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Astrological preview 2016

Preview 2016


We have the most impressive part of all 7 Uranus and Pluto squares behind us. We have left behind the real big confrontations, however the energy still remains more or less sleeping until planets like Saturn, Mercury and Mars or even the Moon hit these energies and reactivate the square and make difficult aspects. While these aspects will follow each other within only a little timelapse, it can be felt as if these aspects fall more or less together and remind to the square between Uranus and Pluto from the preceding years.

During 2016 Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces) twice make a square. These squares will be exact in the middle of June and the middle of September.

These are not compatible energies, while Saturn requires structured approaches and sets limits.

On the other hand Neptune makes boundless and acts as a solvent.

Still the combination of the two can have beautiful results as far as the energy will be used to realize ideals for collective purposes in a structured way.

Another difficult aspect is the square between Jupiter (in Virgo) and Saturn (in Sagittarius).

It will occur at the end of March and the end of May 2016.

Where Saturn restricts, Jupiter likes to expand and with Saturn in the expanding sign of Sagittarius) and Jupiter in the critical sign of Virgo it will be difficult to make energies cooperate.

In these periods it is very important to position expansion in a structured way as a service for developments in our community.

In 2016 we also will have a period where the planet Mars will be retrograde. This year it will start from the 9th degree of Sagittarius on April 17th and end at the 24th degree of Scorpio on June 30th. It will be a period where it will be difficult to have results through working hard. It is a time where good results can be created by cooperation from a common interest and the realization of objectives in this way. In the individual horoscope the focus will be indicated by the house position where Mars is retrograde.

For the interpretation of indicated days it is important to realize I have used a calendar based on GMT.

For every month in 2016 the most important energies are as follows:


From the beginning of 2016 up to the 5th of January all planets are direct. This means that all influences will be straightforward and where no special aspects are valid energies will work out in a general way. This will change on January 5th when Mercury turns retrograde. It can cause different unexpected problems such as: problems in contractual affairs, communication e.g. with tax authorities and traffic. Also the general atmosphere will become less friendly.

On January 20th the Sun goes over to the sign of Aquarius. Life will become a little more friendly. On the other hand love questions will be arranged in a more practical way.


The energies around the 6th and 7th of February are rather complex. Especially in relationships, different types of stress can appear, but also other (more material) value systems can come under great pressure to change. These changes can occur unexpectedly.

Against the end of February the atmosphere will become much more friendly with the Sun running in Pisces. It will turn out to be easy to make mistakes and loose sight on your destination, both in a practical and in a philosophical sense. This can happen as well, when you suddenly and unexpectedly might fall in love.


From March 5th our thoughts become unclear and more sensitive. This will also be reflected in matters of communication.

The solar eclipse on March 59h can cause important changes. This eclipse will take place on the 19th degree of Pisces. This degree is symbolized by: A master instructing his disciple. It would be good to have a meditation on your inner values in order to receive new gifts from the cosmos indicating your path to follow.

On March 20th the Sun enters Aries and passes on its way north the equator. Days will become longer and longer until the summer solstice in June.

Some people can have wonderful inspirations and enrich the world with art of superb beauty.

This energy of inspiration will remain until the end of June. So leave your talents free to express and do not feel limited by judgments of whatever type of authority you may meet. They will in any case express their opinions, it doesn’t matter when or where, but do not expect too much real judgment about all things of beauty that has been expressed.

The Eastern weekend at the end of March can result in surprises and sudden unexpected insights and incidents. Sometimes such a surprise might turn out to be unwelcome, so stay in full attention.


These surprising and unexpected incidents can hold on in the first week of April.

On April 17th the planet Mars will turn retrograde. This happens every other year, and every time in different areas of life.

Mars will start to run retrograde on the 9th degree of Sagittarius, symbolized by “a mother leads her small child step by step up a steep stairway. This is indicated as the degree of social concern.

So it indicates, that we should use this period of Mars in retrograde motion, to reconsider our thinking of what our efforts contribute to a real human and social commitment for people needing help and unable to care for themselves. Our individual concern may also lead to a committed community.

The second half of this month we can have to deal with falling stock markets.

Also here is reorientation important, because real value only can remain when the subject concerned has a intrinsic value in line with market values. This may also be the case in personal relationships.


The month May in general, will turn out to be a friendly one. This will especially happen when we succeed to use our, at this moment, less prominent Martian energy to reflect and prepare a better world. Our communication will be joyful.

On May 22nd the retrograde cycle of Mars culminates in an opposition with the Sun on the 2nd degree of Sagittarius. This degree is symbolized by: White capped waves display the power of wind over the sea. It is the symbol that nature always shows al its power in a certain balanced way, where storms caused by mankind always leave vast wounds behind.

The planet Mars will pass this degree 3 times this year, the first time on the 11th of March and the final time on August 7th. Hopefully the symbol of the solar eclipse on March 11th can help to create a relativizing load, so that Mars when running direct again (on June 30th), can be used to create long lasting changes.

