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Monthly newsletter December 2022


Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month December

  • Important energies

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • Esoteric astrology

  • Astrological preview 2023

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


We have arrived at the last monthly letter of 2022. This also turns out to be the 98th in total.

In all these years, we had to deal with forceful energies, resulting in important changes in many of our lives and experiences.

Where I have all these years tried to contribute to, was growing awareness in the world.

At the moment we are born, our consciousness is unlimited and unconditioned.

By incarnating in this life and related to the dependent position where we have to start, we soon have to deal with many limitations. This experience accelerates during our lives. Every single experience and lessons we have to learn are limiting our consciousness. In this manner we lose focus on our life assignments.

These limitations can be related to our biological parents and our genetic inheritance, but also to the family where we grow up, our social environment and many authorities we meet on the path of life and who leave a not erasable impression.

How can a newborn manage to stay connected to the unlimited consciousness and to all potential in the here and now?

This is not easy; at any case it is important to allow a development where gradually our insight may grow. In our era, we are in the middle of the transfer from the Pisces era to the Aquarius era.

Such a transfer is accompanied by a full and unlimited reorientation in the world, both individual and collective. We recently have experienced a number of situations, allowing us to develop insight in what is expected from us in the Aquarius era. And, as is used at every new beginning, our new challenges are key.

Especially our insight on where and what we have to change is important.

We are in the middle of a period where Mars is retrograde. This allows us to have reflection on our activities. Let us use the outcomes the coming month to reflect on the way we contribute ourselves to the transfer to the Age of Aquarius. Later on in 2023 we will have to meet impressive new challenges. I wish you all an inspiring month and holy Xmas.

Preview for the month December

From a collective view the month December gives the impression to be rather calm in energy.

There are no complicated energies, most of the actual energetic challenges are related to the planets Venus, Mercury, and Neptune.

Planets fitting well in the atmosphere we would like to create in the holy period around Christmas.

Their energies are about love, affection, material values, communication, life ideals, mysticism, and belief.

At the beginning of the month, we can become somewhat disoriented and even get lost physically. We also can be disappointed in our expectations. From December 6th this will change, the world around us will become more factual.

On December 8th we have a Full Moon, on the same moment Sun is opposing Mars in Gemini.

This indicates a period of reorientation on the Mars energy. It is a good period to better understand your way of action-directedness. The moment when Sun and Mars are opposing and the house in the personal horoscope where Mars is at that moment, give an indication for the attention of the area of life where we should pay attention to.

About December 9th, we can expect a fortunate financial opportunity.

About December 17th, we could have special insights, sometimes so special that we could hardly believe them. Be patient, in a time asking for other and insightful solutions, it is important to be serious about it.

On December 20th Jupiter leaves Pisces for the next 12 years and makes a transfer to Aries. We can expect many initiatives related to development and growth. It is important to verify whether they have a sound basis for a durable future.

This months New Moon is on the 24th of December and on the second degree of Capricorn.

According to the astrological mandala the symbol of this degree is: ”Three rose-windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war”.

It warns humanity against the result of war as a kind of psychological group-integration, and the result to be expected: “destruction and death”.

Picture: Rosette window (Bijloke Abbey, Gent Belgium)

This abbey was founded in the 13th century as a hospital and monastery.

We see in the round window in a number of different ways a depiction of the holy trinity.

Taking a thorough look at this picture I was reminded to the 3 of Pentacles (Rider Waite tarot).

On this card we see the entrance of a Gotic church with on top of the pillar the 3 of pentacles.

It symbolizes the beneficial results of cooperation from different participating structures (workers, architects, clerical representatives) in the community.

On December 30th we will enter a new period when Mercury retrogrades.

It influences our way of thinking and as a result we are reflecting more internally and will communicate less.

This can lead to all kinds of communication problems and unthoughtful action.

