Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception

Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception

On October 5th 2012 Saturn has entered the sign of Scorpio. As such this is not a very remarkable event, as it happens once in about 30 years.

However the remarkable side of this event is that at the same time Saturn and Pluto arrived in mutual reception. A mutual reception takes place when two planets are situated in each other’s sign and that phenomena is rather rare. The most important reason for this is Pluto, the planet needing 260 years to make its orbit around the sun. Since the beginning of our calendar, we “celebrate” the 9th transit of Pluto through Capricorn. At the same time it is the 4th occurrence of this mutual reception. It took place before in the years 541 and 542, 778 and 779, and from 1276 to 1278. This time the mutual reception will last up to December 23rd 2014.

In a period of mutual reception it is assumed the planet energy works as if the planet is in its own sign, however in a more indirect way. In this case, very welcome because Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are not the best positions. Pluto in Capricorn will help to reform systems, by power and does not naturally replace them by better ones and Saturn in Scorpio gives rigidity and gives restrictions to processes of transformation. And when necessary changes will be blocked the terms for power struggles and revolution are obvious.

When Pluto and Saturn interact in a positive way, as is the case with mutual reception we could say, there will be a balance in energy favoring changes to take place more or less obvious. As a result we could face new systems helping mankind to improve situations in society. Good news, especially in these days where we have many systems needing urgently to be improved or even replaced, as for instance the financial system, the European Union, democratic processes, and politicians having forgotten the real objective of systems as to serve community and not their own interests.

Also in our private lives we can favor from this mutual reception. Translate Saturn in discipline and structure and Pluto in inner purification and the possible profits become clear. Use this time to create more awareness because for everything that is in line with the world needs we will not be obliged to make changes and Pluto will not feel the need for revolution.

In addition I have performed a short research on historical facts in former periods of mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto.

The first time I found major events is in years 778 and 779 when Charlemagne was emperor in Europe. He founded major reformations as e.g. the introduction of court, military services, taxation, and deployment of territories. He created a long period of rather peacefulness and prosperity.

Between 1276 and 1278 king Alphons of Castalia and Leon brings together the Arab and Christian science in Spain and Marco Polo, doge of Venice traveled to China and brings back profitable trade possibilities and new knowledge and insights. These events are forming the basis for the Renaissance.

Normally transits from Pluto through Capricorn are recognized by great revolutions and war as e.g. after 1516 when Luther made his proclamations about the Catholic church in Wittenberg Germany, leading to long lasting religious war in Europe. In the following Pluto cycle we find the lack of reformation in especially France leading to the French revolution.

What can we expect in this period of mutual reception?

An astrological technique to make predictions is the hourly horoscope from the moment when the mutual reception was created, and this is exactly on the moment Saturn has entered Scorpio on October 5th 2012 at 22:38 MET.

The energy patterns in this horoscope give indications where the emphasis will be in the following years.

There are many peculiarities in this hourly horoscope.

Saturn is in conjunction with Mercury on 1st degree of Scorpio.

It gives the possibility of thorough insight and understanding in a more widespread reference pattern of our existence.

The Sun is on the 14th degree of Libra and indicates how we have to become free from social pressures in daily activities restricting us from the insight in what is really important.

It will therefore be a good occasion for meditations and withdrawal in our own minds..

This will path the way to receive the inspiration from the trine between Neptune and both Saturn and Mercury. The archetypical symbol of the 17th degree of Gemini, where we find the Moon and Jupiter in this hourly horoscope, indicates the way of development. Ultimately it has to lead to a society where natural resources are used thoughtfully and a lasting community will be created.

From this basis we can contribute to a thorough improvement of systems keeping the world and mankind in chains. It is necessary that changes contribute to the birth of a world in balance where systems serve mankind and not the other way around and where people respect each other. Where ideologies get a damask while they never serve mankind, but only the people using them to keep in power. Where people care for each other and everybody contributes according his or her skills to our societal challenges. Where rights and obligations are in line and where the care for mother earth will help us to create a sustainable community enabling us to save current biodiversity.