Lunar node and Pluto

Lunar node and Pluto

On November 9, 2010 at 21:13 MET the Moon is at the same degree and minute as Pluto and the Northern Lunar node. These types of conjunctions between Pluto and the Northern Lunar node are rather seldom and occur about once in every 16 to 18 years. The fact that also the Moon is part of this conjunction is very rare. This all takes place on the 4e degree of the sign of Capricorn

In the astrological mandala this degree is presented by:

“A Group of people outfitting a large canoe at the start of a journey by water”.

Keynote: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group purpose. The Group action may be the common enterprise in response on a need for change. As the conjunction takes place in Capricorn this also may include the need for change in social structure.

Where Pluto is involved the action for sure needs depth and fundamental sincere ness. According to Ebertin in the book Combination of planetary influences the principle of the combination of Pluto and Northern Lunar node energies is the destiny of big groups of people. The way of expressing can be to make new contacts or to share destiny or fate. Together with the influence of the Moon there will inevitably be emotional aspects concerned. 

What is supposed to be the message in this for us? We could wonder and reflect with what group we are in it is of importance to work together to achieve new possibilities for the future.

Good examples of this phenomena are to be found all over the world. We could think of those people struck by the eruption of Merapi who lost everything, or of people in Haiti threatened by a hurricane and infectious diseases. In general everywhere where people are threatened they could look for cooperation in the search for a new future in another environment. Isn’t it this that  threatens people all over the world?

What this means for someone’s personal situation has to be derived from the house position where this conjunction takes place. The Northern Lunar node brings us possibilities for change, provided we do not ignore them on forehand as we people are scared for change.

 I wish everybody who reads this article interesting and challenging confrontations and insights, either on behalf of the group we are part of or we can achieve something new with.