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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month March

  • Important energies

  • Spiritual meaning of the lunar nodes

  • Astrology and astronomy in daily practice

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Finally, at the end of a long period of expressions of darkness, we have arrived at the end of wintertime. Nature has taught us the necessity to abide from the previous, to be able to welcome new possibilities.

Our world is longing intensely for new and better times.

But if we think that the new is the same as what we used to do in the past, we did not understand the lessons. Periods and circumstances causing afflictions, always include messages for all of us.

The year we left behind us, with societal disbalance and limited freedom, has given us the opportunity to learn that the world is only becoming better if we also use our individual freedom as a service to community.

We do not only have rights, but we also need to show a balance in our attitude between our potential and the way we use it and contribute to all there is.

We should understand, we ourselves and our community are part of all there is. And being part of it, gives us obligations as for instance to live our lives in line with the law of pure intentions.

Where we have learnt to include this in our acting and thinking, spring may really come through and bring various kinds of new life and initiatives really contributing to the better world, we all are longing for.

Please do not hesitate, and take the opportunities next month will offer you, to contribute to a better future for all of us.

There will be enough useful energies and imagination.

Just use them to make your dreams and ideals becoming true. We only should learn to accept and understand that whatever we imagine always have been available in potential and was waiting for us to make ideals out of it.

I wish you a happy and inspiring month, let your lives flower.

Preview for the month March

In March we will see a lot of conjunctions, representing cooperation of energies.

We have 9 conjunctions not counting the conjunctions with the Moon involved.

Venus and Jupiter are playing a role in many of them, giving in general positive energies.

This energy coincides with the rhythms of nature surrounding us.

We are in the spring season, showing many miracles related to new life.

The New Moon on March 2nd on Pisces 13th degree is related to willpower and challenges us to use this energy at many manifestations in inner and outer life.

Together with several other energies occurring simultaneously, this New Moon will offer an opportunity, to go inside and feel the potential of these energies.

The energy supports the execution of activities needing a structural approach.

On March 3rd we have a conjunction between Venus, Mars, and Pluto on Capricorn 28th degree.

However, the exact conjunction between Venus and Mars will be a couple of days later, on Aquarius 1st degree. This could bring an anergy where love could be brought to people in a purified way.

The 28th degree of Capricorn is called the degree of Clairaudience, a good moment to attune to the cosmic vibrations, and receive this message of purification.

For everyone who is born about January 17th, April 18th, July 19th, and October 20th it will possibly be a learning energy with tough lessons. However, later, the results can be considered as gifts from heaven.

For those people born about May 18th, and September 20th, life events may take place in a kind of fluent routine.

But be aware the energies are very powerful and can be misused by people trying to expand their power over others. This type of misuse will always result in anti-forces according to the law of balance of power.

On March 5th we have a conjunction between Sun and Jupiter on Pisces 5th degree, another powerful energy supporting spiritual growth.

Later this month the energies will support our lives in many ways as the planets representing imagination, analysis, love, values, and structure will cooperate.

They offer us many potential new beginnings, just take the opportunity to believe in it.

Only about March 21st (spring equinox) the energy can bring unquietness and related challenges.

We will have strong need for new initiatives in many areas of life.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies

In the month February, the following important energies will occur. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

2 Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury conjunction Saturn, New Moon (18.35) at 12.07 Pisces

3 Mars conjunction Pluto, Venus conjunction Pluto

5 Sun conjunction Jupiter

6 Mars enters Aquarius (07.23), Venus enters Aquarius (07.30),

Venus conjunction Mars (08.12)

10 Mercury enters Pisces (02.32)

13 Sun conjunction Neptune

17 Mercury sextile Uranus

18 Full Moon (08.17)

19 Venus square Uranus

20 Sun enters Aries (16.33) spring equinox

21 Mercury conjunction Jupiter

22 Mars square Uranus

23 Mercury conjunction Neptune

26 Mercury sextile Pluto

27 Mercury enters Aries (9.44)

28 Venus conjunction Saturn

The spiritual meaning of the Lunar nodes

(by Leidy de Groot)

From an earthly point of view the Lunar Nodes are virtual intersections of the orbits of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. See picture beneath.

So, the Lunar node axis (representing this intersection) gives information about the Sun and Moon, the representatives of day and night, light and darkness, yin and yang, earth, and heaven in Taoism.

In spiritual astrology, the astrology of the soul, the Lunar nodes form the kernel of the horoscope, give insight in your path in life and indicate how we will act attuned to our essence in life.

