The validity of astrology

by Jan C. Weber:


For certain it is not simple to answer all questions raised with respect to the validity of astrology. The most simple to recognize is the relation between astronomical facts and astrology. However it is a little more complicated than can be derived from the simple statement that the cause of movement of planets is nothing else than gravitation. For sure there are powers we are not aware of. From dawn of existence of mankind we always had, and in most cases with big stubbornness, to adapt our beliefs and knowledge. With every new discovery we approached the truth more than before. This also became clear for most of the former dissentients. Up to now, every commonly accepted awareness of truth turned out to be temporary and so “the truth” varied from time to time. No doubt this tendency will carry on in the future. Only when mankind succeeds to oversee the whole of creation in one view and together in all dimensions and dynamic, the possibility of a never changing truth might exist. However this would only be possible when mankind is not part of the whole of existence, but could go beyond this, like we expect from a God. Only when we are prepared to change our views with the discovery of new facts, we will have the possibility to come closer to the divine truth and be able to understand the objectives of creation and possibly we will change our attitude of destruction in an attitude of love for creation.

Why do some people believe in astrology?

Most people believe in astrology for the reason it helps them to understand what happens in their lives. They use astrology to try to get answers for what cannot be explained simple. Astrology managed to give these answers during many centuries. By researching many mysterious occurrences astrologically, numerous of more or less incidental occasions could be explained with the movement of planets. Also the results and influence of these movements in society and individual lives could be explained. People consult an astrologer because they are interested to know what could happen in their lives and what sudden influences have to be dealt with in the future. Thus people can benefit from this knowledge and be able to more easy deal with sudden upcoming challenges in their lives. Horoscopes published in e.g. newspapers or weekly magazines never can be used individually. Here, only general tendencies are presented, more or less valid for people sharing the Sun in the same Sun sign. The influence for the life of an individual can only be derived from a personal horoscope and only when the time of birth is more or less exact known.

Dynamics in our solar system

Astrology is based on the energies related to the movement of planets in our solar system. Some of these planets have one or more Moons orbiting this planet. It is known that all orbits of planets around the Sun are more or less in the same plane. The intersection of this plane with the stellar systems around we call the ecliptic or zodiac. All orbits of planets have an elliptic form. The characteristic of an elliptic orbit is that the distance between orbit and the 2 focal points (in one of them the Sun) is everywhere different. According to physical law the orbit speed of planets is in every position of the orbit different and depends on the distance to the focal points (i.e. the Sun). These differences in speed are accompanied by differences in planetary pull and therefore in energy. This energy is of influence to all life exposed to it.

The distances of the orbits of the different planets in our solar system to the Sun differ widely, for this reason the time needed for every planet to make an orbit around the Sun is different. In addition, there is a big difference in the mass of planets (Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system approx. has the same mass as all other planets together). For Mercury it takes 88 days to complete an orbit around the Sun. Venus needs 225 days, Mars 687 days, Jupiter almost 12 years, Saturn 29,6 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune 165 years and Pluto needs 247 year to accomplish an orbit. It may be evident that the energies caused by these movements will differ strongly and that the influence of all these energy on all life will differ substantially. In addition it can be stated that the chance, that all planets in our solar system, simultaneously will be in the same position as once before, is not existing. Especially for all planets in an orbit outside the earth orbit, it can be stated that, when a planet is in a  particular part of the orbit represented by a star sign of the ecliptic, it is the same part of this orbit as every time before. And it is also true that, in that part of the orbit, the distance to the Sun is the same as all other times the planet was in this position. Every time again the same energy pattern will occur.

What does history of science learn us?

