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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • An allegory

  • Preview month February

  • Important energies

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • Gabriel, messenger of the light

  • The flood storm of February 1st, 1953

  • Light and consciousness

  • Neptune in Pisces

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse

An allegory

This story is from the book “Occult tales” with contributions from Helena Blavatsky and WQ Judge.

It struck me, possibly our readers will also appreciate it.

When he was walking in the garden of his heart the disciple unexpectedly met his Master and was filled with gladness, for he had finished a task and hurried to put this at the Master’s feet.

Look Master”, he said, this task is finished, allow me to teach other lessons.

The Master looked sorrowful but coolant, as one looks at a child that still is unable to fully understand.

We have many people teaching intellectual ideas about truth” the Master answered. “Do you really expect to serve by sharing them”.

The disciple stood astonished. “Shouldn’t we shout the truth from the rooftops of our houses, until all the world has heard the message? he asked.

And then …?”

Then the whole world will accept the truth”.

No”, answered the Master, “the truth isn’t something from the mind, but from the heart. Look!”.

The disciple looked and saw the truth as a bright white light spreading around the world.

Nothing of the light however reached the green living vegetation, needing the rays so urgently, as a thick foggy layer of clouds was in between.

These clouds are the intellect of mankind”, the Master said, “Please look again”.

The disciple looked intensively and saw some vague openings in the layer, where the light made effort to penetrate through it.

Each opening was related to a small vortex of vibrations having an origin in the heart of a man.

Only by adding more vortexes and by making them stronger the light might be able to reach the earth some time”, the Master said.

You have to work at it secretly and also without expecting to be rewarded.

Both are needed, both is our task”. But there are so little vortexes! Are you strong enough to abstain from being honored and make yourself a heart center of pure and unpersonal power of love?

Source: Occult tales by HP Blavatsky and WQ Judge (Theosophical University Press Agency)

Preview for the month January

The month begins with innovative energies. Some of them we have waited for already too long and will pop-up unexpectedly.

A deep meditation at Full Moon on February 5th might deepen your insights. The mandala refers to natural circumstances. Possibly, you may find your inspiration there.

Also, the following days may feed your inspiration. Ultimately your insight may be confirmed about where and how to act in your own process of purification.

On February 15th we collectively might arrive upon a rosa cloud.

As a result, from inspiration from the heart and intense perception to go through as a result of pro-forma love a foretoken for disillusion.

The day behind will show us the real values in our lives. Experience it with an open eye, it might be helpful and guiding.

About February 18th energies are friendly and filled with love. The Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. It can bring us surprising insights on matters of religion and of philosophy.

The New Moon on February 20th on Pisces 2nd degree may appear a dissonant energy amidst the further love filled energy of the month.

This degree is symbolized according to the astrological mandala by “a squirrel hiding from hunters”.

It symbolizes the need to protect oneself and be careful in stirring times.

Finally, the month ends with an energy allowing sharp visions and to carry them out.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Wikipedia, picture of squirrel

Important energies for February

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

4 Sun square Uranus

5 Venus square Mars, Full Moon at 16.41 Aquarius and Leo (19.28)

6 Mercury sextile Neptune

8 Venus sextile Uranus

10 Mercury conjunction Pluto

11 Mercury enters Aquarius (12.22)

15 Venus conjunction Neptune

16 Sun conjunction Saturn

18 Mercury sextile Jupiter, Sun enters Pisces (23.34)

19 Neptune sextile Pluto

20 New Moon at 2nd degree Pisces (08.06), Venus enters Aries (08.55)

21 Mercury square Uranus

22 Mercury trine Mars,

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

This month the planet Mars will rise in the southern sky at sunset.

Venus has turned visible again as Evening Star. We possibly could see Venus after sunset in the Southwest.

Saturnus and Jupiter appear at the beginning of the evening in the southwest. A couple of hours later they set again.

In the evening of February 23rd, the Moon will be close to Jupiter, and on February 28th the Moon will be close to Mars.

On December 29th I saw the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon. Underneath picture shows it.

Between December 30th and January 12th both Mars and Mercury were retrograde.

It was supposed to be a period with good vibes for a retreat. I used the opportunity for a short holiday.

Ans of course we have seen some disturbances in communication and equipment, as e.g., a light in the bathroom going out of order. We had been warned before, so we only had to overcome some temporary difficulties.

I have been busy in this period with reading books and gathering new knowledge about esoteric astrology.

On January 13th the energy changed completely. A lot of what had been announced in the period with Mars retrograde, opened up. Great to become aware that our universe is always helpful and gives you new information and inspiration.

Gabriël, Messenger of the light

Eleonore had the intention to contribute to every newsletter. The last months she didn’t manage on behalf of several medical treatments in hospital. I had agreed with her to place an older article if her contribution couldn’t be prepared because of this.