The Northern Lunar Node (NLN) indicates the point of longing of the soul, the karmic path of the soul.

The Southern Lunar Node (SLN) indicates experiences and commemorations from previous lives on earth, talents we can use in this live. It can also be related to behavior in your youth, causing feelings of stagnation on your life path, feelings you will have to solve and release.

Symbolically, we can consider the Lunar nodes as a connection between earthly needs and cosmic destination.

Through this connection we look for balance between our need for self-realization (Sun) and our emotionally driven (Moon) longing to a familiar and traditional past.

Our personal path for development is indicated by the houses and signs where the nodes are and their connection with Sun, Moon, and other planets.

Through our duality, and incarnation, we can get experience and insight in the contradictory character of both nodes.

When our identification with the SLN is too strong, we need to pay attention to the challenges of the NLN to establish a better balance between the two.

Talents derived from the SLN can be transformed to be useful for the NLS challenges. However, they never should be a pure imitation, as the NLS requires a new experience in thinking and acting.

The basic challenge is, to create harmony, to reach the moment where the NLS experience feels equally trusted as the SLS experience. The challenge is about the learning of the soul, we call it the process of individuation.

When you start living from the spiritual dimension of your horoscope and the gifts they include, and circumstances and behavior issues block the path from SLN to NLN experience, you are asked to release the old well-known patters.

This will be realized with the help of the energies of Mars (action), Saturn (structuring, limitation), Uranus (renewal, innovation, cosmic insight), Neptune (ideals, higher love) and Pluto (purification).

By using these energies, you will create new opportunities for talents related to the possibilities of the NLN.

You will have to walk this path in isolation, allowing you to feel deep inside what is happening.

The ultimate objective is, to be the free and authentic individual promised by your birth chart.

It is difficult to read in your horoscope to what degree you already did walk your path to destination.

Every individual has a free will to decide to do something or not. Your own decisions mark the path, and every decision will offer new challenges to decide upon. Ultimately, when your live has been fulfilled, there will be a cosmic counter, where the balance for a next incarnation will be made.

In his book “Astrology for the soul”, Jan Spiller pays attention to the Lunar nodes and their meaning on the karmic path. Some of his insights are presented below.

The Moon as indictor of the Lunar Node axis.

In astrology the Moon indicates our feelings and emotions. It also rules the way, we experience ourselves. The depth of the signs, where the Moon is placed in our Birth chart, is big.

From a karmic point of view (past lives) the NLS and the SLS are based on the psychological influence of the Moon. The Moon is the major base for the structure of personality.

The positions of NLN and SLN in sign and house indicate your personal challenge and what talents should be developed to achieve the fulfilled live indicated by the potential of the NLN in the birth chart.

The SLN indicates the areas where the emphasis has been in past lives. It is also indicating the area where we can get out of balance by new experiences.

In fact, it is all about the integration of new energies in a harmonious way, feeding your growth in awareness and trust.

The NLN in sign indicates the psychological shift a person has to realize. The NLN in house indicates the experiences you can possess of to develop a new psychological consciousness. This house position indicates the circumstances and the area of lessons to be learnt.

A double sign and house position of the NLN indicates that the intensity of lessons to be learnt has been doubled. For instance, when NLN is both in Gemini and House 3 or NLN both is in Pisces and house 12.

When the NLN is in the opposite house of the NLN sign, there is a need you reflect deep to find a balanced mix of behavior (house and sign). The house indicates in what area the lessons should be learnt. The house is like a cocoon, the environment needed to develop and manifest the contents of the sign. For instance, NLN in Aries in house 7, or NLN in Cancer in house 10.

End citation Jan Spiller.

Important are also the planets ruling the signs where the lunar nodes are, as well as the lunar node aspects to other planets.

Ruling planets express the psychological process needed to get balance between experiences of NLN and SLN.

Aries/Mars or Libra/Venus: Learn to cooperate and create balance between you and the other.

Taurus/Venus and Scorpio/Pluto: Balance values, love, and talents between you and the other

(without the use of power).

Gemini/Mercury and Sagittarius/Jupiter: Develop knowledge, skills, ideals and needs to develop in cooperation to others.

Cancer/Moon and Capricorn/Saturn: Develop your own base, inner form, and emotional safety together with the outside structure, boundaries, and protection.

Leo/Sun and Aquarius/Uranus: your ego consciousness and self-expression together with the group consciousness and the self-expression of others.