So, it should be wise to be reluctant with fireworks during Sylvester night.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Tarot as a key to insight, Eleonore Oldenburger

Important energies for December

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

1 Venus opposition Mars

2 Mercury square Neptune, Venus sextile Saturn

4 Neptune direct (01.14), Venus square Neptune

6 Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury enters Capricorn (23.08)

8 Full Moon (05.08), Sun opposition Mars R

9 Venus square Jupiter

10 Venus enters Capricorn (04.54)

12 Sun sextile Saturn

14 Sun square Neptune

17 Mercury trine Uranus

20 Jupiter enters Aries (15.12)

21 Sun enters Capricorn (22.48)

22 Sun square Jupiter, Venus trine Uranus,

24 New Moon (11.17) on Capricorn 2nd degree

25 Mercury sextile Neptune

28 Venus sextile Neptune

29 Mercury Retrograde at 10.31 on Capricorn 25th degree. Mercury conjunction Venus

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Mars is rising this month about an hour after sunset in the south-east.

On November 25th, when I went for a walk with the dog after sunset, the sky was clear. Immediately my eye found Jupiter in the south, high in the sky. At the same time, I discovered the copper shining star in the southeast, this was Mars, very clear at the moment.

Saturnus and Jupiter appear at the beginning of the evening in the south. About midnight they disappear again.

In the evening of December 1st, and also later this month on December 29th, the Moon will be close to Jupiter, and on December 8th the (at that moment Full) Moon will be close to Mars and on the day after Christmas the Moon is close to Saturn.

Following a 4-day course in esoteric astrology there was a remarkable coincidence with aspects of the planet Venus.

On every single day we had another one and as follows:

  1. Venus conjunction Sun (= Venus Hesperus)
  2. Venus conjunction Southern Lunar Node
  3. Venus enters Sagittarius
  4. Venus opposition Mars (Full Moon stage)

At the first meeting Venus just past the conjunction with the Sun, indicating Venus had become an evening star. Rudhyar calls this Venus Hesperus. This position leads to a more cultivated emotional life. In esoteric astrology Venus also is considered a planet of the 5th ray and this is about concrete knowledge and wisdom. This fits to the meaning of this course.

At the first meeting we were informed about ancient knowledge and wisdom (Helena Blavatsky).

During the second day we paid attention to the basic insights behind, and we try to get new insight in the possible application of this knowledge.

In the last meeting we will have finished the assignment through our will and perseverance and have the ability to apply this new knowledge in practice.

Beautiful to see how the symbolic of these Venus aspects coincides with the things happening in real life.

Esoteric Astrology

Recently, I got the opportunity to attend a 4day workshop about esoteric astrology by Beatrice Boucher. I already mentioned this in earlier editions of this letter.

At the moment I have followed days 1 to 3. In this article a short overview of essence and background.

Esoteric Astrology is based on ancient wisdom and the insights and work of Helena Blavatsky (see Secret Doctrine) and Alice Baily.

This Ancient wisdom comprehends the existence of a borderless and unchangeable origin forming the basis of everything.

Our cosmic order is hierarchic, and this order is present in every human being.

In his book psychosynthesis Assagioli (1888-1974) describes in “the egg” the relation between all parts of the conscious and the unconscious.

Psychosynthesis is accepted as a sound basis for the development of humanistic and transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.

Picture: the “egg” diagram (Roberto Assagioli)

It is also important to understand the relation with the layered structure in the human body: physical body – etheric body – astral body – mental body – resulting body.

It is good to know there is an etheric body wrapped around every body (as e.g. the earth, moon, animals, etc.).

The basic ideas are derived from the 7 cosmic rays, being sent from Ursa Major to our Sun and accompanying planets. These rays are:

The first ray of Will and Power

The second ray of Love-Wisdom

The third ray of Adaptability or active Intelligence

The fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict

The Fifth ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science

The sixth ray of Devotion or Abstract Idealism

The seventh ray of Ceremonial Magic or Order

Our solar system has a 2nd ray influence.

An individual, group of people, a nation can be under the influence of the own specific ray. In general, there is one ray dominant. We have several methods to research the dominant ray.

It is also true that the soul and the personality are mostly not at the same ray level.

This puts a focus in this incarnation on this relation and the connection should be made by building a bridge (Anthakarana) or rainbow-bridge.