This time therefore I had chosen the article about Gabriel.

When I made contact to propose this, I received the following reaction.

Special Jan, and very suitable to use this article. From a beloved friend I received a postal card with a picture of Gabriel. To my pleasure I have “seen” Gabriel several times.

At the moment I am (as a therapy) painting an icon of Gabriel, an inspiring exercise helping me to improve the contact with the Angel.

Gabriel also means “God will heal”. Nice to see how Neptune in Pisces also works.

Original text

Recently I went through the accompanying book of the “Angel Oracle” by Ambika Wauters and was struck by the picture of the Archangel Gabriel. Wasn’t he the angel of the joyful message to Maria?

The picture is about a more or less sexless figure with a lily in his hand.

From the Middle Ages the lily is an attribute of the Archangel. As a symbol of purity, the flower is associated with the Moon, falling under the governance of Gabriel.

Gabriel, the Archangel is a messenger of God at all important events being somehow related to birth or release.

His name means “man of God” or “God shows his power”.

He is one of the 7 angels in celestial hierarchy.

This hierarchy is also known in other religions as e.g., the Islam.

Gabriel gave the massage about the contents of the Koran to Mohammed. (Soera 26:192.194.)

The name “Holy Spirit” is considered by the Islam as a second name of the Archangel Gabriel.

It was the same angel announcing at Maria the birth of Jesus Christ and giving her “spirit” with Gods consent.

Angels are “in”. We nowadays know many sets of Angel cards, most of them are by Doreen Virtue.

When you really are looking for answers on important life questions, the Angel informs you about the direction you have to go. So, everything life has to offer you will be made clear with the Angel Ouija board. Also nice to use them at family meetings or at special events with spiritual friends.

Back to Gabriel in his function as a messenger of God. To Daniel he explained a vision, to Zachary and Elisabeth he proclaimed the birth of a sun and mentioned his name (Luke 1: 8-20).

On Medieval pictures the golden color of his dress illustrates why he is called Gods messenger of the Light. All religions know Gabriel as the mightiest messenger of the Source. He is able to help us to utter the truth open and honest, respect and honor our individuality and listen to our intuition and inner voice. Gabriel is also considered to be the protector of children, protecting the Inner child in each of us.

This original pure and celestial child has a special relationship to God or the Source.

By certain as a trauma experiences events this child can become wounded or feeling abandoned in its growth to maturity. As a Guardian Angel Gabriel helps us to defend against negative powers.

For these situation Doreen Virtue’s Angel therapy might be helpful. To a certain degree it can be considered as a non-confessional and spiritual healing method, including the working with Arch Angels and helping us to find harmony in every aspect of our lives.

When we open-up for the messages of the angels our lives will become more peaceful.

Regarding the children, they can also participate in the Angel-hype. Diana Cooper designed beautiful cards with pictures of Angels being an inspiration for both parents and children.

Angels are often known in the life of a child. Their lively fantasy isn’t disturbed yet by the many influences from the intellectual world of the adult.

The cards could stimulate the tendency in young children to have contact with their angels.

Possibly both parents and children could experience these creatures filled with love could become friends for the whole life.

Eleonore Oldenburger


Ambika Wauters The oracle of Angels

The flood storm in the Netherlands of February 1st, 1953

In these days, in the Netherlands we rethink to the disaster that took place 70 years ago, the southwestern coast of the Netherlands was struck by a flood storm.

This disaster took almost 2000 lives.

I experienced it myself; I lived in the area on a houseboat, on the edge of the flooded land.

I still remember the warning by the broadcasting news the night before. It was very terrifying. When I woke up the next day, the water was everywhere and streams of trudging people passed our boat, waking away from danger, nobody knew where to go.

Beneath a map of the part on the Netherlands that had been struck.

This movie always stayed with me and now shortly before the commemoration I started looking for astrological indications. And indeed, they were there.

Firstly, there was an eclipse period. We had a lunar eclipse on January 29th followed by a solar eclipse on February 14th, 1953.

As soon as Sun and Moon and Earth are in line with each other it brings additional energy.

This energy takes care the floods are much higher than usually. Moreover, we had to deal with a storm with hurricane power from the Northwest.

The solar eclipse took place in the 8th house of the NL birth chart (the house of transformation).

When, on February 1st the dikes broke, the Sun had just entered the 8th house of the Netherlands. In addition, we had difficult aspects from Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto to the AC (sign rising) and MC (Midheaven a.o. destination) of NL.

This eclipse was one out of the eclipse family Saros 9 New-North, known for her quality to make victims.

Some people in NL had been warning about the bad condition of our dikes already for many years. A very concerned engineer of Public Water Affairs (Johan van Veen) had uttered many warnings. Peculiar is that he also did this using a nickname Cassandra. He had developed a complete plan to protect NL against floods, but nobody had taken the initiative. However, shortly after the disaster the plan was taken into execution.

