2012 and the Mayan predictions

December 21st 2012, according to the Maya culture, the era of the 5th Sun will come to an end. Around this phenomena exist many prophesies, all giving a picture on what could happen with life on our planet at that moment. Big changes are expected. These changes are related to a certain kind of cosmic alignment between our solar system and the whole of our galaxy. In order to try to clarify what could be expected or not I have read some books and articles, dealing with these prophesies and also studied the horoscope of December 21st 2012, exactly at the moment of the winter solstice at 0 degrees Capricorn.
The Maya informed us, that the world we know, is not what we think it to be. Most people of our time think the world is fixed and real and that nothing can change it. The Maya also learn us, these are pictures that can be controlled by consciousness. Especially consciousness directly related to the human heart. According to the Maya, mankind is in the status of a butterfly short before it leaves its cocoon. All awareness of the butterfly is ready for change. A totally new world will be revealed to her. Consciousness of mankind transforms by learning and being aware. It is remarkable that in this years, the process of learning accelerates and more people are involved in it. We learn more in shorter periods and it looks like we are coming close to a point in our linear time where the speed of learning will come close to infinite. Could this be the meaning of the end of the Maya calendar?

The Maya and the time
The Maya related their calendars to certain astronomical phenomena. Especially the precession of the earth axis plays a significant role. Because the earth axis makes, as all other planets, an angle with the ecliptic of average 23,5 degrees, the earth axis swings in a kind of movement of a humming top around the pole of the ecliptic (an imaginary axis perpendicular on the ecliptic through the center of the earth).  The earth axis points in an apparent constant direction (currently the Pole star). However, this axis shifts very slowly and makes in about 26.000 years an ellipse. In reality this might have the shape of a curved spiral (as also the Sun and our solar system as a whole moves)  and is the picture of the ellipse a projection of this figure on the plane of the ecliptic. Only a limited part of these 26.000 years the earth axis points in the direction of the Polar star. For more explanation about these phenomena see Wikipedia. The period of 26.000 years is  accidently also the number of years of the long calendar of the Maya, according to the predictions finding an end in December 21st 2012. It takes to much effort for the purpose of this article to further explain the ideas of the Maya about time. For people interested in this issue I would like to refer to the Books of Peter Toonen, Gerald Benedict and Ronald Bonewitz (see list of literature).

The prophesies of the Maya
Benedict presents in his book 21 prophesies. Not all prophesies concern the year 2012. There is e.g. a prophesy where is told that the empire of the Maya will be conquered by strangers bringing a new religion. Probably this prophecy is related to the invasion of the Spanish in the 16th century of the southern part of America. The Maya have predicted their arrival but they seemed not to be aware of the fact their culture would be erased almost totally. Interesting other prophesies for the purpose of this article are:

About galactic synchronization
According this prophesy the earth and our solar system will be in conjunction with the rest of the universe and the our ecliptic plane will be aligned with our galactic plane. It indicates the birth of a new era.

About the Galaxy
In the Mayan mythology our Galaxy is considered as a kabalistic tree.  At the time of the winter solstice in 2012 our Sun will be in conjunction with the Black hole of our Galaxy. According to the Maya this was also the case 26.000 years ago. At every winter solstice in our days the Sun is on 0 degrees Capricorn. This is close to the Black hole (situated at the 27th degree of Sagittarius). It appears that it is not of interest that the Sun is on 0 degrees Capricorn but about something different.

About the Moon
For the Maya the Moon was that important that they based a calendar on her (Tun-uc). The prophesy is about disasters and exhaustion of minerals and other raw materials by mankind, but there are also positive elements pointing on creativity to survive this.

About Venus
In the Maya mythology Venus was not dedicated to love, but the planet bringing messages of danger. The beginning of the long calendar of the Maya is sometimes related t the birth of Venus. Especially Venus as the morning star is seen as an omen for danger. The transit of Venus across the Sun of June 6th 2012 is expected to have influence on the galactic synchronization. On this date Venus transfers from evening to morning star.

About time
This prophesy informs us that our time calendar will become useless. There will be a radical shift in consciousness that helps us to understand time is not linear but cyclic. Such a shift of consciousness is comparable to other events in history e.g. when we discovered the earth was a globe and not a plane and later that the earth was not the center of our solar system and the universe and later again that our Sun only is one of many and our galaxy is one of many.

About the fact we are the prophesy ourselves
The prophesies indicated that we mankind, in spite of our high technical and scientifical knowledge, are not able to live in harmony with our environment and other people around us. We also are not able to foresee or prevent threats caused by our own behavior. We are the prophesy and give shape to it by our own acts.  The geocosmic events are there to remind us to who we intrinsically are and what the meaning of our stay on this earth is.

