.32) at Leo 29th degree, Sun enters Leo (03.50),

Mercury square Uranus

27 Mercury conjunction Venus R

28 Mercury enters Virgo


Hercules is a star sign between the signs Lyra, Snake and Dragon.

Not very surprising to those who are better informed about the 12 challenges of this mythological hero. Underneath a picture from 1690 (Hevelius) with these signs.

East of the star sign Corona Borealis and West of Lyra, the somewhat unclear star sign Hercules can be found. In the pattern (it forms the letter K), we see the so-called Kneeling man, swinging his cudgel. It looks like he is kneeling on the North pole and touches with his left foot the star sign Draco (the dragon). According to the Romans who called him Heracles, he trampled the dragon.

On the head of the Kneeling man, we find a double-star in beautiful colors orange-red and blue green. This is Ras Algethi, literally meaning “head of the kneeling man”. The star is related to the role of the hero, who worships the God or Goddess and obeying them.

Who is this hero, who, according to the ancient Greek, had to fulfil a duty nobody could accomplish?

Kneeling? And for who? The ancient Egyptians knew more about it. Kneeling you do for a God and to honor him or her. This was pictured in a hieroglyph: on one knee, with your right arm in the air and your left arm bended.

You don’t kneel on the North pole as such, it was seen as a holy place, the source of life and connected to Ursa Major (the Great Bear), the mother of life and protector of all living hierarchies.

The myth of Hercules

Hercules is the hero who has been pictured most in ancient times.

His famous fight with the “Nemeic Lion” can be found on more than 550 pictures on ancient amphoras. Hercules was a brave man who approached his goals straightforward.

A silent man, convinced and focused on his heavy duties to be fulfilled.

Such as his journey to the Hades, where he had to get Cerberus, the dog and take it to the earth as an evidence he had succeeded to go there and return.

Hercules was born as a bastard from Zeus and a mortal woman Alkmene. Already shortly after his birth and lying in his cradle he showed his talents by strangling two poisonous snakes.

When he was 18 years old, in a vision, two women appeared to him as the personification of Virtue and Vice.

Picture 2. Tarot of Marseille (the lovers).

The road of Virtue was small and dangerous, but ended in eternal fame. The straight road to Vice led to a life filled with desire and evil.

Hercules went convinced the road of Virtue and soon his difficulties appeared.

Shortly after he had married his wife Megara, Zeus struck him with insanity and in a fit of rage he killed his wife and children.

When he returned to reality he was filled with regret. As penitential exercise, he accepted to fulfill the 12 assignments of king Eurystheus. He was helped as well as worked against (especially by the jealous Hera) by Gods in fulfilling these assignments.

Hercules finally managed to fulfill al these assignments, known as the labors of Hercules.

One of them is the killing of the Nemeic Lion, who could not be killed with weapons, because his fleece was harnessed.

After a fight Hercules managed to kill the lion with his hands by strangling him and breaking his back.

He used the claws (only these could be used to cut the fleece), to make a fleece that he could wear to protect him as a harness, when carrying out the other assignments.

Picture 3 Strength, tarot of Visconti

After having fulfilled his assignments, Hercules was killed when he clothed in a poisoned cloak.

This cloak was a present from his second wife Deinara, who received it from Nessus. She expected the cloak to be washed in a love drink.

Stretched on stake he was hit by the lightning and taken up to heaven as a God. The body disappeared in the mist, and the next day when the fire was extinguished nothing of Hercules could be found. Zeus had taken his son home and placed him in the skies.

The meaning

The central theme is the hero, only able to win when he respects the will of the Gods.

The card Strength from the Rider Waite tarot illustrates the harmonic relation between the civilized man, the woman, and his animal nature: the lion.

Picture 4. Rider Waite tarot (Strength)

The meaning of this card depends on the version you select: the patriarchal or matriarchal.

The lion is the symbol of our instincts to survive and vices as wild aggressive impulses.

In the myth, Hercules kills the lion. He had severe problems, especially with his female side.

