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Mercury as messenger

Last year (december 2009) and on behalf of a very special geocosmic signature related to the 22nd degree of Capricorn, I have been sending the following message to people who might be interested in it.

“Mercury is known as the messenger of the Gods. Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd degree of Capricorn. From station points of planets it is known that they offer a special energy and especially when this energy relates to factors in somebodies birth chart. This will inevitably also be the case this time. As the geocosmic signature is more complex this tim,e the message will be more complicated and even more challenging. At the same moment as the Moon eclipses on Sylvester evening, the Northern Lunar Node is also on the 22nd degree of Capricorn and on January 12th Venus (Love form the heart) and Sun(Light)  will be conjunct at this degree.

This situation is very special and between 1900 and 2050 it has not and will not happen again.

According to Rudhyars astrological mandala, the 22nd degree of Capricorn is symbolized by: By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character. The keynote of this symbol is: that one may grow through defeat as well as and perhaps more than through success. The message is to transform apparent external defeat into internal victories. On a mundane level we could consider the public disclosure of pedophilia of priests in the Irish Roman Catholic Church as an example. It would be good if more people would consider revelation of bad behavior from the past, understand it and learn from it. Perhaps we all should go through this common process during this Lunar eclipse and understand and follow up the hints from the Northern Lunar node to act courageous.

After this period many messages revealed the practice of pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church in many countries, but also about other issues as e.g. nowadays related to the publications on the Wikileaks site. The message on 22nd degree of Capricorn has been partly understood, however we need more courage to heal the world and its inhabitants.

Tomorrow (December 10th 2010) Mercury turns retrograde again, this time on the 6th degree of Capricorn and almost in conjunction with Pluto. This situation inevitably will result in messages. The 6th degree of Capricorn is symbolized according to Rudhyars Astrological mandala as follows: 10 logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods. The number 10 symbolizes completion. In numerological sense December 10th 2010 is symbolized by the number 7. The number 7 indicates the end of a period, but also the spirit overcoming the ashes and is represented in the Tarot by the triumphal chariot. According to the mystic order of the Golden Dawn: The lord of victory of the light. Mercury retrograde gives the opportunity to settle things from the past and to prepare and make space for new challenges and experiences. We have until December 30th when Mercury turns direct again to arrange things and to be prepared to give and receive the Love and Light related to Christmas. In a numerological sense December 30th is represented by the figure 9 and this number amongst others symbolizes our spiritual guide. In the Tarot the number 9 is represented by “the Hermit”, in the mystical order of the Golden Dawn it is known as The Magician of the voice of the Light. What would be more beautiful as to receive this message from Mercury and to transfer it to people around. Another message from Mercury and related to the degree where Mercury turns direct again, is related to archetypical representation of the 20th degree of Sagittarius: In an old fashioned Northern village men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer.

This indicates the need to skilled in the use of nature’s resources to be prepared for the future. It indicates the necessity to assure supplies.

New Moon on December 5th

On December 5th there will be a New Moon on 13:29 Sagittarius (14th degree).

For people in the Netherlands a welcome coincidence as on this evening we also celebrate “Sinterklaas” a folkloristic event where people receive presents from an old bishop on a white horse and assisted by lots of black servants (Zwarte Pieten). And in addition it is marvelous to know that the New Moon also is a sacred moment where we can pass our most intimate wishes to the stars.

Every New Moon always gives the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, but this time we also have other significant cosmic signatures.

Also Mercury and Pluto make their conjunction on the 5th degree of Capricorn, Neptune and Chiron make a conjunction on the 27th degree of Aquarius and Jupiter and Uranus make a conjunction on the last degrees of Pisces.

Another significant event is that Uranus turns direct in the night from 5 to 6 December (GMT). Uranus station guarantees unexpected events. Indeed a nice perspective if you know you are allowed to offer your wishes to the cosmos.

The degree of the New Moon (14th degree of Sagittarius) gives another nice archetypical picture according to the astrological mandala form Dane Rudhyar (seed man from the beginning of the previous century).

The symbol is: The great pyramid and the sphinx.

It represents the belief in an Original Tradition based on the perfect knowledge of archetypical principles which underlie all manifestations of life on Earth and in the Cosmos.

And the occult knowledge of the almost divine preservers (the Seed Men).

The great Pyramid and the Sphinx are witnesses of this occult knowledge placed according to cosmic principles. The symbol signifies that archetypical knowledge remains the foundation for the mankind’s consciousness and where from lasting and valid formulations can be established when new developments in evolution are on the advent.

The symbol also indicates that occult knowledge and traditions will be the best means to meet the challenges of the current crisis in the world.

Could there be a more beautiful and fitting opportunity to attune our wishes to.

This week NASA published a breakthrough in our vision on the possible environments for  life to exist and also our universe multiplied in number of stars and red dwarfs indicating a far most bigger possibility of the existence of other forms of life somewhere in our cosmic order.

For people interested in cosmology and Original Tradition and being convinced of a coming and never ending flow of coming new insights the cosmos will bring us these are beautiful presents as such. And possibly there will be more and even bigger surprises the coming month.