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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month June

  • Important energies

  • Corona Borealis

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • The gift

  • Warriors of the light

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Our thoughts, usually know many directions. Sometimes to the future, sometimes to something happening in the past. And in between anything can come in our minds.

In what puzzles us, our mind plays an important role. Depending on what happens there we become active in a certain manner.

Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher talked about ‘desire” as the most important reason for us to become active. At least as long as we are not yet developed consciously.

Desire also hinders us to listen to the inner voice of our soul.

For that we need quietness and silence

Today, when I write this text, it is Ascension Day. The day, symbolizing the connection of our mind with the divine and higher consciousness. Something remarkable happened. I was together with my wife in the garden. She was silent and in deep thoughts and after a while told me a bird had been sitting upon her head. She didn’t recognize it. A message silent and symbolic and nevertheless heard. Something changed, serenity was all around.

We could hear the message in our hearts.

Preview for the month June

The month begins with a friendly and romantic energy

So close before the Full Moon of the 4th this could feel agreeable.

This Full Moon can bring us innovative energies, and can create surprising insights.

It is an anergy inviting us for a deep meditation. Be prepared to use your insights in daily practice.

The degree of “Seed” ideas and the chance for germination and growth will be touched.

On June 5th Venus changes signs and enters Leo. Normally this strengthens our luxury desires, however a strong aspect with Pluto intensifies our thoughts and feelings. We will be forced to evaluate our value systems. Make it a thorough exercise and weight the outcomes against higher values. Do this exercise conscious and intensely, the outcomes will prove to be important in your further live.

It is time to put our efforts into a better world,

On June 9th we can have special insights. Are they dream or reality.

On June 11th Pluto returns to Capricorn and remains there the rest of the year.

It will remind us of the work still remaining about the urgently needed improvement in many of our societal systems at the dawn of the Aquarius Age.

They will unveil some important insights.

On June 15th we better can be somewhat reluctant in our external actions. They might call resistance. On June 17th Saturn turns retrograde, we will get the opportunity to think about our ideals and the borders we would like to put on others.

The new Moon of June 18th cab bring additional indications. It helps you to reorganize your preferences related to your part in societal developments. New insights can guide us the way to the future. We are in urgent need of these.

The energy on June 19th can be somewhat embarrassing. On one hand, dreams promising more than might be real, on the other hand good chances for your personal development of value for your and our societies future.

And then we arrive upon the Summer solstice, the solar maximum of the northern hemisphere at the same time the Winter solstice of the Southern hemisphere.

For both views a sacred moment.

This year the stars indicate a year of transformation, especially for the MET time zone.

It might also be the sign of a transformation to new societal values (individuality and personal talent as a service to collective goals for the community) as a basis for the common fight against and overcome the tempest of the future.

On June 26th from many points of view there can take place unexpected events. Both in individual lives as well as mundane we can notice it. Probably nobody will miss the message.

On June 27th our attention will be more focused on our families and roots.

On June 30th we might feel rather disoriented. We could better abstain from the use of drugs and/or alcohol. This is also important to understand the real value of the chances coming up in our lives.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for the month June

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

3 Venus trine Neptune

4 Full Moon (05.42) at 14th degree Gemini and Sagittarius, Mercury conjunction Uranus

5 Venus enters Leo (15.46), Venus opposition Pluto

9 Mercury sextile Neptune

11 Pluto R enters Capricorn (11.36), Mercury trine Pluto, Mercury enters Gemini (12.26),

Venus square Jupiter

15 Mercury square Saturn

17 Mercury sextile Venus, Saturn retrograde (19.27),

18 New Moon (06.37) at 27th degree Gemini

19 Sun square Neptune, Jupiter sextile Saturn

21 Summer solstice (21.58)

26 Mercury square Neptune, Mars square Uranus

27 Mercury enters Cancer

30 Mercury trine Saturn, Neptune retrograde (23.06)

Corona Borealis

This article by Eleonore Oldenburger is about a beautiful star sign with a high symbolism related to it.

Underneath picture form Wikipedia gives an impression of the way star signs were looked at in ancient days.

The king, the coronation and the Corona Borealis

Millions of people recently have witnessed the coronation of king Charles III on TV.

What a glamor, what a majestic event. And what an impressive splendor was created by the precious diamonds on this heavy and massive golden crown (the weight was over 2 kg). A coronation is a so calledsolificatio’, an unusual meaning related to the identification with the sun (sol) and her vitality bringing power.