In a rage he killed his wife and children and was sentenced by taking up a female role to get purified.

In this way he served 3 years at the court of the Lydian Queen Omphale.

He had to fulfill different female obligations also wearing his lion fleece and swinging his cudgel.

This therapy helped him to integrate his repressed side and being freed from his delusion.

However, the women inside him was wounded and couldn’t be healed. This ultimately took his life.

In the myth we see that the female side should be respected.

This is also the theme of the Kneeling man, worshipping the mother Goddess.

She governs all creation and life and death. In the card this is still present, we see the women taking care of the Lion in love, showing her way to harmonious life.

This theme, still to be found in mythological parts was respected in ancient times. The Goddess Inanna for instance, the Sumerian opposite of Venus, was pictured standing on a lion, mastered by her.

In the patriarchal version we find Hybris. Hybris is the ancient Greek word expressing pride, brutality, haughtiness, and impudence, especially against the Greek Gods or divine order.

Ras Algethi

The Alpha star of the group Ras Algethi marks the head of the Kneeling man.

This star has a special relation to the role of our hero.

Mankind was driven by a nameless desire and desire seeks a goal.

When the goal has been reached, the desire remains, nevertheless.

This star gives you the need to worship something bigger and greater than you yourself. During your life this can become an obsession.

You will have to fight a struggle against this and use your energy for the ultimate goal in your life.

This is related to spirituality or any other divine assignment.

The star influences the movements in contempory times.

To fight against injustice or use our nature in balance with an eye on all types of life around.

By: Eleonore Oldenburger

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

In the month July Venus will be visible as evening star. This will be the last month during this year, as Venus comes closer to the Sun and will turn retrograde at the end of the month.

Mars will be in the Southwest at sunset. On July 21st Mars will be close to the Moon.

Saturn and Jupiter will be visible from midnight until sunrise (in the south).

On June 4th we had a challenging Full Moon, I wrote about it in the last newsletter.

For me this resulted in a flu. This turned out to help me to get more clearness on Saturn in Pisces issues. The same day Saturn mate a transit on my IC. I found myself back in the challenging situation to have to solve everything personally without help from my environment.

Also, in last month’s newsletter there was a story about an owl on the branch in the garden of one of my friends. Every now and then the owl disappears and after a while reappears. Every time this happens there is a message. In this case about the passing away of somebody and a related heritage.

On June 11th Pluto returned in Capricorn. We were immediately reminded to the abundance of work still left to be carried out on the improvement of societal systems around us.

We saw attempts to regulate intensive farming and the stream of refugees.

Time will be our witness to see whether we improved enough to follow the requirements of the Aquarius Age, where our personal interests are expected to be part of those for humanity as a whole.

When Pluto entered Aquarius earlier this year, we were informed about developments on Artificial Intelligence. As soon as Pluto returned to Capricorn, we saw initiatives to become more prudent with respect to them. The ethical discussion around the subject became more intense.

On June 17th we had the yearly event of Saturn turning retrograde and in Pisces.

This was very special in relation to “Father’s Day” in our country.

In my personal situation this resulted in some rather special complications around the theme’s expectations, obligations, responsibility, and unconditional love.

On June 22nd I visited Eleonore and had the chance to observe the owl in her garden personally.

Underneath the picture I managed to take there.

On June 17th Saturn turned retrograde and on June 30th Neptune did the same.

Where Saturn supports structure and clarity, Neptune will change this in unlimitedness.

A retrograde movement turns the expected result into the contrary.

Halfway these influences (on June 24th) we saw some attempt for change of power in the Kremlin.

The aspect between Mars and Uranus on this day was a guarantee for unexpected happenings.

On June 23rd on a walk in a small town I saw on the roof of a house the nest of a stork.

Underneath the picture I managed to take.

Picture: Storks on a chimney in Blokzijl 23062023 (Jan Weber)

Venus Retrograde

On July 23rd the planet Venus will turn retrograde. This time on the 29th degree of Leo.