Against the end of the month, we may feel tension between our intentions to grow and the limitations put on us through the community around us. From time to time we have to deal with these tensions on an individual basis.


The month June starts full of love and dreams. Romantic feelings will be all around. Musical activities now have good vibrations en we enjoy the circumstances of our lives. Government takes care of a safe environment, meanwhile creating some tension by this behavior.

Be careful with alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals. All month long, we are extremely sensitive for the use of them.

On June 21nd, shortly after midnight, the Sun reaches its most Northern position. It is the moment of the summer solstice, the Sun will now return south. It is possible this summer will bring us a lot of surprising new contacts.

The last week of June will be dedicated to the family. It is a good time to organize things together and in narrow cooperation. On the last day of June Mars turns direct again. From now on and in the coming months we will feel the need to realize all new ideas created during its retrograde movement.


At the beginning of July we can be confronted with difficulties in our relations. This can take place suddenly and unexpectedly. Relations with little commitment can be finalized or exchanged for another relation.

Be careful when entering unsafe areas.

Half of July life turns more abundant again. We enjoy life with all senses and the weather might also change in a rather sunny type.

At the end of the month we can have to deal with conflicts and we will be more critical in our communication.


As Mars arrives for the 3rd time on the 2nd degree of Sagittarius, its energy can come out freely now. One possibility is to release this energy in dedicated actions, where the focus is on the creation of better social structures. If not, this energy can come out without any focus and in many aggressive forms. Take a second breath before becoming angry may be a good advise. From the middle of August a new eclipse period starts. This will come along with a number of striking events such as earthquakes, sudden unexpected deaths of celebrities and terrorist attacks. The solar eclipse itself will take place the first day of September.

The last weeks of August are very suitable to work in a structured way. Labor that has been prepared sufficiently can be carried out easily and will turn out to be of good quality. Current energy doesn’t fit to improvisations. If you take care to work also with a certain inspiration, outcomes will be good and work will be carried out in a flow.

From August 30th and on miscommunication can take place easily. Furthermore it will be necessary to be well prepared when leaving for a journey. Otherwise we will arrive too late at important meetings.


The solar eclipse on September 1st is on the 10th degree of Virgo. According to the astrological mandala it is called the degree of the growth of true understanding, born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality.

The degree is symbolized by: “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadow”. It is an indication that limitations that come forth from the way consciousness works can be overcome to be able to transform truly.

This is truly a beautiful energy for meditation during the eclipse.

On September 9th Jupiter enters the sign Libra, where it will stay for a year. This indicates a time with much more attention for and growth in relationships.

The week between September 9th and 14th might be a tough one, both in a personal as in a mundane way. It can lead to sharp discussions and possibly also the worsening of international conflicts.

Starting from September 16th the days become more peaceful. We can envisage surprising reencounters related to love relations. We also will be more focused on our partners.

On September 22nd on its way south, the Sun passes the equator. It indicates the beginning of autumn. We enter an intense period with many surprising and often deep insights. In addition fierce emotional feelings can overwhelm us. Starting from September 26th it might be good to work systematically on our goals. It is a good energy to realize complex objectives in a straightforward manner.


The first week of October we should take care not to exaggerate our physical activities. It could lead to exhaustion.

Around October 7th we should be careful, we can easily come into dangerous situations. An accident or robbery could simply take place.

Around October 11th there is a tendency to exaggerate in our communication.

Between October 12th and 16th we can easily come into stressful situations. This can lead to passionate discussions out of different mindsets.

From October 18th and on, life becomes more generous. We possess of an enormous power and we can easily succeed in difficult assignments. Moreover we can have genius thoughts.

After October 23rd a lot of energy comes from the sign Scorpio. Life is becoming more intense now and less superficial.

Around October 26th we have romantic feelings and we possibly see the world through rose-colored glasses. When you meet a new love relation at this moment, please be aware of your tendency to assign more virtues to your loved one than he/she possesses in reality.

Near the end of the month we can have to deal with unexpected incidents and meetings.


In November we can envisage an open and positive atmosphere. It is a good time to take new initiatives. Be aware that one might be too idealistic and therefore see reality too optimistic.

We also might be too much self-confident and act from this base.

It is a good energy to realize things, but be aware that you can call on resistance, when you don’t take other opinions enough into account.

Near the end of the month conflicts related to religion can come out or worsen.

This can also have their influence on stock markets. In addition the value of relations can become a different weight, symbolically spoken, especially where life philosophies of the people involved doesn’t match.


On the first day of this month we literally can lose track on our destination, both in a physical and in a psychological way. Possibly it will only be fog that bothers us, but it could easily be a total disorientation of the mind.

The first weeks of this month is a good time to finalize complex activities.

From December 19th and on, this will be more difficult. Miscommunication, technical problems, and delays will take place easily. In addition our need to work faints heavily. We need a holiday or sabbatical. This year’s winter solstice is on December 21st. Up to next year we could easily feel dizzy and disoriented. This is especially true for New Years Eve and New Years Day. So be careful with alcoholics and firework. An accident could take place very easily now.