Geocosmic energies
In the year 2012 a number of important geocosmic events will take place. Such as the first 2 (of in total 7) squares between Uranus and Pluto, guaranteeing radical changes in our current world picture. You can find an extensive article about these transits on this website. These first 2 squares will take place on June 24th and September 19th. Other striking events are the retrograde movements of Mars in Virgo (from January 24th to April 13th) and Venus in Gemini (from May 14th to June 24th). Mars is action and in Virgo this action should be subservient. Venus in Gemini asks for loving communication. In the period Venus is retrograde, we can experience a rather rare phenomena; Venus making a transit across the Sun. These events always come in pairs (with a distance of approx. 8 years) every about 115 years. The transit of June 6th is the 2nd of a pair (the 1st was on June 8th 2004). The next pair of transits will only take place in December 11th 2117 and December 8th 2125. For more information on this see also elsewhere on the website.
Other dates in 2012 with important energetic changes are February 3rd , when Neptune enters its own sign Pisces and will stay there until January 2026. The ideal of a caring society could receive new impulses. Also June 11th when Jupiter enters Gemini will give energetic changes leading to more attention for communication and learning processes.
In above selection of dates we miss December 21st. This is not remarkable at all because the Maya predictions do not point to tension in energy patterns inside our solar system but on the fact that our solar system as a whole is aligned with our galaxy. Our Sun (and connected to this all planets making an orbit around the Sun) is in a position in line with the center of our galaxy; the galactic center. We could derive that all planets of our solar system should be positioned in the ecliptic plane. If this would be really the case, all planets should be close to the current position of their heliocentric nodes and in 2012 this is only the case for Mercury (on May 19 and October 18), Venus (on April 24, June 6, July 21 and December 29 and Mars (on September 22) .

The planets in our solar system on December 21st 2012
In the Maya prophesies the planets, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the Moon play an important role. Therefore I checked the position of the planets at the moment of the winter solstice in 2012 and was surprised by some remarkable issues.
First of all the moment of the winter solstice for the MET time zone is striking:  12.12.
However we should realize that the chance that the moment of the winter solstice at this time on December 21st anywhere in the world is far less than 1%.
Secondly it strikes me, that the planets Jupiter (9th degree Gemini), Saturn (9th degree Scorpio) and Pluto (9th degree Capricorn) form an exact Yod. A Yod figure between these planets and on these positions, did not occur before in the last 2000 years and probably never before. In a Yod the apex planet (in this case Jupiter) is considered to be the planet where the energies of the Yod will be canalized.
Pluto and Saturn also make a mutual reception, because they are in each others sign. Such a mutual reception of Pluto and Saturn is a rare event. It occurred only twice before in the last 2000 years. The period of mutual reception is from October 6th 2012 up to December 23rd 2014. The assumed effect of a mutual reception is, that the energies from the planets behave as if they are in their own sign. This can be considered a positive effect where obsolete structures could be replaced by new thoroughly tested solutions. Venus is opposing Jupiter and Uranus makes a sextile respectively a trine with these planets. This indicates the possibility of big and needed changes but in the interest of earth and mankind. The MC, an indication of destination is conjunct the Galactic Center and also this does not occur every year in the MET or any other time zone. It may occur in general once in 30 years.

Based on above analysis,  it cannot be concluded that we can expect striking events on December 21st 2012. This does not mean it is impossible. In any case, we miss in the cosmic signatures we can follow from our earth, direct evidence. This evidence should be deducted from events not visible form the earth. This does not mean there is nothing on hand. There are many signals, pointing at big changes, they only do not fit in the Maya prophesies. It seems we will enter a new phase of consciousness. This is evidently necessary to solve current problems on our earth. In this sense the last prophesy of the Maya, that we are the prophesy ourselves, very important. Be aware this is the case and pay yourself attention to the role you were created for, the realization of your own Divine potential. Possibly, the interpretation of the  degree of the mandala where the Yod (God’s index finger) is pointing at, gives us a good indication where we could find the omega state of our lives.
Deducted from the archetypical expression of the mandala according to Janduz (a queen and a king sitting on a throne, with their sovereign attributes) and Rudhyar, the 9th degree of Gemini (a bow and a quiver filled with arrows, with invisible divine help exactly in the middle of the “Y’ of the bow) give us the message to be prepared to receive divine assistance in order to be able to be filled with the plenitude of love from our divine source, connecting us all. I am fascinated by the coincidence between the Yod and the middle of the Y from the bow.

List of literature:
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