The last time Venus turned retrograde was in December 2021 (in Capricorn).

In August 2015 it also happened in Leo. Each Venus cycle knows 5 retrograde periods, together covering a period of 8 years. The inner conjunctions of the Sun and Venus (Venus is positioned between the Sun and Earth in one line) together form the figure of the 5-pointed Venus’s star.

These retrograde periods of Venus remind us to reflect on everything of “value” in our lives.

We can think about material (money or other possessions) as well as immaterial values (personal relations, friends, and the world around us (nature)).

Venus in Leo will put more focus on the necessity of extreme luxury.

On August 13th, when Venus and Sun both are on Leo 21st degree, this energy will be most prominent.

It is the degree reminding us to become aware of the actuality of social values related to luxury.

Possibly a moment to become more aware of the over-value of material things in our lives, in many cases at the cost of other types of (in most cases) immaterial values.

In the past many problems came forth from this behavior, let us be prepared to change this focus to the benefit of the well-being and nature as a whole.

Children (after Kahlil Gibran: the Prophet)

Your children aren’t yours

They are the sons and daughters of the desire from life to itself

They come from you, but aren’t yours.

They are with you, but don’t belong to you.

You may give them love, but not your thoughts and conviction,

because they have their own thoughts.

You may shelter their bodies but not their souls.

Because their souls live in Tomorrow’s house, not accessible to you, not even in your dreams.

You may try to be like them, but don’t try to make them like you.

Because the live isn’t lived backwards and doesn’t stay in the past.

You are the bows helping to shoot your children as living arrows into the world.

The archer sees the goal on the endless Path

He bends you with his power, to let his arrows fly swift and far.

Be happy the bowman bends them in his hand.

He loves the arrow flying away, and the bow as well.


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Jan Weber

Whenever a good student becomes aware of the Path,

He will strive to live the right experience to walk it.

Lao Tse

Newsletter April 2023


Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preview month April

  • Important energies

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • The Chariot

  • Pluto in Aquarius

  • The law of the just human relations

  • The Temperance (tarot)

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Last month we had to deal with 2 significant changes of energy.

On March 7th Saturn entered Pisces. The general consequence of this change is the withdrawal of authorities in the world, in our personal lives en in ourselves. It is considered to be a period of reflection where we have to reflect on this issue and find a new balance in ourselves.

On March 23rd Pluto entered Aquarius, this year still for a short period (until June 11th). We will have the opportunity to learn about changes needed in the world and therefore in ourselves.

We will be asked for another reflection about the world we would like to live in and how we will contribute ourselves to it. Further in this letter more information about what might be expected from us. I wish you all a month with growing insight inside you all.

Preview for the month April

Apart from the process of how to learn to deal with the new energies (Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius) the most important energy this month is the solar eclipse on April 20th.

The eclipse is on the 30th degree of Aries, at the same day the Sun enters Taurus and makes a square with Pluto.

The eclipse will take place on the degree indicating the necessity to become aware of our natural limitations. The eclipse can be viewed totally in Antarctica, Australia, parts of Indonesia, Papua, and Oceania.

The theme of the eclipse could get additional attention in this part of the world by events caused by the eclipse.

Picture: Line on earth with visible full eclipse (source:

The beginning of the month could bring challenges on the area of communication and mental point of views, which are not in line with collective viewpoints. When we manage to deal with the with an eye on the collective interest there might be possibilities for breakthroughs related to societal innovation.

The full Moon on April 6th challenges us to cultivate our inner values.

On April 7th we might have meetings with a philosophical and loving exchange of ideas.

On April 8th we have opportunities to solve problems energetically.

About April 11th our activities become more mentally, we become less focused on nature.

When you become aware of this it might help you to get a better insight in the importance of being attuned the right way.

On April 12th we celebrate the yearly day of fortune as Sun and Jupiter stand together.

Just be aware of this healing energy.

About April 14th our love relationships become more serious. Our financial situation may become somewhat more restricted.

The New Moon of April 20th is under the signature of the solar eclipse.