A coronation of a monarch represents this for the whole kingdom.

Also, in nature we see crowns from solar power, like a beautiful yellow crown of a flower, or the impressive feather cloth of many birds, and the horns of some animals.

Two thousand years ago, gnostic jewels represented the seven or twelve ray crown of light, for instance from the crown of the Empress (in the Rider Waite tarot).

In the alchemistic meaning the metals and jewels represented several properties of planets and stars.

The crown is (on a psychological level) symbol for the integration of various elements of the self with the solar consciousness.

The crown uplifts those who are humble, like Maria, the servant of the lord, who once crowned by the angels became the royal and compassionate Queen of Heavens.

However, the crown can also be a burden, being more than a halo of glamor.

In Shakespeare’s King Henri IV th (part 2) the king is crying: “Restless and hard is the crowned head” (3.1.33) and repeats prince Hal the grief of his weakened father with “o, brilliant creator of unrest, golden sorrow”.

The crown of thorns is penetrating the forehead of the crucified Christ, mocking with his earthly kingdom, whilst elevating his suffering to a spiritual Majesty.

The Corona Borealis, the breathtaking crown on the head of the mythical Ariadne, symbolizes the inescapable circle of her fate and her love, seduction, abandonment, and death.

Nevertheless, as well children at clothing disguise parties as queens of beauty, winning athletes, and royal heirs, wish themselves a crown. The special rituals and ancient symbolism still have a magic attraction.

Corona Borealis

The crown of the king is in the skies visible in the sign Corona Borealis. This glitters between the signs Hercules and Boötes. It is a small but attention asking sign, easy to be recognized by his shape: 7 stars together forming a kind of ring. In the northern hemisphere we see it at the end of May on the highest point. So, it is visible between end of the spring and in summer.

The alfa star Alphecca is situated in the center as a bright white star.

In ancient Persia the sign was called the broken shell, while the circle is not completely round.

In most cultures, however this sign is seen as a crown, a garland of flowers or ribbon for heads. In Greece women used these ribbons on their wedding, twisted branches with flowers and in the middle a precious closing stone. The ancient Greek called this Ariadne’s crown.

The myth of Ariadne

Ariadne was the daughter of king Minos of Crete. In the labyrinth on this isle, lived the Minotaur, a monster being half man, half bull.

In those days, Athens had to pay taxes to Crete and so every year, 7 boys and girls had to be sent to feed the Minotaur.

In the third year Theseus, a Greek hero and son of the king of Athens joined these boys and girls as volunteer, to try to kill the monster.

When Ariadne saw Theseus, she immediately fell in love and decided to help Theseus.

She gave him a long rope to enable him to find the way back from the labyrinth (the famous action of Ariadne). Theseus succeeded to kill the Minotaur and to escape form the labyrinth.

King Minos was furious, Ariadne fled together with Theseus to Athens.

On their way home they came on the isle Naxos. There Theseus had a dream and the God Dionysus ordered him to hand over Ariadne.

Theseus followed this order and left Naxos without Ariadne.

She was left behind in grief and lonely. Dionysus comforted her and shortly after married her.

At her wedding she received Ariadne’s crown as a gift.

Another version of the myth tells us that Ariadne died from a broken heart and Dionysus placed her crown in the skies as the sign Corona Borealis.

The meaning

A meaning of corona and nowadays also the most used meaning is that of the outer sphere of the Sun.

This layer sends only limited light; therefore, the corona is very difficult to see.

Only at a total eclipse we can see the corona as a beautiful bundle of rays.

A star sign is a group of stars together enabling us to imagine a figure when we connect these stars.

These star signs have a rich history and commonly received names from Greek or Roman mythology.

One of them is Corona Borealis.

The crown represents a gift from the Gods, but also pain, chaos, and loneliness are connected.

The Gods select as an example someone to serve higher goals, but this person has to undergo many difficulties. Ariadne for instance had to assist Theseus to beat the Minotaur, but finally she was left behind by him.

Alphecca, the jewel in the crown

 Alphecca is an Arab word meaning “The bright one at the table”.

Alphecca is also known as Gemma, Latin for precious stone.

This precious stone is the most important one in the ribbon of flowers.

A tiara crown with a sapphire in the middle gives those who wear it the state of “speaking justice” in wisdom and love.

