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Saturn in Sagittarius


Saturn completes its orbit around the Sun once in approx. every 30 years. So it takes about 2 and a half year for Saturn to make a transit a through every solar sign.

Since October 5th 2012 Saturn is in the sign Scorpio and from December 23rd Saturn will change signs and enter Sagittarius.

Next year (on June 15th and up to September 18th) Saturn will return during 3 months in Scorpio and from September 18th to December 20 2017, Saturn will transfer Sagittarius.

From then Saturn will transfer to the own sign Capricorn.



Where Saturn in Scorpio gives perseverance and the energy to solve complex problems, with Saturn in Sagittarius the energy changes to questions of justice and philosophical issues. Saturn in Sagittarius can give a difficult and somewhat contradictory energy.

Saturn is related to restrictions, structure, defining boundaries and Sagittarius (governed by Jupiter) expects the contradictory (development of opinions, expansion, growth).

To facilitate the meaning of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius our energy should be directed to the structuring of needed developments and to realize them on the basis of a well-structured but not too narrow-minded, plan. How this energy will turn out to have influence depends also on the positions and transits of other planets and the aspects they make with Saturn. However the tendency of this energy is clear.

For the individual it is of interest in what area of life (house) Saturn makes it s transit.

Therefore the explanation of this article cannot be used for interpretation of an individual’s life.


Important energies

During its transit through Sagittarius, Saturn makes a number of important aspects with matching energies. Some of these transits will bring positive and constructive energies; others will bring tension and will need additional attention. Where we meet tensions we should also be considering whether our objectives are really in the interest of community and are not only serving our personal interest. As such Saturn has the role to confront us with limitations in our plans and the relatedness to our ego system.

Saturn also as the role to teach us lessons in areas where we are too selfish or too limited in our conscious behavior.

In the following part of this article I will only pay attention to aspects between Saturn and Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the lunar nodal axis. These aspects will bring us challenges to deal with trying to make us aware of our real intentions and to mirror these against the interests of the community as a whole. The other (more personal) planets will, from time to time, bring different moods, but only for a limited number of hours or days.

The following energies will appear during Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius:

In the beginning of August 2015, around the end of March 2016 and around the end of May 2016, we can easily feel frustrated and suffer from psychological tensions. We can feel oppositions, without having an idea where it comes from. Sometimes we can be confronted with a sudden removal.

In the 2nd half of November 2015 there can be an outbreak of infections (e.g. influenza) or other sick making circumstances.

Around November 29th 2015 and December 10th 2016 it is a good time to work with perseverance on complex challenges. We are very disciplined and decisive and have the ability to work thorough. Especially people born around these days can have an advantage from these energies. Others and specially people born around the end of February, March 10th, end of May, June 9th, end of September, October 9th can feel rather pessimistic and constrained in their possibilities to develop. This could also be the case related to ecological developments of the earth as a whole.

In the 2nd week of October 2016, we can meet difficulties in making new contacts. Members of the family can pass away, cooperation can turn out to be difficult.

At the end of December 2016, the beginning of March 2017, half May 2017 and the beginning of November 2017 we are concise and resolute and have the ability to overcome many challenges. We have a lot of perseverance and are able to get through a lot of work.

In January 2017 and the second half of August 2017 there will be a tendency to relate to higher goals and we will have the ability to realize them. In general it is a time for success and good progress in the realization of our plans.

In the second half of August 2017


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Astrological preview for 2015



When we look back ta the year 2014, this year again turned out to have been not an easy year and a year full of difficulties and changes.

A year where for some of us, difficulties were solved and new perspectives appeared,  but for a lot of us confrontations still took place and changes were not very welcome.

Many of the changes could be related to the square Uranus and Pluto formed, this year for the 5th and 6th hit. Together with Jupiter in Cancer Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn a T-square was formed and sometimes even a grand square, when other planets made their transit in Libra. A grand square always brings a lot of tension, especially when the planet Mars transited through Libra.

