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The solar eclipse of 25th November 2011

In the ISAR International e-Zine I found the following article written by Charmaine Ashton (USA), giving us a beautiful insight in the serendipity of astrological and mundane events.

“The November 25th solar eclipse will occur at 2/37 Sagittarius, lending a trine to Uranus at 0 Aries in square to Pluto in Cap.  In light of the current worldwide protests against the imbalance of the distribution of wealth, the eclipse’s asteroids are helpful in telling the story.  The asteroids Fortune, Hispania, Juewa and Sita are conjunct the Sagittarian eclipse with University in Virgo squaring it.
Fortune.  People know where Fortune has landed, in the pockets of the modern aristocracy, with very little trickling down.  Where did the current protests actually begin?  In Hispania, or Spain, in May of this year.  As well, Spain’s economic crisis is a major player in the world’s financial market instability.  Instability brings us back to Fortune, who stands on a ball as a symbol of instability of your fortune. Hence, the maxim “Stay on the ball” or “Get on the ball.”  Next is Juewa, “Jue-wa-sing”, which is Chinese for “star of the future of China”, or “China’s Fortune.”
China’s fortune is an underlying reason for the current imbalances in trade, adding to the instability and malcontent.  The final asteroid conjunct the eclipse is Sita.  Sita is from Indian lore. She once was, perhaps still is in some circles, held to be the ideal wife from the male point of view.  She was completely devoted to her husband, dependent on him for her very life, and suffered greatly from her marriage.  Sita signifies, from the western point of view, dependence.  The protesters are dependent for their very lives on the machinations of those in power, and are suffering from the elite’s actions.
Finally, the above group is in square to the asteroid University.  University students were the ones who originally started the current protests. I love a good story, and this is one I have been waiting for. This movement is growing every day, and most likely will culminate around November 25.With any luck, or fortune, the powers that be will get serious about reforming the economic disgrace we find today”.

In addition to this beautiful story, I did some research after the archetypical meaning of this degree in the mandala interpretation by Janduz and Rudhyar.

The picture according to Janduz is: The entrance of an old temple. Above the arch of the entrance we see the inscription: “Notre dame de la misericorde” in English ‘the Madonna of mercifulness”. The Madonna figure protects with her hands, made longer with energy-rays, both a group of friends in devotion on her right side and a group of threatening enemies on her left side. This picture is representing the Sagittarius grail to express high ideals of mildness and good wishes. On a low level of cosmic consciousness this female energy can be expressed in a very degenerative way.

The archetypical picture according to Rudhyars mandala is: “Two men playing chess”. Chess is a game where men’s natural aggressiveness and the struggle between light and dark is transmuted in a game. Chess has a deep cosmic and esoteric meaning. One of the meanings is to achieve a complete inner self-control.

The lesson to be learnt is to synthesize both powers (female and male) in a harmonic way.

I have the wish the energy of this eclipse will contribute to this in all current societal problems to be solved, resulting in a fair share of worlds wealth equally to all as a basis of a splendid future for mankind.

Another issue concerns the family of Saros series this eclipse is part of. In her book “Predictive astrology – the eagle and the lark” Brady indicates this eclipse as being part of the family of eclipses 14 North. This eclipse family is dominated by a Neptune (higher ideals, fraud) opposing Saturn (authorities, systems) and Venus (matter, money, love relations) on the midpoint of these planets. According to her predictions this type of eclipse is on the eve of a period where unexpected events can occur related a.o. to financial issues, but also remarkable turning points in whatever issue.

This time, at the moment of the eclipse, Neptune and Saturn are in a trine relationship to each other, while Venus is part of a great trine with Jupiter (greater luck and personal growth) and Mars (action) the surprises might be positive ones, provided mankind works on solutions serving the earth and all people on it.

As also Pluto makes part of the great trine, purification is necessary and in those too egocentric cases, the square Pluto makes with Uranus surprises may turn out to be unpleasant.

Finally I would like to draw your attention to another article on this website (see menu articles) about Radical changes during the coming years 2012 to 2015 as result of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto. In 1965/1966 we had the students in their anti-authoritarian and flower power movement at the moment of the conjunction between Uranus and Pluto. In the coming years the tenability of the results from that period will be weighed.

Astrological preview for November 2011

As already was the case during the month October, Pluto will continue the trine with Jupiter, enabling new initiatives to remove structural problems in our financial and other systems. Try to stimulate them, we need them and be prepared to leave dishonest systems, favoring a happy few at the cost of earth and mankind, radically behind. The conjunction between Mercury and Venus during the first half of November is becoming exact on November 2nd, shortly after these planets entered Sagittarius. The challenge of this 1st degree of Sagittarius is to discuss in a sphere where communication will be generally peaceful and full of mutual understanding, but focused on the revelation of the essentials.

The first 10 days of November will probably give fair weather. In general the sphere will be nice and warm. On November 9th we can enjoy the fascinating view of the monthly repeating conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in Taurus, depending on a cloudless sky. This will give whom are sensitive to this a warm earthly atmosphere. This changes on November 11th when the planet Mars enters Virgo. Mars will stay in this sign until the beginning of July 2012, and will be in the biannual retrograde period in this sign. In numerological sense November 11th will also show something remarkable (11-11-11), with many transformative signs. The sphere will appear to become much more critical with an increasing chance for verbal incidents. When the Sun makes a semi square with Pluto the planet of transformation this influence will be even stronger. From that moment we also enter the semi annual eclipse period. On November 25th we have a solar eclipse on 3rd degree of Sagittarius. According to the astrological mandala this degree is the degree of the Sagittarius Grail of philosophy of life. At a low level of cosmic consciousness this can lead to this can degenerate to fierce religious struggles. The message is to learn to stay above this level and to develop a vision of a divine state being the ultimate goal for all kinds of religion and philosophies of life. On November 24th Mercury starts to move retrograde, this time on the 21st degree of Sagittarius, the degree of higher psychic power and wisdom. Let Mercury again be our messenger of the Gods and guide us the way to a true understanding in order to turn the energy of the eclipse in a direction of a true understanding of a harmonic cosmic brotherhood. On November 26th when Venus enters Capricorn the weather will become substantial colder.