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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month June

  • Important energies

  • Aldebaran

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold (4)

  • Planet cycles related to Neptune

  • The summer solstice

  • Astrology and astronomy in daily practice

  • Jupiter in Aries

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Recently, I have read some inspiring and intriguing texts from Carlos Castaneda.

Picture: The fire from within, Carlos Castaneda

One of them:

All of us have observations, this is factual

However, what we observe is of different order,

Because we are learnt what we are expected to observe.

For all our observations we use our senses. We experience what we observe in many manners as picture, sense, smell, sound etc.

We have learnt to give it names, a name corresponding with what has been observed.

However, we can never be sure whether what we observe is identical to what other observers observe.

The other:

The unknown is hided for mankind

Possibly, veiled by a terrifying correspondence

However, it is within his reach

The unknown becomes known on a certain moment.

However, the unknowable remains unthinkable, unexplainable, inconceivable

It will never become known to us and still it is there.

Vertiginous, dazzling, and at the same time shocking in its expanse.

Aldous Huxley has written a book about this subject with the title “the doors of perception”.

This book and especially the sentence “There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception” inspired the band the Doors in the seventies of the last century to write psychedelic numbers as Riders on the storm.

This music opened other doors, like our dreams, ideas and creativity open various new doors enabling something unknown to become known. This is an example of realization of the potential.

The moment we are born is filled with potential.

With everything on our path, we only have to choose to experience it.

Part of the unknown becomes known to us through our experience.

By choosing, we also eliminate other possibilities, and other parts of all potentiality.

It remains unknown to us and due to our inherent limitations indescribable and inconceivable.

On our path of life, it is all about realizing your potential.

What the potential is, can be found in the birth chart.

This unique moment in the location-time-continuum, cannot be copied.

So, nevertheless the perspective, a lot will remain unknowable, it is the objective of life to discover and to learn to understand about all we did not learn until now, the contribution that is expected from us, individually and collectively.

To understand and realize this we are lucky to have many incarnations of non-existing “time”.

I wish you all a beautiful month full of insights with many dis-coveries and dis-closures of the ultimate goal of your presence in this life on earth.


Carlos Castaneda: the Wheel of time / the Fire from within

Aldous Huxley: the doors of perception

Preview for the month June

From an energetic point of view, June can be expected to be a rather quiet month.

There hardly are difficult aspects. Many energies are related to the planet Venus.

Venus is in Taurus during the greater part of June and so Venus maybe powerful and related to love and nature. Venus has its influence in the material and relational sphere.

The emphasize of the question to think about “values” in someone’s life can be expected to be the most difficult one. In general, this month’s energies can be supposed to be harmonic.

When, on June 3rd Mercury has turned direct and on June 4th Saturn has turned retrograde it is possible we lose our focus and become somewhat disoriented.

About June 10th our minds are eager and sharp, we have the possibility to solve complex problems.

About June 15th we might run into unexpected events, we also could meet future friends.

Our need to communicate increases. We also can have the skills to understand difficult structures and to accept limitations.

We also might feel somewhat disoriented.

Don’t become too involved in fantastic ideals, they could turn out to be unrealistic.

About June 18th we might behave a bit distant in our personal relations, however it could quickly change to the opposite when we arrive upon a rosa cloud.

This year’s summer solstice is on June 21st at 05.11 pm (MET).

A good moment to wake up timely and meditate on the special purifying energy of this moment.

On June 23rd we can communicate our ideas and inspirations with loved one’s and transform them to beautiful artistic expressions.

On June 28th we can become disoriented again, we also could feel somewhat dazzled.

During the New Moon of June 29th, we should try to limit our expressive side. There is a chance for exaggeration.

This New Moon on the 8th degree of Cancer is symbolized as: A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes, walk as if on parade.

It symbolizes the tendency of all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth.

Guided meditation might be a beautiful expression of this.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

3 Mercury turns direct (10.00)

4 Saturn retrograde (23.47)

10 Mercury trine Pluto

12 Venus conjunction Uranus

13 Mercury enters Gemini (17.27)

14 Full Moon (13.52) on 23.25 Sagittarius

15 Venus conjunction Northern Lunar Node

16 Sun square Saturn, Sun square Neptune

18 Venus square Saturn

19 Venus sextile Neptune

20 Mercury sextile Jupiter

21 Venus trine Pluto, Summer solstice (Litha): Sun enters Cancer (05.11)

23 Venus enters Gemini (02.34)

28 Mars sextile Saturn, Neptune retrograde

29 Sun square Jupiter, New Moon (04.52) on 07.23 Cancer, Venus sextile Jupiter

The summer solstice

Aldebaran – the red eye of Taurus

Taurus – from Urania’s Mirror (ca. 1825)

This sturdy bull of the star sign Taurus can be found between the signs Aries and Gemini.

