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The solar eclipse of May 21st 2012

On May 21st we will experience a solar eclipse. Sun and Moon are in line and both on the 1st degree of Gemini. The time of the eclipse is 01:48 MET.

The eclipse is part of Saros series 14 South. This family of eclipses is known for successes and breakthroughs that have been waited for, for long. In many cases after a long period of tough work. See for more information the book “”Predictive astrology” from Bernadette Brady.

Other important aspects in the horoscope of this eclipse are:

Venus is in an exact trine with Saturn

Jupiter conjoins Mercury

Mars makes a trine with Pluto

Neptune squares the lunar node axis and Sun and Moon

Uranus squares Pluto.

All aspects that are in line with the basic energy of this eclipse family.

Will everything related to this eclipse turn out to be positive?

No, certainly not. As is normally the case with eclipses, famous people will pass away unexpectedly. Nature (in this case Neptune) might be of help, especially because Neptune squares the lunar node axis, causing people to be drowned.

About the first degree of Gemini, the degree of the eclipse the astrological mandala gives us the following archetypical information.

According to Janduz (see the book of Koppejan) the picture is the following:

Two children, a boy and a girl, walk hand by hand to two beautiful yellow lily’s, growing underneath a tree with many leaves.

This picture informs us about the fact, that many of the answers on information we are looking for, can be found deep in ourselves. The solar eclipse cuts us from the self, thus giving an excuse to neglect this self.

According to Rudhyar the archetypical presentation of the first degree of Gemini is: “A boat with a glass bottom floats above submarine miracles.

It gives the message of collective pictures escaping from the unconscious. The message is to communicate it in a way the world can learn from it.

The energy of the eclipse can help us in our meditations to take serious the pictures that rise from the unconscious and to use them for the future.

Neptune can help us to bring the inspiration and the waxing square between Uranus and Pluto can create the urgently needed changes to help us to realize our inspiration.