Picture: Anthakarana (from Soul centered astrology, Alan Oken)

The 7 rays play an important role in esoteric psychology. Having insight in the meaning of it, can help us to improve our self-knowledge.

Esoteric astrology is based on the principle of incarnation of the soul. A soul knows many incarnations and has an assignment to develop to a higher level.

Most of the incarnated souls are on the first level and need many incarnations to arrive at a following stage. The transfer between levels is in many cases connected with crises and radical incidents. The interaction between soul and physical level take place with the use of the Anthakarana (rainbow-bridge). This bridge should be developed during many incarnations.

Esoteric astrology is specially related to understanding the assignment of the soul. It is a method to work consciously on the connection between soul and personality.

Esoteric astrology is primarily based on the position od Sun, Earth, Moon, Vulcanus and Ascendant. It is also important to recognize and understand the energy of the dominant ray.

Esoteric astrology doesn’t use aspects, resonance (connection between energies in the same ray) is important.

Apart from the regular ruler’s esoteric astrology makes use of different rulers. Every sign has two rulers.

There is an order in rulers (hierarchic – esoteric – exoteric).

Amongst others Alan Oken gives more insight in his book “Soul centered astrology”.

An esoteric and an exoteric explanation of a birth chart can be used in connection, provided the related person has passed a first threshold of crises.


Website IC Aquarius (Beatrice Boucher)

The secret doctrine, Helena Blavatsky

Esoteric psychology, Alice Baily

Psychosyntheses, Roberto Assagioli

A theory of everything, Ken Wilber

Preview 2023

In 2023 we will be confronted with a number of important changes in energy.

They will take place in the month of March.

On March 7th, Saturn will make a transfer from Aquarius to Pisces and on March 23rd we will see a more important change, when Pluto makes a first (temporarily) transfer from Capricorn to Aquarius.

When Saturn transfer to Pisces it is possible that the sharp sides in the dialogue about freedom and limitation of freedom by government. At the same time the need to stay attentive in relation to possible virus infections may need less attention.

Something else that will be possibly changing is our freedom to bet and the use of addictive stuff. It also will become more and more clear our healthcare system is passing its boundaries; also, there we will see reducing measurements. Saturn will remain in Pisces until February 14th, 2026.

The transfer of Pluto to Aquarius will primarily be only for a couple of months (up to June 11th, 2023). After that Pluto will return for a while in Capricorn.

We could assume, the cosmic order gives us some respite to become prepared to the upcoming changes and prepare us on a long-lasting period with Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto will also try to inform us about the changes needed.

Pluto is called the purificator and that is the first essence of this planet.

We can expect all societal systems that have become obsolete will be replaced or renewed.

With respect to this we should think of systems supporting inequality, or systems in disharmony with the environment or systems existing in the favor of some individuals and not in the interest of community.

We will get the time to understand the essence of Pluto in Aquarius until September 2nd, 2024, when Pluto enters Aquarius until January 19th, 2044.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798. We know it from history books as a period where many power structures were erased and replaced by others.

The symbolic was represented in the slogan: “Liberté, Egalite, fraternité”.

It was the time of the French Revolution, the independency of the USA, the Enlighted despotism, but also for other movements as the Romanticism, the “Trias Politica” by Montesqieu.

During the last years we have got offered many lessons. The subjects concerned were related to important issues in the world. Great signatures are always related to scarce energies, but have impact as they have influence for many months or years.

Such an energy is for instance about the square between Uranus and Pluto (at the time of the financial crisis), or about Uranus square Saturn, together with Neptune in Pisces (virus and other infections limiting our freedom, and a fight between individual freedom and societal order.

At the moment we are at the dawn of Uranus square Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn.

Pluto is on the last degrees of Capricorn; this means transformation of societal systems.

We indeed see systems that are obsolete and need to be replaced. But don’t feel uneasy about it, there will be more mature systems to replace them.

Unfortunately, mankind has to learn to change, they refuse to act voluntarily and have the tendency to stay connected to the ancient order.

Our universe gives many indications, however when we do not understand them and follow these indications, the signs we receive will become more and more clear.