It gives us the chance to experience new kinds of observations.

On April 21st Mercury turns retrograde. This takes place in Taurus, there is a chance that “matter” for instance money or shares) will becomes depreciated. This period will last until May 15th.

On April 24th we could meet soulmates.

Up to the end of the month energy is profitable to realize innovations and other improvements.

Be aware of these possibilities and pay attention to it.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for the month April

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

3 Mercury enters Taurus (16.22), Mercury square Pluto

5 Mercury sextile Uranus

6 Full Moon at 16.07 Aries and Libra (06.34)

7 Mercury conjunction Northern Lunar Node, Venus sextile Neptune

8 Mercury sextile Mars

11 Venus enters Gemini (06.47), Venus trine Pluto

12 Sun conjunction Jupiter

14 Venus square Saturn

20 New Moon at 30th degree Aries with solar eclipse (06.12),

Sun enters Taurus (10.13), Sun square Pluto

21 Mercury retrogrades (10.34) until May 15th (05.16)

24 Mercury sextile Mars, Sun conjunction Northern Lunar Node

25 Sun sextile Saturn

29 Mars sextile Uranus

May 1st Pluto retrograde at 1st degree Aquarius (19.09)

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

This month Venus will be visible as evening star.

On April 23rd the Moon is close to Venus. The first slice after the new Moon on April 20th will become visible.

They will be close to the star sign of Orion.

Mars will be in the South at sunset. On March 28th and April 25th and 26th, Mars will be close to the Moon.

Saturn and Jupiter are too close to the Sun to become visible.

On February 26th in the Netherlands, we experienced a rather unique evening sky.

In many parts of our country the polar light was visible. From one of our readers in New Zealand, I received a message that at the same time in New Zealand a comparative picture could be seen: the aurora australis. It is caused by the same solar storm as the Polar light on the Northern hemisphere.

On March 2nd there was a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter.

Thanks to the clear skies, we could see this happening coming closer, already days before.

There are wise people possibly referring to the Star of Bethlehem.

Venus at the same distance at this year can be viewed as a double star.

Possibly this was also the case when Jesus Christ was born.

I took a number of pictures of this event; we see Venus overtaking Jupiter gradually.

Picture: Made by iPhone on February 26th, March 1st and March 2nd (Jan Weber)

The brightest star is Venus. On the leftmost picture we also see the Moon. Jupiter and Venus are at a distance of 4 degrees. On the picture in the middle the distance is 1 degree as well as on the rightmost picture. Here Venus has overtaken Jupiter.

From New Zealand I received the next picture of the aurora australis.

Picture: Aurora Australis Photo Credit: Scott Olds (February 27th, 2023)

Taken at: Duffers Saddle, Nevis, Central Otago, New Zealand (1300m elevation)

A conjunction between Venus and Jupiter takes place every year. The distance between the 2 will differ depending on the declination of both planets. This year, the distance was very small. Sometimes Venus has an orbit where she passes over Jupiter at the same time covering Jupiter. This is called an occultation.

It doesn’t happen very often. The next time will be on September 14th, 2123.

On March 7th Saturn entered Pisces. The energy change was clearly felt.

One of the first things I read was an article about economists advising a totally different economic model, without an objective of growth and based on certainty for everybody.

Possible many political parties were interested due to the fact out parliament was very interested and had a collective meeting with this group. At least it confirms the broad experienced feeling we need to change however the direction remains unclear.

Even politicians seem to be sensitive to actual energies.

On the same day I had my birthday. I received a special present from a grandchild, a booklet by Paolo Coelho, called ‘Warriors of the light”.

I read a number of pages and was struck regularly by the contents.

Very special was the following text related to the passage of Saturn in Pisces, teaching us to become aware of our own boundaries and to recognize the events on our Path.

As soon as he is on the Path, the worrier recognizes it,

Every stone, every curve welcomes him.

He feels united with the mountains, the brooks, sees a glimpse of the soul in the plants and animals around.

