The solar eclipse of November 13th 2012

The solar eclipse of November 13th 2012

On November 13th 2012 we will be confronted with a solar eclipse.
Sun and Moon are together on the 22nd degree of Scorpio. The time of the eclipse is 23:09 MET.

Striking in the eclipse horoscope are further:
Sun and Moon, together in conjunction make no other major aspects;

Retrograde Mercury makes an exact square with Neptune (just recently having turned direct again.

Saturn is inconjunct Uranus.

Mars is not aspected.

Venus and Jupiter together make a trine, but do not have major aspects with other planets.

 In summary an energy where the power of action does is not connected to a source of inspiration and rational thought is difficult.
And all this in a timeframe where we have to face major societal problems needing urgently to be solved.

As happens at every eclipse we will notice that well known world citizens will pass away. We will also have to face several natural disasters.
As Sun and Moon are not connected to other planets it will also happen that individuals will act impulsively aggressive.

 The archetypical picture of the 22nd degree of Scorpio is also remarkable.
According to the astrological mandala of Dane Rudhyar this is “Hunters shooting wild ducks”. It is the degree of socialization of instincts. Just by ritualization we are able to control aggressive instincts.

Neptune in sextile with Pluto and trine with Saturn can bring us the inspiration how to solve problems from purification of possible solutions for community problems and not by impulsive macho behavior.

So, use this eclipses energy to go inside and get the best inspiration to contribute to a better future society.