At the moment our signaling planet Uranus is in Taurus. Taurus is about all nature we are living in, but also for value systems. If we take a better look, we will understand these systems all need a thorough revaluation.

There is also the quantum issue. Our growing consciousness that everything isn’t as it appears to be and that we gradually will learn how it really fits.

Real in the sense all potential is already available, we only should learn to understand and discover. By becoming more conscious, we are a kind with many incarnations. This adventure is one out of an endless assignment of the soul. Esoteric astrology helps us to understand.


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Jan Weber

To have peace in the world

You should find it in your own heart

Lao Tse

Monthly newsletter August 2022


Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month August

  • Important energies

  • Lobster or crab, both come from the water

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold (6)

  • Astrology and astronomy in daily practice

  • Astrology AD 1910

  • Coincidence in our solar system

  • The journey of the soul (book review)

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Our existence is insecure from many of our points of view.

It is difficult for us to deal with this, and we try to control every possible thing in our lives.

As such, this is a natural behavior, provided we do understand that we are part of something greater and unknowable. This is the real source and need for our understanding and becoming aware.

When we are born, we have chosen a mission for this life. It is laid down in the energetic blueprint, presented by our birth chart.

However, the circumstances we select, our body, our social environment, are of importance.

They offer us a part of the challenges we will meet on our path through life.

To be aware of the mission in our lives, and to live it conscious and aware, even where the external guide, guiding us the way, is not available, can help us to come to fulfillment.

The understanding there is not a simple recipe or solution for every simple problem can also be helpful. This will enable us to find the answers we look for, in ourselves.

Also, here the adagio: “Look and thou shall find”, can be helpful.

Underneath painting from Janneke Hillenaar: “Window to the future” gives a special impression of this.

I wish you all a month with important contributions in becoming more aware of the objectives and mission in your life.

Who knows, we will meet somewhere on our path.

Preview for the month August

The energy at the beginning of August is positive and helpful. We can become assistance in new endeavors from unexpected side.

About August 4th our thinking and communication becomes more precise. We also can become more helpful.

About August 7th, we can have the encounter of our dreams, at the same time we can feel somewhat inhibited.

About August 9th, the encounter of our dreams can turn out not to meet our high expectations.

About August 11th we are more creative and innovative.

It is a good energy for the implementation of ideals.

The Full Moon on August 12th is on Aquarius 20th degree. This can give emotional experiences with friends.

About August 14th we may feel worked against and not understood.

In most cases these are messages, reflecting our own actions. Try to understand them and to learn your lessons. The better you understand them, the easier it will be to achieve the objections you have planned.

Also add enough awareness to your actions, it will be helpful to get support.

About August 16th we are creative and inventive. We can harvest valuable insights.

About August 18th everything flows, all your actions might be carried out without any problem.

When on August 20th Mars enters Gemini, our discussions may become fiercer.

Be careful in your communications, you might not be fully understood. Sometimes you also may express yourself in a way your intentions are not recognized.

Try to be pure in your communication and take the time to check whether your intentions are really understood.

On August 23rd the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. We become less royal, our tendency to take things for granted disappears. We become more helpful and directed to our fellow-people.

On August 24th we can have special thoughts. Sometimes you even can doubt on what you have thought of.

From August 26th and on, we are more directed to the partner.

The New Moon on August 27th is on Virgo 5th degree.

According to the astrological mandala this degree is symbolized by:

A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritually agencies”.

This symbolizes the opening of new levels of consciousness.

It is supposed to be the degree of Imagination.

This New Moon also brings difficult energies, possibly leading to irritations.

It will be good to let them flow off in a meditation.