Then he accepts the help of the One and the signs along the path and accepts to be guided by his dream and ideals to the challenges life has hidden for him.

Certain nights he doesn’t find a place to sleep, other nights he is tormented and awake.

This is part of it, the warrior thinks, it was my choice to follow this path.

In this sentence his power is hidden. He has chosen the path he follows, there is no reason to complain.

On March 15th we had elections in NL. With Neptune transit on the Sun of NL and the MC we could expect a result with enormous unclearness. And this was what was happening.

We can only expect to be governed when opposite groups are prepared to listen to each other’s points of view. It signifies some preparation for March 23rd when Pluto enters Aquarius.

On March 21st we had a New Moon on the first degree of Aries. This degree symbolizes a first spark of awareness, taking care the individual man will recognize the path to follow.

I hope many of you have recognized this and acted accordingly. In addition, the start of spring adds a special symbolism to this. I used this day to invite some people for a discussion about Saturn.

The day before Pluto entered Aquarius (on March 23rd) I read a message a new technique has become available offering many more possibilities to find DNA matches.

In stead of 23 qualities to be identified, we now have tens of thousands available. This offers unlimited potentiality for additional DNA research in cases until now without results.

This message also fits well in the transfer from Pluto (availability of a research method) to Aquarius (in the interest of the community).

On March 23rd (at 13.23) Pluto entered Aquarius. That day I attended the first day of a series of workshops about esoteric astrology.

We discussed about the sign Aries and the symbolic fitting so well to the New Moon of March 21st.

The change of energy was very clear. Aquarius is also the sign of astrology and Pluto assists to get a deep insight. That was happening that afternoon and the days behind.

In this newsletter you will find an article about this transit and its expected impact.

We could recognize in the world around a lot of messages making clear Pluto is doing the job to strengthen the community.

The Chariot

2023, the year of the Chariot. When you add the digits together (2+2+3) the result is 7. In the cycle of the Rider Waite tarot this is the card with the Chariot.


It signifies: … “this is a year to execute last years decisions, to bundle efforts, and to control skills” ….

Thus, in short, some advice from the Charioteer, as we also call this card.

In the meantime, we have arrived in the 4th month of the year.

In the skies we see 3 bright stars (Arcturus, Regulus and Spica) together making the “trine of summer”. Each of these stars offers us a message.

Arcturus the left knee of Boötes, will bring wealth, acknowledgement, and self-determination.

Spica the ear of corn from Virgo promises success, honor and prosperity and Regulus “the heart of the Lion”, brings independency, violence, and ecstasy. So, the spring is promised to be one with various accents.

Cairo times

In a spring years ago, I was in Cairo. Not a city to pass a quiet spring holiday. Pollution, crowded with poor people and ugly buildings.

I preferred a boat trip on the Nile. However, as Cairo was the place where I had to meet my husband (working in Riyad for an American company) every now and then, I had to decide to go there.

Romantic, isn’t it? We called our movie “Cairo times”.

The charioteer in Egypt

The fact that the chariot reminded me to Egypt isn’t very surprising.

Almost every chart showing the chariot reminds to Egypt with the black and white pictures of the 2 sphinxes.

The black and white makes a somewhat agitated impression, the white and black stares untouched ahead.

Some students from my classes however had another association.

Some of them thought about Saint Nicolas, others about Jesus entering Jerusalem and students from the Hague were reminded to the day our queen and king open the parliamental year riding in a golden coach with horses.

They approached one of the oldest and original meanings as depicted in the tarot of Visconti, where a woman is driving the chariot.

I prefer the Egyptian interpretation and think about the Osiris as the hero, who standing on the chariot makes them impression to release everybody from his or her sorrow.

Many masters of the Tarot also looked for the origin of the tarot in Egypt. Antoine Court de Gebelin (Nimes 1725) had the opinion the tarot was part of the book of Thot, the Egyptian God of Magic.

About the 18th century in France appeared variants on the tarot of Marseille, where Egyptian symbols were added.