The bunch of stars called the Hyades form the head of the bull and at the left on the head we find the red star Aldebaran and on the right horn the double star El Nath, pure white and slightly gray.

The seven stars of the Pleiades mark his back.

Aldebaran is the brightest star of Taurus. It is a vast star, when it would be in the Sun’s position it would reach as far as the orbit of Mercury. It is a perfect example of a red giant.

Aldebaran has a diameter of 44 times the Sun’s diameter.

Red giants are relative cool stars and so is Aldebaran.

When we compare the color of Aldebaran with the color of other stars we see a blue Rigel and a yellow white Capella.

Mythological origin

Aldebaran is one of the fixed stars. They are a symbol of the cosmic order for their orbit around the Polar star and as a token of the not always recognizable light from above.

In many mythologies they were considered to be representations of people who died. The name Aldebaran originates from the Arab Al Dabaran meaning the bright one who follows.

This could be an explanation that Aldebaran follows the Pleiades in the skies. Possibly we should understand this as the hunter Orion following his prey.

The prey here should be considered as the Pleiades, the seven sisters being protected by the Goddess Artemis.

Centuries ago, Aldebaran was situated in Taurus, currently it is on the 10th degree of Gemini, due to the precession of the equinox.

Taurus is a very old star sign originating from Mesopotamia more than 4000 years ago.

Taurus could also be the big bull from the paintings in the caves of Lascaux.

Being a striking bright star, in ancient Persia Aldebaran was considered one of the royal stars.

About 3000 BC these starts were considered the “guards of heavens”. The 3 other stars were Regulus, Antares and Formalhaut.

They were called royal for their connection to the equinoxes (spring- summer- autumn – winter). When the Sun passes one of these points a new season begins.

Several ancient monuments as Newgrange, Stonehenge etc. are created based on these 4 points. Especially the equinoxes of March 21st (spring) and September 22nd (autumn) are seen as points and moments to make contact to higher powers.

The Big Horn medicine wheel in the Big Horn national parc in Wyoming, USA.

Credit: U.S. Forest service Photo – Public Domain

There are also astronomers making a connection between Aldebaran and the circle of stones in Big Horn. Old Indians probably used this place as an observatory to measure the appearance of Aldebaran just before sunrise in June.

The 4 Kings from the Tarot and their star

As all planets are connected to star signs, fixed stars are considered as guide and inspiration of certain star signs. A star sign should not be confused with zodiacal signs. The stars together form groups, imaging a figure. The zodiacal signs are related to star signs, but currently they are not in the same zodiacal position. They can be considered higher angelic energies. These 4 guards of heavens have a representative on earth and possibly are connected to the 4 kings of the Tarot.

These 4 kings add as guard additional value to the original meaning of the court cards.

Each king is the head of a series and represent the power and the maintenance of it, but also could act as protection.

The king reflects to certain properties represented by their element he has power over.

In general, one could say the king represents the ghost and from the mental condition he has power.

The pictures of the cards show real rulers, guiding us the way people react on responsibility and power.

Each king shows us, by his special attributes to what element he is connected, as for instance the lions on the crown of the King of Wands, symbolizing the element fire.

Aldebaran: position today: 100 Gemini Theme: Develop the spiritual mind through matter

Aldebaran is the Guardian of the East and connected to the element earth and a such to the King of Pentacles.

This King is seated on a black throne, ornamented with bull heads, and his hand resting on a golden Pentacle. This indicates the smart way of dealing with money and matter.

The message of Aldebaran (with the red eye) has to do with the theme integrity. His energy helps us to stick to the real standards and values.

This could bring success, but we will also be confronted with moral dilemmas, for instance between mental reasons and instinctive motives.

It indicates the importance to admit to your beliefs. Don’t doubt the own principles is Aldebaran’s message, otherwise your success may disappear suddenly.

Regulus: position today: 00 Virgo.

Theme: the will should guide the ambition and not reversed.