Against the end of the month, our relations can cool down somewhat. We also could find out we have been acting too exaggerative in our expenses.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for August

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

1 Sun trine Jupiter, Mars conjunction Northern Lunar Node

2 Mars conjunction Uranus, Venus sextile Uranus

3 Venus sextile Mars

4 Mercury enters Virgo (08.58)

7 Venus trine Neptune, Mars square Saturn

9 Venus opposition Pluto

11 Sun square Uranus, Venus enters Leo (20.30), Mars sextile Neptune

12 Full Moon (03.36) on Aquarius 19.21

14 Sun opposition Saturn, Mars trine Pluto

16 Mercury trine Uranus

18 Venus trine Jupiter

20 Mars enters Gemini (09.56)

21 Mercury opposition Neptune

22 Mercury trine Pluto

23 Sun enters Virgo (05.16)

24 Uranus turns retrograde (15.54)

26 Mercury enters Libra (03.03)

27 Venus square Uranus, Sun square Mars, New Moon (10.17) at 04.04 Virgo

28 Venus opposition Saturn

Lobster or Crab, both come from the water

On July 21st the Sun was in Cancer and the Moon in Pisces, a day with plenty of water.

According to the Moon-agenda, we should pay special attention to our feet.

As far as concerns Sun in Cancer, what is supposed to be the difference between the lobster as picture on the card of Barbara Walker (the Moon) and the crab pictured on the card “the Moon” of the Rider Waite tarot?

Symbolically there is no big difference; Crab or Lobster it is both from the water and related to emotions. On the card of Barbara Walker, we see the Full Moon in the evening sky and a green colored lobster rises from the depth of the water. The Moon washes and wains, in a cycle of dark to new, to full and back again to start a new cycle.

However, on the card of Rider-Waite we see a crab leaving the water. The animal where Waite talks about it symbolizes our fears in the depth of the soul, deeper than the animal.

Waite about this in his book: ‘The Pictorial Key to the Tarot’ p. 140: “that which comes up out of the deeps the nameless and hideous tendency which is lower than the savage beast”.

Also, the crab comes near and withdraws, in relation to the tides of the Moon, and depending on the type it shuffles backwards, sideward or forward.

Moon and crab are related to the mother, the night, the water, and the feeling and with the ever changing and inconstant mood.


In Greek mythology, the origin of this star sign is explained by the second work of Heracles, where Heracles fought against the Hydra, the water snake with many heads.

The Hydra was consecrated to Hera, the wife of Zeus. The lobster took a bite in Heracles heel and made his attack more difficult.

During the fight Hera sent a giant crab to help the Hydra. However, Heracles stood on it and destroyed it. Hera put the crab in the skies as the star sign Cancer, as it has given his life to help the Hydra.

The myth also tells us about giant lobsters causing ships to sink.

They represent the catastrophic character and deep regression pulling us downwards or backwards in our deepest feelings.

However, regression is not only negative. The dark Moon proclaims a new phase, the dark of the unconscious brings the psychological rebirth in the womb of the sea mother.

The protecting harness of the crab can be a metaphor, for defensive reactions to protect deeper emotional insecurity and vulnerability.

Starsign Cancer

In western astrology the lobster is the symbol for the fourth sigh of the ecliptic, Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Cancer time begins with the summer solstice when the Sun is on the moth northly point and starts her journey back to the south, indicating the shortening of the days.

At one side this is the defeat of the Sun hero and the lobster like power, pulling on the life has gained a maximum. At the other side it is the balance of crab between progression and regression and the solution of Sun’s activity in the increasing darkness.

In astrology, Cancer corresponds to the fourth house, the home. Here the lobster, crab or cancer sign represents the attunement with natural rhythms and cycles we are at home.

It recalls the instinct of refugee and recovery, how we return every day to our homes.

The star sign Cancer relates to our need to be apart and to share our most intimate memories as well. It also recalls protective reactions against unwelcome penetrations in our most hidden feelings. In the hard armor of the lobster lies its defense mechanism.

Figural it is about the power to overcome difficult situations.

Cancer is related to birth and give live, the mothership, and a deep believe in life itself.


The brightest star of this sign is the fixed star Acubens, a white and red double star, position in the left “leg” of the animal. This name comes from the Arab word Az Zubana, meaning claw or scissors.

A lobster uses its scissors to collect food. Some types use them also to carry eggs in.

It will also use the scissors to defend itself, however, it will never use them to attack, unless his eggs or children are in danger.