The meaning of the word tarot could be derived from the Egyptian words Tar and Ro respectively meaning “the path” and “king”, walking the royal way so to say.

The sphinx

What about sphinxes? They wear the traditional headdress of the pharaoh. See also the famous dead mask of Tut-Ankh-Amon. A combination of the power of the Lion and the mind of mankind; sent by the Sun god Ra en the symbol of the pharaoh.

Pharaohs, pyramids, mummies, papyrus, Tut-Ankh-Amon, Cleopatra names reminding us to de ancient civilization of Egypt. The sphinxes depicted on the card however are Greek sphinxes, as these have breasts.

In the Egyptian museum in Cairo where we were guided by a very enthusiast Egyptologist, I was attracted by a vitrine where beautiful golden treasures were exposed.

There were massif gold bracelets. Twice a set of which the ends were shaped as lion heads.

Possibly they came out of Alexandria the guide explained. The Greek influence I already suspected was confirmed.

However, many examples of this ancient culture were buried in the sand of the desert.

On this sand in front of the big pyramid of Gizeh I was in front of the impressive statue of the sfynx.

Dear sphinx I thought, you are the waiter of the enigma, please give me insight. The sfynx remained silent and just stood there.

I started thinking about the chariot on the 7th chart of the Tarot. The basalt lips of the sphynx whispered an answer in my brain. It is the number of plenitude. We have seven days in a week and the 7th day is supposed to be a day to rest after completion of tasks.

Take rest, todays secrets show the path for tomorrow. I walked to the temple dedicated to the sfynx and puzzled myself what the sfynx could heave meant?

There is an ancient text saying: I watch over you grave room. In this case this possibly is the grave of Thut Moses IV. This pharaoh put a on the place stêle to remind a special day from his youth.

Whether the sphynx and the pyramids can “speak” have puzzled many researchers. During the ages many texts were discovered in grave monuments. Over 4000 rules with magic formulas and hymns have been discovered. These protected the pharaoh and protected him to guarantee a happy life after death.

The Pyramids and their messages

The guide I bought on the airport about the pyramids the texts on the pyramids might give us some insight in a stay of the king in the underworld, where he had the name “Osiris”.

During his life, a king was a “Horus”, and this God was a Son of Osiris. Now I get some more understanding of the chart. The prince from the other world drives the chariot from one life to another.

Life after death was a royal event according to our guide, the king who had passed away was buried in a grave in the East in a sacred land. He was transferred over the lily-lake by a Charon like figure, having given a special name “the one who looks behind him”. However, the ferryman was supposed to convince himself about a good behavior of the pharaoh.

I got disturbed in my consideration by my husband who softly pulled my sleeve.

Do you come with me the museum is going to close”? Not to imagine, a museum being in outside in nature that is closing, as if you are a Zoo.

I turned around, saw a special stone drawing my attention in the sand and took it with me.

I carefully hided it in my bag to get it out of sight. The stone had the shape of a priest figure.

Picture: stone from Egyptian desert (picture Klaas Horsman)

Secrets of Cheops

Among the 78 cards of the tarot, we have 3 showing the pyramids of Gizeh (Cheops, Chefren en Mykerinos). Here the secrets of death and reincarnation are protected.

Why only on these 3 cards?

This is supposed to have a special meaning. On the card of the queen this means to be connected with other dimensions. This queen might be Isis. On her throne that might be related to the God Horus we see 2 Lion heads, symbols of strength and justice.

They also refer to the time passing by one refers to the past, the other to the future.

The Page of Wands distributes the message of the queen.

When the King has a new incarnation the Page walks ahead proclaiming: “the King comes”.

This Page easily could be a child of Osiris and Isis.

The old Egyptians believed that in the heavens there was a cosmic pendant of Egypt, the destination where the souls travel after their life on earth.

The pyramid as a three-dimensional symbol shows the axis of the world.

The top symbolizes the highest spiritual level to be achieved by mankind. The chambers in the pyramids were used to get consecrated in the secrets of mystic cultuses.

