Astrological preview for November 2011

As already was the case during the month October, Pluto will continue the trine with Jupiter, enabling new initiatives to remove structural problems in our financial and other systems. Try to stimulate them, we need them and be prepared to leave dishonest systems, favoring a happy few at the cost of earth and mankind, radically behind. The conjunction between Mercury and Venus during the first half of November is becoming exact on November 2nd, shortly after these planets entered Sagittarius. The challenge of this 1st degree of Sagittarius is to discuss in a sphere where communication will be generally peaceful and full of mutual understanding, but focused on the revelation of the essentials.

The first 10 days of November will probably give fair weather. In general the sphere will be nice and warm. On November 9th we can enjoy the fascinating view of the monthly repeating conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in Taurus, depending on a cloudless sky. This will give whom are sensitive to this a warm earthly atmosphere. This changes on November 11th when the planet Mars enters Virgo. Mars will stay in this sign until the beginning of July 2012, and will be in the biannual retrograde period in this sign. In numerological sense November 11th will also show something remarkable (11-11-11), with many transformative signs. The sphere will appear to become much more critical with an increasing chance for verbal incidents. When the Sun makes a semi square with Pluto the planet of transformation this influence will be even stronger. From that moment we also enter the semi annual eclipse period. On November 25th we have a solar eclipse on 3rd degree of Sagittarius. According to the astrological mandala this degree is the degree of the Sagittarius Grail of philosophy of life. At a low level of cosmic consciousness this can lead to this can degenerate to fierce religious struggles. The message is to learn to stay above this level and to develop a vision of a divine state being the ultimate goal for all kinds of religion and philosophies of life. On November 24th Mercury starts to move retrograde, this time on the 21st degree of Sagittarius, the degree of higher psychic power and wisdom. Let Mercury again be our messenger of the Gods and guide us the way to a true understanding in order to turn the energy of the eclipse in a direction of a true understanding of a harmonic cosmic brotherhood. On November 26th when Venus enters Capricorn the weather will become substantial colder.