The struggle for innovation, change and liberation against power structures has been the main issue. Remember for instance the conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine,

When Saturn and Uranus were station and inconjunct between the 17th and 24th of July we had to deal with 3 airplane accidents with a lot of victims in one week. The MH17 incident was one of them.


What important energies will dominate in 2015

The most important aspect for 2015 will be the square between Uranus and Pluto on March 17th. This is the 7th and final square in this sequence.

This event coincides with the solar eclipse on March 20th, short before the spring equinox.

This last square will not automatically lead to a peaceful society, because Pluto remains for many years in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn indicates revolutionary struggles for freedom against vested structures. And vested structures will use it to increase their power on their citizens. At the same time, as the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto comes to an end, it will become much more difficult to solve issues of power, because authorities will tend to believe they have a special position.

The struggle for liberation in many countries will proceed and may even get worse.

As every year Jupiter will change signs, this time from Leo to Virgo. Expressions of Jupiter in Leo are lack of self-criticism and conceitedness. Jupiter in Virgo puts stress on moral values and serving attitudes. This will lead to the unmask and fall of many big Ego’s.

In 2015 Venus turns retrograde again, this time between the 5th of June and the 8th of October. This time Venus will stay for many months in the sign Leo. In general this will be a nice period of time with lots of creativity and sometimes love. Depending on the area of life that is affected in the own horoscope it can bring a lot of pleasure and positive influence, however when Venus is retrograde it sometimes might also turn out to be the other way around.


2015 from month to month



At the beginning of the month the stress from the 6th square between Uranus and Pluto is still present. From January 12th Mars will enter Pisces, the stress and readiness to fight will be tempered. Around the 15th of the month communication will be loving. Around January 20th we can meet loved persons from the past. Between the 21st of January and the 10th of February, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign Aquarius. Communication with friends can be difficult, but also disturbances in electronic communication and aircraft equipment might occur.



On February 22nd we have a conjunction between the planets Venus and Mars.

It is a good time to start a love relation. It is also a good period for creation and many creative expressions. At het end of the month the stress of the 7th square between Uranus and Pluto builds up again. As at the same time we have a square between Saturn and Mars there can be a focus on struggles with authorities, for instance with fiscal authorities.



Around the 11th of the month we have to deal with explosive situation both on a psychical as on a physical level. So be careful and only participate in fights if it is inevitable.

On March 17th we have the 7th waning square between Pluto and Uranus on the 16th degree of the signs Capricorn and Aries.

The 16th degree of Aries symbolizes “the process to become like a child” and the chance to recall hidden capacities.

The 16th degree of Capricorn indicates the importance of physical efforts to stimulate a healthy community.

Together with Neptune in Pisces it might give the inspiration to work on health on a big scale.

On March 20th we have a solar eclipse at the last degree of Pisces. This is the degree where the seed for a new beginning has been seeded and potency for the future is created. Hopefully we can derive the inspiration for this sew phase from the square between Uranus and Pluto. This energy with stress between renewal and control, innovation and keeping things unchanged, explosion and purification lies now behind us.



On April 5th we have to deal with stressful situations. Depending on the personal horoscope it can be an indication for danger. You may also meet people who will try to have power on you.

The following day is a perfect day for innovation and in relation to yesterday’s energy thorough renewals.

On April 18th we can easily have a conflict with our partner. There is also a tendency to exaggerate.

On April 19th we can easily get mixed up and disorientated. There is also a loving tendency favoring love relations.



On May 9th we will have difficulties to think analytical and sharp. Our thinking may be veiled a little bit, so we could look at things through colored spectacles. Be careful in using alcohol or medicine, you can be very sensitive now.

Between May 19th and June 2nd Mercury is retrograde in the sign Gemini. This could lead to problems in al forms of communication, verbal and as well with technical equipment and in travelling. Be prepared and take care to be ale to communicate in urgent circumstances. On May 31st we can easily be influenced. Be careful in believing strange stories, you might easily be misled.