Since its origin, mankind has been forced to change, and many times with reluctance, its ideas about the world and the solar system.  Sometimes even, people in power tried to efface evidence of new insights by threatening with deadly penitention. However, truth always came through and mankind approached the truth of existence every time a little bit more. All ideas about the truth turned to be besides truth every time again.  This tendency for sure will continue to the future. Only when mankind could manage to understand the divine complexity in all its dimensions and dynamics, truth could become transparent. And for that reason, mankind will always turn out to be too limited in knowledge, whatever they will be able to discover. The only situation, where mankind can be supposed to understand all, is when the all is inside the individual human. As mankind consist of many more than one human, this is a contradictio interminis. As long as mankind is prepared to adapt knowledge to new insights, we will more and more approach to understand the real meaning of creation.

From science we have a number of insights we could use to understand.

In the first place there is the general theory  of relativity developed by Albert Einstein. In this theory it is assumed that both mass and energy curves space/time. Einstein states there is no difference between a constant acceleration and a constant gravitation. With the help of this theory Einstein e.g. has been able to explain disturbances in the orbit of Mercury. Einstein was not always very certain about the validity of his theories. Many times he has thought his theories were not correct until again they could be proven as true.

In the second place there are the theories of Gödel. He was a brilliant mathematician and a.o. known from the incompleteness theorem.  This theorem told us the following:

  1. If a system is consistent it can’t be complete
  2. The consistency of axioms cannot be proven within a system

All systems are defined in a restricted way, to be able to study the relatedness of variables defined as the most important. All systems use external defined axioms to research its validity within the system. As a result of our scientific method we know all our systems are limited, so they will not be applicable to prove the validity of everything existing.

Next I would like to refer to the philosopher of science, Karl Popper. He is known from the scientific method of empiric falsification and states, the knowledge we have about a certain subject improves when we can prove this knowledge is false in certain circumstances. Based on insights we had on forehand, we are able to expand our knowledge and renew the theory behind. In the development of our society and especially in the knowledge society this insight of Popper is crucial.

In many cases our science builds on simplified models of reality, where less relevant factors have been left out. This approach can be easily adopted in many fields without problems. However researchers should always be aware of this potential pitfall. This awareness should keep us away from too dogmatic opinions and a doubtful approach of really new ideas. It should trigger us every time again to search in wonder to new insights. Another reason to adopt the falsification theory, lies in the dynamics of everything around us. Mankind always tries to explain everything existing in fixed structures, however history has proven nothing is fixed and mankind always had to adapt to important changes in whatever circumstance. Everything in the universe, from black holes and related milky ways up to the smallest gene can change. Einstein’s law of mass energy equivalence, learns us that all dynamic is of influence of the surroundings and will have influence of it.

Fritjof Capra has used these ideas in his books “the Unity of life” and “the Web of life” and has given us insight in the relation between the ideas of Einstein and the history of development of life on our planet.

Above scientific examples show us that knowledge is temporarily and will change according to the dynamics of life around. However the most relevant dynamic, the movement in our solar system and beyond, is not taken into account. Wouldn’t it be the right moment to be prepared to take into account the energies of geocosmic phenomena and the influence it might have on all life, including mankind. It is the astrology studying these relationships since many centuries. Before the advent of modern science, astrology was called the king of sciences. Why shouldn’t we use this knowledge in the advantage of mankind making them more aware of their ties to galactic influences.

How can astrology contribute?

Astrology can contribute to find answers on questions we have in our lives, but due to the complexity of energies we are influenced by, it will not be applicable for everything.  The difficulty lies in the complexity of the universe and the human search for simple explaining mechanisms.  Due to the dynamics in the universe, situations representing the same energetic situation will not occur. From the moment we are born we have our objectives in life, either form ourselves or influenced by our social surrounding. Only one thing we know for sure, one day we will pass away and leave the body we are incarnated in.  We look for certainness and stability in our lives and keep as far as possible away from death. However life goes about awareness, and awareness can only grow when we have to cope with circumstances we never met before. These help us to challenge us to a growing awareness. And a accumulation of all awareness’s lead to fulfilment. And it is astrology that can help us to understand events and why they came on our path and thus helping us to grow to fulfilment.