The star Regulus is the Guardian of the North and connected to the element fire and as such to the King of Wands. Regulus is also known as the heart of the lion. The King of Wands is a real lion king. He knows what he wants and his eagerness for actions becomes manifest e.g., in the execution of big projects.

The lions on the throne show his power. The lion who was supposed to be the King of all animals due to his power, courage, and character is also consecrated to Vulcanus, the God of Fire.

Regulus inspires the King of Wands and is a very earthly star, here it concerns especially becoming immortal in name, and about making good cheer.

This also indicates the pitfall of the King of Wands: his own limitations and weaknesses are unknown for him, as the mighty star Regulus also brings him often success.

The theme is to get rid of destructive ambition for power and learn to become familiar with the less agreeable parts of the character.

Antares: position today; 100 Sagittarius.

Theme: give up presumption.

The star Antares, the rival of the warlike Ares (Mars) is the Guardian of the West and the element air and as such connected to the King of Swords.

The Persians considered Antares the God of the Death.

Thru his color red, Antares was associated danger, disaster, and evil power.

But, as Antares is a royal star, he is also a token for honor, esteem, and prosperity.

These blessings can be lost by a too obsessive behavior. Therefore, it is important to outbalance these tendencies and accepts that not everybody has the same drive.

However, keep realizing that negative properties you admit have a less destructive effect.

The throne of the King of Swords is ornamented with butterflies, the symbol of transformation, dead and resurrection. In general, the butterfly is a positive symbol of change and immortality.

From the dead alike cocoon, a beautiful butterfly is born.

To fly has always been symbolic to the escape from the physical limitations and the earthly live.

The message Antares is giving you, is to learn to accept all properties that have been neglected by you, your parents, your educators and to let them free. Antares is a star of conclusion.

Fomalhaut: position today: 40 Pisces.

Theme: mental birth, spiritual initiation.

The star Fomalhaut is the Guardian of the South and related to the King of Cups and the element water.

Fomalhaut, in Arab ‘Fum al Hut’, is the central star of the Southern Fish.

He receives the stream of water from the pitcher of Aquarius.

Fomalhaut is connected to the Guardian of the South.

The theme of Fomalhaut brings mystical ideas, objectives, and dreams on your track.

In many cases, your thoughts and ideas are not ordinary, and this could bring confrontations with people around you. You may be involved in manipulation, but Fomalhaut connects you to collective wisdom and therefor personal success will not be an objective.

By its strong connection to the mystical world, it may be difficult to stay with the self.

As Fomalhaut is part of the mouth of a fish she also is related to the stream of water of life.

This mouth receives the water of life and prevents against flooding.

The water, as a symbol of the unconsciousness is guided so you will not be overwhelmed by it.

This gives a connection to unconscious insights. Fomalhaut is a very powerful star, and its theme is spiritual birth.

Eleonore Oldenburger

With gratitude to Henry Kampherbeek for his advice.


Hugo van Cleemputte and Danielle Simoens: ‘Fixed stars and their properties”.

Liz Greene: ‘Fate and free will in astrology’.

Antonin Rükl: ‘Stars, star signs and planets.

Light on the path & through the gates of gold (4)

This booklet of author Mabel Collins had been published in the first issue in 1887.

Possibly some of you know it.

When I opened it, I had been struck immediately by the contents and understood it contains messages still being of value.

At least the texts invite to reflect and offer the possibility to apply in the spiritual development of humanity.

Issues in this contribution are:

Rule 13: Long for power

Rule 14: Long for peace

Rule 15: Especially long to possess

Rule 16: But only to what relates to the purified soul and therefore equally is in the possession of all pure souls and represents the selective ownership of this whole, when it will be united.

Long for everything the purified soul can possess, to gather wealth for this unified spirit of life, being the one and only true self.

The peace you should be longing for is the sacred peace unable to be disturbed by whoever and allowing the soul to flower as a holy flower on silent waters.

And the power that the disciple should strive for will appear to him as nothing.

A beautiful moderation giving direction to our search for power, peace and property.

For the moment I leave it to the reader to try to understand these rules and get the answers.

Read them more often, every new exercise brings new insights.

References: Light on the path, Mabel Collins

Planet cycles related to Neptune

In the May newsletter I paid attention to the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune on the 12th of April.

Every conjunction offers new opportunities to realize all potential related to energies of these planets in the coming years (decennia or centuries).

Conjunctions mark the begin of cycles and new developments. Especially conjunctions where the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are part of, can put an emphasis on a timeframe.