Virgo/Mercury and Pisces/Neptune: your earthly serviceability, personal goals, and pureness in line with non-personal goals, spirituality, and cosmic serviceability.

The progressive Moon as indicator for spiritual development

At birth, every new life has a need to follow the karmic path and to follow the challenges of the NLN (accepting the challenges of new experiences).

After the first progressive New Moon we experience the transfer from the NLN to the SLN.

The moment depends on the exact positions of Sun and Moon in the birth chart and can vary from the 6th to the 30th year in life. Sign and house of the progressive New Moon give an indication for the psychological development of the personality in these years to come.

The cycle of the progressive New Moon phases of about 29 years through the 12 signs and the 12 houses, offers the opportunity to develop in the areas where the progressive Moon is present.

The progressive Moon in general highlights the contents that will be touched in a process of development of the conscious.

The becoming conscious of new insights, ideas and needs can bring a new phase in life by attuning to it. When we do not pay enough attention to these hidden messages coming on your path, it will remain present under the surface until a next opportunity touches it.

From the first progressive New Moon a process of becoming conscious will be started, with the objective to realize the potential of your incarnation (the NLN).

After the second progressive New Moon (between the age of 35 and 60), the spiritual path of the NLN must be realized.

A strong EGO can cause a fall back in the balance between NLN and SLN.

At that moment, it will become clear that fixed ideas and behavior patterns do not match with your potential path to destination (the NLN).

This is caused by the fear to lose the old and trusted, even when this is a bad situation.

Through the cosmic energy (Pluto’s power of the soul), this fear can be overcome, and this offers the opportunity to become aware again about the path of the soul (Pluto square Pluto).

From that moment it is possible to leave the EGO and live in line with the cosmic plan.

During the spiritual process caused by the lunar nodes, your path will be influenced by transits and mutual aspects of the planets. Also, what is happening in the world, will be of influence.

After all, a complex process to realize your potential and to achieve your real objectives in life, realization of the SELF.

Exclusions related to the Progressive Moon phases:

  • When a progressive New Moon takes place before the age of 6, the person can stick to the NLN and the reversal of the nodes can take place, caused by events taking place.
  • When Mercury is retrograde in the birth chart, indicating a refusal of incarnation, the process of the path of the nodes, will not follow the progressive New and Full Moon.

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

This month, Venus will remain visible.

Within an hour before sunrise, she can be seen in the southeastern sky.

During this month the planet Mars will be close to Venus, less clear and red-colored.

On March 28th and 29th we can find Venus easily (provided a cloudless sky) as the Moon will be on the same position.

Venus retrograde was a period of revaluation. We have seen a worldwide fall off stock values related to this. A special event on this we saw on February 4th when the value of Facebook (or better her mother Meta) came down with 25%.

Jupiter and Neptune seem to show a healing influence since they run together in Pisces.

Stay attentive for the opposite side of these planets, exaggeration, and deceit.

The growth in cybercrime can be related to this energy as well.

Light on the path & through the gates of gold

I got the booklet of Mabel Collins, from a friend. She told me I might be interested in it.

When I opened it, I immediately was attracted by the contents.

Although the booklet had been published in the first issue in 1887, it still is very valuable.

At least the contents ask you to reflect and offers the possibility to use it to support your mental development.

For this reason, I have planned to offer the readers of the newsletter monthly a part of the contents.

In this issue the next text to reflect on:

These rules are written for all students, so pay attention to them.

Before the eye can see, it should not be influenced by tears any longer.

Before the ear can hear, it should be no longer sensitive.

Before a voice can speak in presence of the Master, it should have lost the potential to hurt.

Before the soul can stand in presence of the Master, their feet should be washed in the blood of the heart.

Then the rules follow (we can count 2 times 21 of rules).

Underneath the first 4 of them.

  1. Kill all ambition
  2. Kill to long for live
  3. Kill the longing for a convenient existence
  4. Work like those who are ambitious

On a first sight, rule 4 seems contradictory to rule 1. When we think it over a little bit longer, we soon may conclude that where we exercise rule 4, without any involvement of the EGO, we might make some progress in understanding the rules 1 to 3.

Possibly it can help to imagine and learn to understand the insights from quantum physics, that there is no underlying reality. This reality is pure potential, waiting to be discovered by those who have developed their imagination, by following all challenges on the path.

For the moment I leave it to the reader to try to understand these rules.

Read them more often, every new exercise brings new insights.

References: Light on the path, Mabel Collins


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New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings

Lao Tse