The adept went through the gates of death in the worlds behind the gates and returned in our world fully consecrated.

There are indications that some of the pyramids, at least the biggest 6, were built as part of a design with the objective to recreate the constellation of Orion close to Aned-Hetch. In ancient Egyptian writings Orion is indicated as the heavenly resort of the souls.

The French scientist of ancient Egypt, Robert Bauval, did a fascinating discovery in studying the pyramids on the great plateau of Cheops, one of the seven miracles of the ancient world.

It was supposed already for centuries that the great pyramid also had an astronomical and astrological meaning. We find 2 shafts through this mass of stones having a diameter of about 60 cm., too small to function as a shaft for ventilation.

Bauval was not satisfied with earlier explanations and introduced the data of this pyramids in the computer’ Together they turn out to form the pattern of the star sign of Orion. It was assumed to be the residence of Osiris in ancient Egypt.

The great pyramid represents the far most South star of the Altinak belt. Also, the other pyramids turned out to be in close relation to the stars of the Orion constellation, Alnilam, Mintaka, Betelgeuse, and Bellatrix. Bauval also discovered a tunnel starting from the Queens room of the Big Pyramid and directed to the star Sirius, representing the Goddess Isis, partner of Osiris.

According to the researcher the river Nile, streaming alongside the pyramids as earthly representative of the Milky Way.

From texts on later pyramids, it can be derived that this theory might be right. It was written that the soul of the king after his dead should travel to the permanent stars arranging the night and arranging the hours. It was also expected to travel to Orion to take care of the cycle of seasons on Earth.

The 3 great Pyramids certainly are meant as earthly counterpart of the Orion-belt.


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Eleonore Oldenburger The tarot as a key to insight

Pluto in Aquarius

On March 23rd, 2023, Pluto has made a transfer to Aquarius.

This is an energy not experienced before by mankind living in our era.

The reason is that it takes about 248 years for Pluto to make a full orbit around the Sun.

Last time, Pluto was in Aquarius, was in the years 1789 up to 1798 and the time before this was between 1532 and 1552, and earlier between 1286 and 1307.

We see in these earlier episodes important changes in our history have taken place.

In 1789 the French Revolution started with the attack on the Bastille.

In 1532 we were in the middle of the reformation (the falling apart from the Roman Catholic Church in several others (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli). In 1370 we were in the dawn of the Renaissance, at the same time leaving behind the dark era of the Middle Ages.

All periods with big difficulties, however through the changes that took place our world improved every time again a little bit. This is also our challenge for the years to come.

Pluto is about regeneration. The whole cycle from birth to death is related to it.

Pluto tears down what is not of value any more en builds upon the debris of the past.

Pluto also is about power and uncertainty and has the intention to change things for the better (purification). As Aquarius symbolizes the community it may become clear what Pluto’s objective is to achieve.

We may expect a big impact from changes taking place in order to achieve a better society.

We have to become aware more and more our own behavior should reflect this and serve the challenge for a better world.

This year Pluto is only for a couple of weeks in Aquarius (from March 23rd to June 11th.

After that Pluto will return to Capricorn until the beginning of 2024.

With Pluto alternating from the last degrees of Capricorn and the first degrees of Aquarius we can expect important first actions for changes to come.

Many societal systems should be improved or even removed; the purifying attitude will give it a last hand.

This doesn’t mean we will immediately arrive in a society with enough adhesion> This is one of our objectives for the next 20 years.

Where we succeed it will have a positive influence on society, where it get resistance form representatives of obsolete systems protecting their interests we can expect fights.

Our lives can be touched by the changes and struggles. It is important to try to understand what is expected from you and why. Your individual contribution in the interest of society is of big importance.

Aquarius also is the sign of astrology and new revolutionary insights.

We can expect many impressive new discoveries and insights in our cosmos and astrology.

Besides many innovations will have influence on our daily lives.

Esoterically the transit of Pluto to Aquarius will have an enormous push.

It means that by the big adherence from the ego to our concrete way of thinking, we can use it as a help to express the collective will.