In the following table an overview of all recent conjunctions (of Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter) related to Neptune

Planets Frequency Last conjunction

Neptune and Pluto once in ca. 495 years 1891

Neptune and Uranus once in ca. 165 years 1993

Neptune and Saturn once in ca. 37 years 1989

Neptune and Jupiter once in ca. 12,9 years 2022

We see that every cycle of Pluto and Neptune contain 3 cycles of Uranus and Neptune and also 13 x 3 = 39 cycles of Jupiter and Neptune.

In 2 cycles of Neptune and Uranus we find approx. 9 cycles of Neptune and Saturn.

The main cycle is the Neptune and Pluto cycle, the other cycles are serving this.

A conjunction is an important starting point to discover the available potential. Whether and how it will become applicable depends on other energies becoming available in the period between conjunction and opposition.

All aspects the involved planets have during this period will have their influence on the outcome.

In the period between conjunction (=New Moon phase) and opposition (= Full Moon phase) the potential becomes unveiled and becomes real in the world.

At the moment of the opposition, it is clear what has been the “result” and also what still needs to be improved. The preparations for this will be done in the period between the opposition and the next conjunction. It is a interaction of patterns where the longest cycle will be predominately.

A comparison with the morphogenetic field theory of Sheldrake shows some equality.

The quantum field between 2 conjunctions is in a permanent mode for change. At the moment of conjunctions certain energies are that dominant that such a field is a result.

However, this field also seems to be permanently in an adaptive mode.

The longest lasting cycle is settled by the energy of Pluto and Neptune together.

The last conjunction of these 2 planets took place in 1891, the preceding one in 1395.

Pluto is about purification, of all that hinders the transformation of the earthly life to what it is supposed to become.

Being human beings and therefore limited, we continuously disagree and try with our best efforts to realize the own vision about what is the real way of purification.

This will inevitably lead to power-struggles. Pluto also makes available an enormous intrinsic power willing to realize the personal objectives.

Since 1940 we walk through a phase where Pluto and Neptune continuously are making a trine.

This period will last up to 2030.

After that we will have a waning square between Pluto and Neptune (about 2060), a trine (about 2110 and an opposition (about 2120).

The last opposition took place about 1625, this as a result of the energies between 1395 and 1625.

The waning sextile (since 1940) provides us with the energies needed to adapt to the ideals of 1891.

Several suitable examples of ideals from 1891 are:

  • The founding of the socialist 1 May movement
  • Pope Leo XIII published Rerum Novarum, an encyclic against the exploitation of laborer’s
  • The first presentation of the kinetoscope (Edison)
  • The patent on radiotelegraphy
  • First plan for the Dutch “Deltaplan” (protection against the sea)
  • The brothers Wright build a first prototype for an airplane.

We simply could admit that these issues were important ideals still relevant in our current community. And as follows:

  • Appreciation of the factor labor, improvement of conditions for laborers, and fight against exploitation
  • Improvement of mutual understanding and facilitation of other techniques for contact, fight against abuse of the media, and fight against monopolization of communication by groups in power.
  • Safety and security in relation to extreme outbreaks of water.

They are all issues we can suppose to remain relevant the coming decades.

About 1930 we had a period with (semi) squares (45 degrees) between Neptune and Pluto.

It represents the economic malaise by the Beurskrach in 1929 (Jupiter square Neptune).

Value growth without substantial back-up, the upcoming fascisms, and the enormous poverty among workers. In NL we managed to finalize the “Afsluitdijk” an important milestone in the struggle against the sea. We also have seen the introduction of the first broadcasting stations.

It was also the period of memorable long-distance flights, such as of Charles Lindbergh (first transatlantic flight) and the London Melbourne race.

We still have a couple of years the opportunity to improve the effects of the Neptune and Pluto challenge and ideals.

Our Deltaplan was supposed to be finalized, however the rising levels of the oceans asks new attention.

Also, the position of workers is again in discussion. In our Western society we need them and still we try to make profit out of them.

Communication is more in the picture than ever, for example 5G networks, fake news, communication from universe.

Having passed this period of sextiles, we can expect the settlement of the use of the energies involved. About 2060, the square will clarify what has been neglected and should be taken care of in the coming period. Where we have failed to improve in purification, we can expect comparable reactions as we had about 500 years before (about 1565).