The emperor or King is supposed to act in conformance with integrity rules.

 This places a jewel in the crown of our conscience.

When the sapphire is placed in a crown, this indicates it is worn by a religious adept.

The stone also is a confirmation of the love for value, trust, and love for truth, and the faith the good will overcome.

The women dressed in green, at king Charles coronation, “Penny Mordaunt” opening the celebration procession, appeared to be Lady Justice” herself, with the ritual sword of discernment in her right hand.

The meaning of the star Alphecca

The star Alphecca gives you this present of the Gods, to be used.

It brings you in a position to be remarked, bring good esteem, and helps you to a good societal position.

Often you arrive in this situation by fortune r love, it is not necessary to work hard for it, it is a precious gift.

You have to deal with it carefully, because problems can follow as an opposite of good luck. In fact, things happen serving other objectives.

The best way to deal with is in a female manner, by resonating with what happens and see what fate will bring you, quietly and compassionate.

Meanig of symbols:

Crown – worthiness, crown on your work

Scepter – power, tendency to rule

Throne – royalty, rest, accomplishment

Robe – warmth, reveal, disclosure

Bull heads – virility, new life, sometimes sacrifice

Harness – protection, limited in movement

Globe – loving power, fertile earth

Eleonore Oldenburger


The book of symbols, Taschen

Tarot as a key to insight. Eleonore Oldenburger, Synthese

The stars of your life, Borst, Bergman, Verhagen, van Kersbergen. A3

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Venus already is some time visible as evening star. During the whole month Venus will remain visible as a bright star appearing almost immediately after sunset.

this and also the following month.

On June 16th the Moon is close to Venus.

Mars will be in the Southwest at sunset. On June 22nd Mars will be close to the Moon.

Saturn and Jupiter will be visible from midnight until sunrise (in the south).

On May 5th I got a phone call from Eleonore. She had the idea to write an article about the Corona Borealis and asked me whether I could add some astronomical and astrological information.

Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) has as most important star Alphecca and this is on Scorpio 19th degree, the same degree where the Lunar eclipse of May 5th took place.

Symbol of this degree: the need to create new ways of communication.

The same evening (the 5th of May being national Independence Day in NL), the theme freedom had been recalled in our minds. The essence was, to be able to do what is felt important, serving the community we are part of, without creating problems for other people in our community.

I also was informed about many Mercury retrograde experiences. They had to do with different subjects: deja-vues, many people from a far past suddenly appeared in our lives. I myself had a similar experience with my oldest sister, celebrating a special birthday on a special place.

A reader informed me to have felt the energetic change on April 11 clearly.

Her attention for the garden disappeared suddenly and changed to communication and the need to get more insight. A good example of the transit from Mercury form Taurus to Gemini.

Against the end of May we were surprised by the passing away of a friend. She was already ill during some months. On the announcement there was a drawing of a kingfisher. She had made the drawing herself, colorful and in a beautiful lineage. The text struck me: “The most precious happiness of a bird is to spread his wings and fly away from mankind”.

Picture: Kingfisher (source Wikipedia)

It reminded me to a short movie I saw some days before on TV. It showed a kingfisher being entangled in a net. It was set free by a helpful man.

The Gift

The author of this book, Edith Egger, survived Auschwitz.

She shares some of her traumatic experiences with us and explains how these became a gift for her and her clients.

She holds a mirror and reflects different situations we can come upon in our daily lives, without knowing how we can change these situations and escape out of our own self-created prisons.

By analyzing the situations and learning the lessons presented we can create awareness for our own possible role in all this.

She shows that in almost every live we have to deal with situations causing pain, fear, and stress. She gives us directives how we could deal with these situations and make our own choices.

Thus, events become their function in our lives and our growth to a greater consciousness, taking care hope for the better will always remain present.

The book is divided in 12 chapters with 12 types of incidents, offering us lessons to learn.

Nevertheless, the heavy subject the book is written clearly and reads pleasantly.

Warriors of the light

A warrior of the light concentrates on the small everyday miracles in his life.

He can see the beauty because he carries the beauty within him.

The world is a mirror, it reflects our own acting and presentation.

Although the fighter is confronted with his shortages and limitations, he does his utmost to show his good humor in times of crisis.

Nevertheless, the cosmos will use al possible efforts to help him, although all events seem to prove the contradiction.

Source: Warriors of the light, Paolo Coelho


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