Picture: Cassandra (Wikipedia)

In mythology Cassandra is known as the Goddess embarrassing man. For her promise to sleep with him, she had received from Apollo the gift to predict the future.

When she refused to realize this promise, Apollo, not able to withdraw the gift, cursed her and told that nobody would believe her. So, nobody was prepared to listen to her predictions. As an example of her power, she foresaid the Trojan horse and advises not to let the horse enter Troye, but nobody believed her.


In 1953 the disaster took place in the South-Western part of NL. Another vulnerable part of the country had already been protected by a big dike closing a dangerous entrance of the sea (the Southern Sea) in 1928. Immediately after the disaster our “Delta works” have been started. The first project (to protect the heart of NL between Rotterdam and Amsterdam) was the creation of a moveable construction in the “Ijssel River”. In these days II lived very close to it, as my father participated in these works.

NL has changed in outlook (AC) especially Zealand and in knowledge position (MC) in the world.

The first solutions were rather rigid, assuming circumstances would never change, and safety had been guaranteed for centuries.

Nowadays we know better (at least part of us), and in our future plans for protection we try to cooperate with natural ways of defense.

However, to solve this a greater awareness is needed about our dependency of our own behavior in relation to the changes taking place. With Pluto entering Aquarius we may expect some further growing insight


The eagle and the lark: Bernadette Brady

Wikipedia: Apollo and Cassandra

Light and consciousness

In the preceding newsletter I shared some new insights about the subject Esoteric Astrology, also named “Soul-centered astrology”.

We humans are creatures of light, bot everybody seems to be aware of this. We never stop creating our own personal reality. How we create and why is a complicated matter.

Once, Krishnamurti wrote a booklet about it: “the light inside”. His special manner to unravel this enigma and communicate about it.

Esoteric astrology deals with soul centered astrology. It is a different and more aware way of looking to the development of consciousness of people in a complicated cosmic environment (the light touching us).

Mankind dis-covers every time somewhat additional about it and we tend to think that after the next dis-covery we will have a complete (other) insight.

Picture: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (source Wikipedia)

When you study the work of Blavatsky and Baily you might know better.

Cosmic law gradually deploys and gives insight in the secrecies. We could assume this takes places in balance with the awakening of our knowledge about our cosmic environment.

We couldn’t expect a higher speed of discovery than our knowledge and flexibility of views develops.

For many of us, it is clear there is more between heaven and earth, for others this is something to be proved. They preferably stick to a material truth, neglecting to consider the insights of historical developments. Every time again new discoveries only appeared from the understanding the old ones were based on incomplete insights.

In her Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky gives us many points to consider.

She puts:

The complete order of nature (here meant as the Cosmos) shows developments to a higher degree of life. This seems to be influenced by the most blind power, guided by a cosmic plan.

The evolutionary process we recognize from nature (and Darwin) with all its adaptations to the better proves this. It gives us a reason to assume a certain kind of refined cosmic intelligence, taking care of this.

According to Esoteric Astrology from Alice Baily, mankind is a.o. under the influence of the following sources:

  • The stars from the system Ursa Mayor
  • The stars from the Seven sisters (Pleaides)
  • Sirius (the Dog star)
  • The seven solar systems of which our Sun is one
  • The 12 planets (including Sun, Moon and Vulcanus) in our solar system
  • The 7 planet centers
  • The 7 power centers in the human etheric body (the chakra’s)
  • The 12 star-systems in our zodiac (from Aries to Pisces)
  • The rays from the Earth itself

A vast source of energy, influencing us in a not yet fully revealed way.

How and why remains a big question.

The Seven Sacred Cosmic Rays are a representation of part oof these sources.

See here a simple overview of the whole of cosmic intelligence governing us.

We live in a fascinating time, where gradually more cosmic sources are discovered, and insight grows about the influence on out earthly lives.

We still only know these sources partly.

These energies are in full control over people with a poor developed consciousness.

Only when mankind is better aware of the importance of consciousness and we together work on it from a view of cosmic love we can have influence on what is taking place,

However, the first step to find the path is to make these steps in the awareness of the need for a growing consciousness.


Helena Blavatsky, the Secret Doctrine

Alice Baily, Esoteric astrology,

Jiddu Krishnamurti: The light inside

Neptune in Pisces

A first edition of this article was published in spring 2011 (when Neptune entered Pisces) and placed in a somewhat broader article on the website

Since 2011 other pictures of Neptune have been become available being of influence on our thoughts about its role. Since 2011 our Sun has gone through Pisces (at least most of us think so on earth). In reality the Sun is in the center of our solar system, by the movement of the earth in her solar orbit we get the impression the Sun is moving.

On February 18th, 2023, at 23.34 Sun will “enter” Pisces for the 12th time since 2011.