By then, we had big floods inundating low parts of the Netherlands.

Communication expanded enormously however in a much more basic form (using ships discovering new worlds). But we also saw monopolization and the negative effects of it (VOC).

The fight against suppression also was on state. In Europe we had big wars the 80-year and 30-year war).

Neptune is about unpersonal ideals, a better world in whatever form. In our visions, this better world can take an enormous dimension and lead to extremities. At least extreme for the realists among us.

Under way in a complete Pluto and Neptune cycle we come upon 3 Uranus and Neptune cycles.

The first one was in 1498, the following one in 1663, the 3rd one in 1828.

We already also have seen the first one in the new cycle in 1993.

Uranus brings us an urge to innovate and together with Neptune an urge to innovate in borderless ideals.

About 1498 Leonardo unfolded a number of astonishing ideas, as for instance a design for an airplane, a submarine, a tank.

In 1993 we had seen the reunification of Germany and the foundation of the European Union in its current format.

Saturn and Neptune are conjunct once in every 37 years. The last time in 1989, this was also of influence on the happenings in Europe, widening of limitations.

The next conjunction between Saturn and Neptune will take place in 2026. We can expect the real purified outcome of what is happening between Europe and Russia.

Saturn is about limitations and is also related to the structuring serving community.

So, we can expect new boundaries, allowing a more controllable society.

So, ideals are to be realized, however it should be in a way, it can lead to a stable community serving all participants in this community.

Jupiter and Neptune have a conjunction every 13 year, every time in the next sign in the ecliptic.

After 13 conjunctions, the cycle is accomplished and will return at the same place.

A planetary conjunction gives a bundling of energies, new opportunities can be created. On a mundane level it is depending on the energies of the planets involved. On the individual level it is depending on the patterns in the birth chart. The energy is universal (everybody can sense it). The exposure of the energy is individual (depends on the horoscope and karma of the person involved.


American Ephemerides: Neil Michelsen

Swiss ephemerides:


Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Also, during the month of June, Venus will remain visible regularly. However, this will be everyday a little bit later before sunrise. And not to forget in June, the nights are very short (on the Northern hemisphere) so we should be prepared to wake up early.

Also, in June Mars will be visible in the South.

At the beginning of the month Mars is still close to Jupiter, as the month proceeds, the distance between these 2 planets will grow.

On June 22nd the Moon will be accompanied by Jupiter, a day later the Moon will be together with Mars and on June 26th the Moon will be close to Venus.

On May 10th Mercury turned retrograde.

I received a question from a friend who happened to have a crash of her computer. She lost a lot of data. She asked me whether I had saved some specific information I looked up for her in the past.

When Mercury started this retrograde episode, this came out, and fortunately I still had this information and could help her.

A week later I did some shopping. When I had to pay, I couldn’t find my wallet.

Fortunately, I reminded I had some cash with me in my pocket.

I forgot twice my handy, so I could not be phoned in this time. Fortunately, the phone calls I missed were not very urgent.

A reader of the newsletter informed me about some striking happenings in her life.

She had the retrograde Mercury in her 3rd house of short travelling and communication.

At first the communication cable for internet was broken, it was impossible to communicate for 2 days.

Later when she made a road trip, she heard some strange sounds while driving the car.

When she stopped and had asked for help it turned out she lost one of the screws that was supposed to fasten the wheel. She just had stopped in time. Before traveling she had drawn a card indicating protection underway.

Jupiter in Aries

On May 11th Jupiter has left the sign of Pisces (for a short time) and entered Aries.

This has caused a big change in energy.


Jupiter remains in Aries until October 28th, and then returns to Pisces until December 20th.

From December 20th Jupiter will be in Aries again and will stay in this sign until May 16th, 2023.

In a positive sense Jupiter will enable growth and development, harmony, justice, and a high standing.

In a negative sense, a passage of Jupiter can also result in exaggeration, unsatisfiable materialism, and a lack of high standards.

In the sign of Aries this energy is directed on new initiatives. Where Jupiter is involved, there will always be a positive ground. In principal Jupiter can be considered beneficial.

Early Aries born (between March 21st and 30th) can have a lot of help from Jupiter.

The type of assistance will be depending on the area of life where Jupiter passes.

A less positive aspect of Jupiter can be the tendency for exaggeration (also in acting).

During the journey through Aries Jupiter will not make difficult aspects, so I expect this will be a positive period for all Aries born.


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Lao Tse