Saturn in Sagittarius


Saturn completes its orbit around the Sun once in approx. every 30 years. So it takes about 2 and a half year for Saturn to make a transit a through every solar sign.

Since October 5th 2012 Saturn is in the sign Scorpio and from December 23rd Saturn will change signs and enter Sagittarius.

Next year (on June 15th and up to September 18th) Saturn will return during 3 months in Scorpio and from September 18th to December 20 2017, Saturn will transfer Sagittarius.

From then Saturn will transfer to the own sign Capricorn.



Where Saturn in Scorpio gives perseverance and the energy to solve complex problems, with Saturn in Sagittarius the energy changes to questions of justice and philosophical issues. Saturn in Sagittarius can give a difficult and somewhat contradictory energy.

Saturn is related to restrictions, structure, defining boundaries and Sagittarius (governed by Jupiter) expects the contradictory (development of opinions, expansion, growth).

To facilitate the meaning of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius our energy should be directed to the structuring of needed developments and to realize them on the basis of a well-structured but not too narrow-minded, plan. How this energy will turn out to have influence depends also on the positions and transits of other planets and the aspects they make with Saturn. However the tendency of this energy is clear.

For the individual it is of interest in what area of life (house) Saturn makes it s transit.

Therefore the explanation of this article cannot be used for interpretation of an individual’s life.


Important energies

During its transit through Sagittarius, Saturn makes a number of important aspects with matching energies. Some of these transits will bring positive and constructive energies; others will bring tension and will need additional attention. Where we meet tensions we should also be considering whether our objectives are really in the interest of community and are not only serving our personal interest. As such Saturn has the role to confront us with limitations in our plans and the relatedness to our ego system.

Saturn also as the role to teach us lessons in areas where we are too selfish or too limited in our conscious behavior.

In the following part of this article I will only pay attention to aspects between Saturn and Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the lunar nodal axis. These aspects will bring us challenges to deal with trying to make us aware of our real intentions and to mirror these against the interests of the community as a whole. The other (more personal) planets will, from time to time, bring different moods, but only for a limited number of hours or days.

The following energies will appear during Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius:

In the beginning of August 2015, around the end of March 2016 and around the end of May 2016, we can easily feel frustrated and suffer from psychological tensions. We can feel oppositions, without having an idea where it comes from. Sometimes we can be confronted with a sudden removal.

In the 2nd half of November 2015 there can be an outbreak of infections (e.g. influenza) or other sick making circumstances.

Around November 29th 2015 and December 10th 2016 it is a good time to work with perseverance on complex challenges. We are very disciplined and decisive and have the ability to work thorough. Especially people born around these days can have an advantage from these energies. Others and specially people born around the end of February, March 10th, end of May, June 9th, end of September, October 9th can feel rather pessimistic and constrained in their possibilities to develop. This could also be the case related to ecological developments of the earth as a whole.

In the 2nd week of October 2016, we can meet difficulties in making new contacts. Members of the family can pass away, cooperation can turn out to be difficult.

At the end of December 2016, the beginning of March 2017, half May 2017 and the beginning of November 2017 we are concise and resolute and have the ability to overcome many challenges. We have a lot of perseverance and are able to get through a lot of work.

In January 2017 and the second half of August 2017 there will be a tendency to relate to higher goals and we will have the ability to realize them. In general it is a time for success and good progress in the realization of our plans.

In the second half of August 2017


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