The theme Acubens represents, is related to all processes around the giving and protection of life, as for instance motherhood and for instance the end of live and palliative processes.

They could be important issues especially when your Sun or MC is on this degree.

Also, the passing away process from life could be an important task.

Acubens gives you a lot of respect and a deep belief in the power of life, both on a spiritual and material level. It is a possibility in your life to take care for other people and you also can give a lot for all your loved ones.

A strong will to survive and a feeling of optimism allow you to overcome possible problems.

Your belief in life itself is your most important source to empowerment.

Actually, Acubens is on Leo 14th degree (13 gr. 57 min.).

By: Eleonore Oldenburger


  • What stars tell you; Willem Beekman and Bart Brandsma. (Kosmos Z&K-Utrecht)

  • From Achilleus to Zeus; Eric Moormann & Wilfried Uiterhoeve. (Sun-Nijmegen)

  • The stars of your life; Adrie Byen & Ria Borst. (A3)

  • The Tarot as a key to insight parts III and IV: Eleonore Oldenburger. (Ankh Hermes)

Light on the path & through the gates of gold (6)

This booklet of author Mabel Collins had been published in the first issue in 1887.

When the lessons from the former articles have been understood, a clear inner voice will direct itself to you and say:

You have been harvesting, now it is time to saw

While you know this voice comes from the deepest silence itself you will listen.

Now you are a student, able to stand upright, able to hear, to see, to speak, having overcome desire, having seen your soul blossoming, has recognized this and have heard the sounds of silence, go to the Hall of Lessons and read:

Lesson 1: Abstain from the coming fight and although you fight do not be the warrior

Lesson 2: Look for the warrior and allow him to fight in you

Lesson 3: Receive his orders to fight and obey them

Lesson 4: Do not obey as if he were a general, but as if he were yourself, and his spoken words the expression of your inner secret desires: as he is in yourself but endlessly wiser and stronger.

It is an expression of the struggles in all lives. A struggle where in silence and the middle of all there is the fight takes place against the self and the ego.

It also is the fight to be learned from the rules of life of Panjali, an old Master of Yoga and written down in the Yama (moral refusal: violence less – truth loving – do not steal – refrain – desire less)

and Niyama (laws: pureness – confidence – tolerance – study of the self – total surrender)


Light on the path, Mabel Collins

Yama and Niyama, Ajata Stam

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

During the month of August and also the coming months, Venus will not be visible, the planet is too close to our Sun, these months.

This month the planet Mars will be visible at sunrise in the South.

Jupiter and Saturn are rising in the Southeast at sunset.

On August 12th the Full Moon is close to Saturn, on August 15 and 16 the Moon is close to Jupiter and on August 20 the Moon is close to Mars.

About the end of June Neptune was station before going retrograde. Many times the moment where the energy of Neptune can be felt strongest. I have felt it being somewhat dizzy and having many dreams and sudden messages. I also received from other people messages of encounters with animals. I had an experience with a merle who passed me and entered the house, having a look inside. After a while she came out again and flew to a tree. Others reported swallows, harmalines, doves and crows. All symbols of signification in related lives.

From one of the readers of this newsletter I received a booklet about coincidence in our solar system. It was sent to me at a moment she had not yet received the newsletter of July and Neptune had turned retrograde. It gives information fitting very well to the preface in the July newsletter.

Cosmic knowledge is one of the deeper significations of Neptune. Very special!

A couple of days later and after a meditative walk I got handed over a set of ancient astrology books with the message: “possibly something for you”. Indeed, this was the case, a special set of books I will gratefully use to get knowledge from in this newsletter, as for instance the next article.

Astrology AD 1910

This booklet with the title “Astrology for everybody” written by the (by this time) well known astrologer Alan Leo was edited in 1910.

In the introduction I found the following text of the journalist M. de Blowitz (from his Memoires).

I believe in the never-ending interference of a highest power, not only guiding us in general, but also in our actions. When I see, nothing in nature has been left to a chance, that irresistible laws govern every motion, that the tiniest spark, appearing in the heavens and disappearing again in an exact rhythm, I cannot suppose that whatever is related to mankind happens by accident”.