This collective will, will be powerful and based on the energy of the first ray of Will and Power.

This energy works as a catalysator breaking down obsolete systems, thus making space for the new.

It is the power of the Fenix rising out of the ashes.

A beautiful energy for those willing to serve a better world, a difficult one for those protecting own egoic interests.

I wish you all an instructive future with many new insights and opportunities to realize them.

Picture: Pluto (James Webb telescope)


Ebertin, Combination of planetary influences

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The law of just human relations

The Aquarius age is one of the big challenges of our time.

Many of us have heard about it, nobody really knows what will happen and when.

One thing is for sure, we are at the dawn of this age. The precession of the equinoxes indicates this.

I expect it to be a gradual process where we stage for stage learn more about the Aquarius age and forget and leave behind about the Pisces Era.

With the transfer of Pluto to Aquarius we will receive and learn new lessons and insights helping us to make this transfer.

Part of these lessons are the cosmic laws and an important cosmic law related to the transit of Pluto to Aquarius is the Law of Pure human relations.

In the future from mankind, it is expected to the role of World Savior. When we look around, we see challenges enough. The world must be really free as a unity on a cosmic level.

In this unity everyone has to contribute, according to the own talents but also in the interest of the whole.

Pluto in Aquarius will help us to achieve this.

Aquarius represents mankind as groups with common and collective ideals.

The unity should prevail above the individual.

The individual needs to develop the diversity of individual talents in consciousness to contribute to the common destination. This needs to understand the challenges and to develop a common plan to meet them.

To live according to the law of pure human relations is a condition to achieve this.

Qualities of this law are:

  • Love and intelligence cooperating as a team.
  • Responsibility and serviceability to humanity as a whole.
  • Selflessness and harmless use of the language in expressing ourselves.

Finally, the objective is about the release of polarity and the creation of a world community as a unity. This is of utmost importance to be able to create structures and new consciousness for the new era.

The inner contribution of the individual will change by understanding the requirements of the own contribution to humanity and the world as a whole.

To be able to play this role, we need to develop a good relationship with ourselves as a basis to serve the relationship with mankind.

We also should grow our awareness about the role we have to play to other kingdoms in nature (as e.g. the animal and mineral world).

The next affirmation may be useful to find the key to what is expected from us.

May everyone, I will have contact with at whatever moment or in whatever way, be blessed in a universal brotherhood and sisterhood as a part of the all-encompassing humanity.


Alan Oken Soul centered astrology

Temperance (tarot)

Every month I draw a card from de Rider Waite tarot. This time I got Temperance.

On this card we see a picture of archangel Michael, pouring the stream of elixir of life from one cup into another.

So, he fills the empty cup with the dead Ego with the elixir of the new life.

He has placed one foot on the earth, the other is in the water. These represent the conscious and the collective unconscious.

Roberto Assagioli also uses these pictures in his esoteric psychology, and he teaches us that these two should be balanced by growing awareness and transformation, at the same time activating the Anthakarana (Rainbow bridge).

Michael means: “Equal to God”. Through the transformation the divine grows her influence.

Esoterically this card represents the sign of Sagittarius.

Related to the 5th Ray, the intellect has been developed on a higher level of expression.

Sagittarius has to learn to understand to use his words carefully, quite different from the person-centered energy.

Also, Aquarius represents the 5th degree and during the Age of Aquarius this higher thinking should help to confirm with the Law of the Just human relations.

The Sun sign on the forehead, protecting the 6th chakra should be developed to be helpful in getting the required insights and a balance vision in live.


Alan Oken Soul centered astrology

Eleonore Oldenburger the tarot as a key to consciousness


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The Tao that we mention isn’t the eternal Tao

Because the names we give, aren’t eternal names

Heaven and earth are born nameless;

To give names only is the mother of things.

Who is without desire sees the mystery

Who has desires, sees their shape.

Both of them are in essence identical

Only then they each get an own name.

We could call both a mystery

And even more mysterious is the gate to all mysteries.

Lao Tse