Prediction for January 2012

The most important geocosmic moment of this month is on the 24th when Mars turns retrograde. This will take place on the 24th degree of Virgo. The retrograde period will last up to the 13th of April. When Mars is retrograde it is not the good season to start something new.
If you wish to start something new take action before or when Mars turns direct again after April 13th. If you cannot avoid this act very careful because conflicts may rise easily.
When Mars is retrograde it is much longer in a certain area of your life. It therefore can happen you have to deal much longer with certain types of difficulties than normally. In addition it is not the good time to start a new job. This period is also more sensitive for all kinds of accidents or forms of aggression. On January 19th and 20th people born on one of these days (but also born on May 19th or 20th, August 21st or 22nd and November 20th or 21st)  can get into troubles with a superior or chief. On January 22nd be careful and do not exaggerate. On January 27th you can easily run into a fierce dispute.