In his preface Alan Leo writes:

For the astrology is without doubt one of the most challenging studies helping us to understand. It is not only illuminating the ratio, but it also gives solutions for many societal and other questions mankind has to deal with”.

Nothing new under the sun at first sight and when we for instance relate this to the discoveries in the following article “Coincidence in the solar system”, we have a view on the developments we are gone through.

The basic thought however remains intact.

Apparently (and thanks to the availability of telescopes and IT) we have added a lot of new knowledge.

I will, because on August 1st midnight Sun is in Leo and Moon is in Virgo, add some texts from this booklet of application of astrology in 1910 related to this as an example of the further development in astrology.

I will translate the Dutch text:

The sign of Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac, a fixed sign and royal.

All people born with the Sun in this sign are powerful, leading, self-controlled, determined, noble, ambitious, and trustful. When developed morally, they show an attractive and sympathic character.

They are special in their skills for compassion, and to be in harmony. However, when not developed morally, they are passionately and always in a hurry being too sensitive for the own emotions.

Sun in Leo and Moon in Virgo.

This is a good combination and clarifies the practical side of the Leo character. It gives the skills to be selective and to analyze and to adapt to any environment.

The person concerned is self-confident, however in some cases a broader scope and a better understanding would be necessary. For those who are not developed morally it will give a tendency to deceitfulness.

It promises success in trade.

Two days, after I had written this text there was a special event in my life.

We got a message of the passing away of somebody in the family. From the mourning chart and the date of birth on it, I could find out this person was born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Virgo.

Coincidence in the solar system

Already for many centuries, mankind is occupied in trying to understand the dynamics in our solar system. We already have understood many insights, however we still are looking for more.

Recently, I received a very interesting booklet as a present and was struck deeply by the special contents.

The booklet was about the order in our solar system and how they are presented to us on earth.

Figure: the journey of our Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars through the universe.

In the figure above the journey of the kernel of our solar system through the universe has been depicted. The movement of the whole is like a corkscrew. Keep also in mind that our Sun (with all planets in our solar system) orbits around the fixed star Sirius and all planets have an own orbit around the sun and turn around their own axis.

Another example is about the orbits of Mercury and Venus.

In the upper part of the figure underneath we see a picture of their orbit around our Sun, Mercury inside and Venus outside.

When we draw the orbit of Mercury in her average distance to the Sun as a circle, and we add 3 other circles with the same radius around the center, taking care these circles touch each other, then it comes out that the orbit of Venus exactly fits the outside of these 3 circles and also touch them.

See the result in the lower part of the following figure.

Figure: the coincidence in the orbits of Mercury and Venus

In a similar way relationships between other planets in our solar system can be depicted.

I will give other examples in the next edition of this newsletter.


John Martineau: A little book of Coincidence (Wooden books):

Wisdom of souls (book review)

This book from author Michael Newton gives insight in the world of souls.

It is based on experiences with clients under hypnosis in case studies.

From this all a consistent picture is presented from the world of the souls, the area giving a view on the existence between different lives.

It gives insight in the structure and events taking place in the world of the souls and how they are presented to us in daily lives.

We also get an insight in the why and when of the selection of upcoming incarnations.

I, myself, had in the past some experiences in this area (I almost was drowned at the age of 4, and also had the experience under hypnosis of a session going back to earlies lives).

I was pleased to recognize these experiences in what Newton has written down in this book.

We also have contacts, during our lives, with guides, entities from the world of the souls, being permanently available in our lives to assist us, in many cases without even becoming aware of it.

At het end of the book the author refers to a message he once received from a Buddhist monk in Thailand.

Life is presented to us as a means of self-expression and only brings us when we have learned to listen to the heart. The highest expressions of this are acts of friendliness. Our soul maybe travelling, far from home, but we are not tourists. We bear responsibility for the evolution to a higher level of awareness from ourselves and people around us. As such our journey is a collective journey”.

An intriguing book and advisable to read for all who like to have more insight in why we are here and the modus operandi in the world of souls.


Michael Newton Wisdom of souls


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