Not every individual living on earth will experience a period where the planet Neptune is in Pisces.

The most important reason for this is the time Neptune needs for a full orbit around the Sun (approx. 165 years).

Neptune was assumed for the first time by Galilei in the years 1611-1612, however the real discovery had to wait until September 23rd ,1846. Neptune was positioned in Aquarius on the 16th degree that day.

Picture: Neptune Space Agency for Kids (2006)

Neptune is the 8th planet of our solar system. Its diameter is 4 times bigger as the earth’s diameter and its weight is 50 times heavier.

It took until February 7th, 2010, before the degree of discovery had been reached again.

At the time of discovery Saturn was on the same degree as Neptune.

Since the discovery Neptune has made a full orbit around the sun.

On April 4th, 2011, Neptune entered Pisces and will stay there until March 30th 2025.

Energy of Neptune

Neptune is known for the property to make issues unlimited. Visions and dreams about a perfect society are part of it. It represents the longing to be perfect; however, it can always lead to disillusions.

Neptune is also known for her ability to make pictural innovations as e.g., in movies, photography, mode, and glamour.

Neptune is also example for self-image and the overall image of a group or a country, and Neptune rules scandals. Neptune transits can cause as well idealistic and negative effects.

Picture: Neptune via VLT telescope (2018)


The influence of a transit of Neptune through a sign is not always easy to explain and especially also not the transit through its home sign Pisces.

The only period in the past we could experience the transit of Neptune in awareness were the years 1847-1862. They showed some important social improvements and e.g., the founding of the Red Cross.

Besides it isn’t easy to analyze the influence of a Neptune transit as it does work on the background and peaceful and do not show eye-catching events.

Where a Pluto transit causes fundamental changes with changes of power, and Uranus causes unexpected events from the pressure cooker, Neptune has influence on ideals and causes unclarity.

Moreover, also mutual aspects between Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are of great interest as they will cause the events where the real ideals can come out of sight.

Where Uranus discovers and makes aware, Neptune adds the divine ideal and Pluto will take for in depth purification in optima forma.

According to Rudhyar in his book: “the Sun is also a star”, Neptune is supposed to be the universal solvent. It takes care for the preparation of the transformation in terms of the ancient art of alchemy.

Ancient alchemists searched for “gold” in different meanings.

The looking for gold covered the search to understand the real source of all and of human existence.

Although not very striking and in line with the real character of Neptune, this process takes place secretly in the inner world.

Also, the given that Neptune is in her home sign confirms this inner work.

Outcomes can be dual. On one side it could lead to the dissolvement of past and obsolete structures and to the creation of ideals, in many cases considered to be from another world.

It should lead to the understanding of new opportunities by seeing with “other” eyes.

In addition, we should make difference, when considering the outcomes, between the influence on the period when Neptune makes a transit in Pisces and the influence caused by people having Neptune in their birth chart.

We can see the outcomes in the first category by now. For the outcomes in the second category we will have to wait until 2040 when people born in 2011 will have their first Saturn return.

And then we see the entrance of Pluto in Pisces, the big purifier.

Picture: Neptune (James Webb telescope 2022)

What can be expected from the passage of Neptune through Pisces?

Before Neptune entered Pisces we experienced another rather unique situation, the mutual reception between Uranus (in Pisces) and Neptune (in Aquarius).

A mutual reception makes the energies work as if the planets involved are in the own sign.

Especially people born between 2004 and 2022 have this reception in their birth chart.

We could establish some hope for the future on this.

This generation will have special skills related to imagination and creativeness. So, we can expect many breakthroughs by this generation.

We can also expect improvements in societal systems where inequality will be sorted out.

As, at the same time Pluto runs in Capricorn we can expect big purifying changes in societal systems.

These changes can also lead to power struggles with people and structures in power.

Also, in the health care we can expect spectacular breakthroughs and new findings.

They will replace ancient insights and obsolete treatments.

There will be more focus on the care given, and with an eye on the patients well being and quality of care and live will become central issues.

The boundaries of health care will become vaguer and will grow to a big network of very specialized professional clinics and the primary care around the home of the patient.

The patient will have to play an important role in the whole process, especially thanks to innovative new technology.

Finally, we will have a discussion around the organisation of healthcare and the area of prisons, from the view of societal justice. The surrounding where criminals will have to live their detention may become more related to the severeness of their delict.

With respect to faith there will be a revival of the belief in God, with respect that we will more experience our faith on an individual basis, however understanding the presence of God.

A final development to be expected will be related to the way we communicate.

Our written language turns out to become less and less helpful, also related to how we communicate modern technology.

We will use more symbolic ways of communication using pictural methods.

We already know languages with a more pictural outlook as for instance Chinese, Mayan symbols, etc.


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If you correct your mind the rest of your life will fall into place

Lao Tse