As soon as Mercury turns direct again on the second of June, the planet Neptune is station and will soon go retrograde. It can easily lead to disorientation. It is possible you will get lost somewhere.

On June 15th Saturn returns to Scorpio, this will indicate a relative quiet and constructive period. Use the coming 3 months well to solve structural problems thoroughly.



The first of July, Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction. A beautiful and very positive energy will come to us. Sometimes you can be teased to spend too much money on luxury things. Be aware and try to be responsible and do not spend more money than you can afford. For sure it will be a nice period with lots of good manifestations. On July 25th Venus goes retrograde (until September 5th). This will for most of the time take place in Leo. It will give people the intention to relax and have comfort. Love relations will in general have a good time. On this same day Uranus is station and goes retrograde the next day. While Uranus makes a square with Mars at the same time we may have to deal with explosive discussions or explosions in real life. So be careful with explosive equipment like barbecues.



The first day’s of July many activities can run uneven. It might be together with psychological tension. When Mercury goes in Virgo on August 8th the ratio will start to dominate our thinking again. Our thinking becomes much more analytical and critical. It is a good time to get involved in complex problems and to find solutions for them.

On the 11th of August Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Moral values become important again and our attitudes will be more service directed.

Venus in conjunction with the Sun on August 15th takes place on the 22nd degree of Leo. It is a good time for love, art, luxury and beauty of life. Take the time and enjoy.

On August 23rd Sun enters the sign Virgo. Our need for joy comes to an end, we will get more serious, practical, critical and serviceable.

On August 26th we have the yearly conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter. As it will take place on the 4th degree of Virgo, our service tendency on the degree of societal brotherhood will be emphasized.



On the 5th of the month Venus turns direct again. It is also the beginning of an eclipse period. Relations that have not been preserved the weeks before may come to an end.

We will also loose famous people especially known for their service attitude.

The eclipse will take place on the 20th degree of Virgo, a degree with an indication to leave the past behind us and to cooperate in a big adventure of societal consciousness.

Between September 17th and October 2nd we can have communication problems with our partners. It is not a good time to conclude contracts, especially not when they are complex.

On September 17th Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition. Initiatives that have been started 5 years ago come to an end, either as a successful contribution to society or as a failure that collapses.

On September 18th Saturn enters Sagittarius and will stay there up to December 20th 2017, the day it will enter the own sign Capricorn.

With Saturn in Sagittarius growth and expectations will have to be reduced.

From September 22nd we will be more interested in our relations and pay more attention to it.



Around October 6th we can have to cope with conflicts of power. They can take place in every part of your life and in the world. In some cases there may be victims and casualties.

Around October 12th some people can meet unexpected changes, especially people born around this day and also people born around the 9th of January, the 11th of July and the 10th of April. It can also be related to sudden changes in a job.

When the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd the general mood will change to serious. Discussions will be much more reduced and many decisions will be taken in secrecy.

On October 30th we can meet romantic circumstances. Be careful, because your natural tendency for reluctance is very much reduced now. You can even feel betrayed afterwards. Be also reluctant in using alcohol or drugs, you are much more sensitive now.



Where in the preceding months, encounters with other people had to do with relations or even lost relations from the past, from now on we will people who can help us and who can learn us lessons.

Around November 21st our sexual desires will be stimulated. Try to convince your self about mutuality of feelings with the other persons.

From November 22nd we will have more interest in  foreign culture and travelling to foreign countries.

Around the 23rd you can suddenly meet a loved person. Stock indexes can have to deal with sudden changes in values. The end of this month and also in the first week of December we can have to deal with tensions and stressful situations, striking us also emotionally. Be prepared that some fanatic persons can act.

We will be able to work well structured and disciplined.



Around December 6th we can have to deal with aggressive situations, both in the personal and the broader societal area.

On December 19th we have serious and deep thoughts enabling us to solve difficult problems fundamentally.

December will overall be a rather irritating month with a lot of opposition in relations and communication.



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