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Astrological preview 2013

Astrological preview 2013



At the end of 2012 we can easily confirm that 2012 has been a eventful year with many options for change.

A year where the following rare astronomical events have presented themselves and are leaving their tracks.

These events were:

The introduction of Neptune in its own sign Pisces, happening once in every 165 years;

The passage of Venus in front of the Sun in June, occurring in pairs with 8 years between, every 130 year;

The waning square between Uranus and Pluto, occurring approx. every 120 years;

The mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto, since October 5th and occurring for the 4th time in 2000 years;

All these rare events as such gave birth in the past to different important historical events. Since 2000 years all these events never occurred at the same time.

Astronomical facts in 2013

Except the Venus passage, all above mentioned astronomical facts will be of influence in 2013. Neptune will stay in Pisces until March 30th 2025. The mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto will come to an end on December 23rd 2014 and the waning square between Uranus and Pluto will have its 3rd and 4th hit (out of 7) on May 20 and November 1st 2013. In 2013 there will be an additional influence, the opposition from Jupiter and Pluto (not so rare, occurring every 13 year), but of importance for the result of the mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto.

See here the energetic circumstances in which the scenario for the year 2013 will be revealed.  All transpersonal planets are related to this. Will it turn out everything has been decided already? No, not at all! Can we play an own role in it? Yes, indeed and in so far we try to realize our most pure intentions.

The most important energies

The most important energies we have to deal with in 2013 are related to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Especially because they ask attention for many years  in a certain focal area, both for the earth as a whole and for individual life.

Neptune in Pisces reaches its goal by helping to solve and disappear unwished structures, in order to allow new ones to develop. What is to be solved? Systems and institutions that have to be torn down, because they do no serve mankind as a whole. Neptune makes illusive, but also imaginative and can give rise to the origination of the principles of new structures.

For the realization of Neptune’s imaginative power, we need other energies. We need the interaction between Jupiter (believing) Saturn (structuring), Uranus (innovating and initiating) and Pluto (purifying).

And as we already remarked all these planets play a role in 2013.

Dane Rudhyar called Neptune the universal solvent, the alchemist. This in a meaning, that when the real inspiration of Neptune will be followed, everything can change in gold. This seems a bit contradictory, but if we take a close look at the spiritual values, things become clear.

Transits of Saturn have the objective to give lessons for the quality of Saturn in the personal horoscope (discipline, structure and development of consciousness) of the area of focus in the horoscope where it makes a transit.

Transits of Uranus help to loosen obsolete values and break free from them and Jupiter helps you to believe in it and to make the potential growth true.

Neptune helps you to learn and show compassion for mankind and to develop a real and deep rooted impersonal love. This requires sacrifices and a frequent and intense connection to the cosmic world. Finally Pluto will help us to experience the real revival in its most pure form.

Naturally, not all these changes will take place in an harmonious way. Too many institutions of personal interest (both in the form of organizations, legislations, treaties and personal interests) are blocking the way. And in addition we still live in a dual world, where me is more important then you and light and love is not available to everyone. The energies for 2013 will have the impact for a stepwise improvement of the whole bringing more consciousness to our relation to the cosmic world. They will help us to transform, sometimes in a long process but also in sudden events pointing at areas of life where we have to make improvements. Sometimes these events can be very intense, especially where the need for change is acute.


What does this mean for the year 2013?

As a result of the inspiration from Neptune new initiatives can be expected in relation to the societal system as a whole, and where chances for individuals will become more balanced and based on equality.

In the area of health care we will see spectacular new breakthroughs and findings, especially where outdated operations and ways of treatment will be put aside. There will be more attention for the patient as a relevant factor and for a care process really serving the patient. And where quality of life, quality of care and patients own responsibility will be of greater influence.

Another area of society facing changes is the penitential area. The environment where criminals have to undergo their penalties will be more in line with the crime committed and there will also be more focus on the discouragement of crime, especially by taking away the financial motivators.

Also the clerical structure will change. The church as a doctrinal symbol of God will lose importance. But in the contrary people will feel more connected to God as the inexhaustible source of love of our cosmic environment.

Also our way of communication will change. Our written language is losing importance in the way we communicate, especially through computers and internet. We can expect a breakthrough of other more symbolic language structures as e.g. Chinese, Mayan and old Egyptian.

In astrology, the waning square between Uranus and Pluto is considered to be a time of crises. The process that has been started at the last mutual conjunction of Uranus and Pluto will be tested and corrected.

Some striking events from this last conjunction (1965/1966) are:

Zimbabwe independent from the UK;

Attacks and a military coup in Indonesia by Islamite fighters;

Military coup in Syria, bringing power to president Assad;

Start of the cultural revolution in China;

First astronomical lab in an orbit around the earth;

Founding of the European Union;

Starting from the principals of the waning square, we can expect development around above events.

We simply can agree that the things happened with respect to Zimbabwe, Syria and Indonesia did not have the interest of the whole population. E therefore already see and can expect further changes in these countries. Something in line can be expected in China, however the culture in this country differs strongly from what we understand as just.

I also expect further discoveries in spacecraft and with respect to extraterrestrial life.

On a personal level I expect most influences for those born in the years 1965 end 1966. These will be related to necessary changes related to the buildings of the own ego. Inflexible points of view, needing change, will turn out to be untenable. But in the end every living individual will experience this period to some extent. The way this will take place is depending on the individual horoscope.

In 2013 both waning squares between Uranus and Saturn will take place in an period of eclipses, i.e. shortly before or after a solar eclipse. This will inevitably lead to striking events as e.g. natural disasters. Also many well known world citizens, blocking the way for the desired developments will pass away.

In 2013 Jupiter the planet of growth and development makes an opposition with Pluto. This opposition will also take place twice in 2014. This will show as what growth will be of value for a world in balance and of interest for mankind and earth as our natural source as a whole.

As a final conclusion we can understand that in 2013 many cosmic energies are available helping us to realize the changes we need for thorough societal changes. The community we have been constituted so far cannot proceed like this and should not be continued.

Have an open mind to a future where many things will be changed and where cosmic love will be the source of our acts. We have to live together in a respectful and loving community, where every individual will have the obligation and possibility to contribute according to his or her talents and where an individual needing help can be sure to receive this.

This will lead us to a more harmonious community where criminal action and egoistic behavior will not have profit.

We have to understand community should change, and give your own contribution by our own actions being based upon love.

In this way 2013 has the potential to become one of the most inspiring and hope giving eras in history of mankind.