Astrological predictions 2017

The year 2017 appears to become a rather quiet year in astrological sense. There are only a few major aspects.

The most striking issues are: the retrograde Venus, Saturn entering the own sign Capricorn at the end of 2017 and both solar eclipses during the year.

This does not mean there will be no major events, because things happening individually depend heavily on the relations of transits in the individual chart.

Venus (see picture) retrograde brings a new awareness forcing us to evaluate the real value of things in our lives. This will take place for both love and relations and for material values. So it forces a real revaluation of all value systems we are connected to.

Venus retrograde therefore can have influence on the quality of a relationship and end up relationships that are not worth wile to continue. In addition the financial world can be subject to reevaluation of values. This can lead to opportunities and disappointments in the stock market. The most critical time is the period between April 8th and 21st when Venus squares Saturn.

When Saturn enters Capricorn and stays there until 2020 it is time to change organizational patterns. We may face a lot new initiatives to change processes and structures from governmental bodies and regulations. As also Pluto makes a transit through Capricorn, new structures will be subject to critical reactions from societal partners. Only innovations in the interest of all will be accepted and to endure.

The solar eclipse on February 26th on the ninth degree of Pisces has a clear Pisces signature. Be careful with medicine, drugs and alcoholics. Many of us are very vulnerable. There is a good chance that some individuals will loose self-control and act irresponsible. On the other hand we could also feel intensely happy.

The solar eclipse of August 21st on Leo 29th degree has a Uranus signature. It will possibly bring us surprises and even discoveries, as we will be released from ego drives for a while.

Predictions for 2017 month by month


January will be a rather quiet month with no major aspects.

From January 8th on, all planets will be direct and show their true energy. As planet Mars is in Pisces the atmosphere is quite harmonious. This is especially the case in the first week of January when Mars and Neptune are in conjunction and also Venus shares both planets. This does not mean nothing will happen at all.

In the contrary: the conjunction of Venus and Moons Southern Node can facilitate the coming together with women who bring you a Karma related connection.

This can lead to interesting meetings especially as long as Mercury is retrograde in the first week of January.

On January 12th at Full Moon, energy can be rather confusing, from one side leading to joyfulness and exaggeration and on the other to restriction and seriousness. Be careful in over idealizing persons from the other sex.

Around January 19th you can face difficulties with someone being an authority in your live.

This is possibly one of your parents, a teacher, the fiscal authority, a policeman. As the Sun makes a transit to Aquarius the atmosphere will also be more rebellious.

Against the end of the month the authorities can take measures leading to financial restrictions.

The New Moon on January 29th on the 9th degree of Aquarius gives a special symbolism: A flag is seen turning into an eagle. This symbolizes the manifestation of real values in the real world. The symbolism of the flag is static the eagle forces respect.


This month shows more fierce energies. Both Mars and Venus will enter Aries. A planet in Aries always shows a lot of initiatives and many ego-centered actions. Ego centered actions always lead to confrontations. Especially around the solar eclipse on February 26th the energy can lead to difficulties as Mars at the same time makes a square to Pluto. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can easily be the result of this. The eclipse will hit the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean and Antarctica.

The solar eclipse will be on the 9th degree of Pisces. This degree is symbolized by: “A jockey spurring his horse with the intention to outdistance his rivals”.

It is the degree of self spurring and symbolizes the need for each individual to work on the realization of the personal destination.

Against the end of the month we can also face unexpected opportunities. Be aware they will not take place when and where we expect and require a quick action. They will appear very surprisingly.


Venus energy is important this whole month. On March 4th Venus is turning retrograde. There can be some confusion and disorientation.

Be careful not to over idealize people.

Around March 10th we will become more thoughtful. It is a good period for gardening or other activities outside or in the country.

Halfway March we might run into confrontations with authorities in our lives.

Don’t act stubborn; you will have to pay for that.

This years spring equinox will take place on March 20th (GMT). The sun crosses the equator on its way North and enters Aries. We have more initiative and become unquiet. Things to be done will be the issue.

On March 25th there is a conjunction between Sun and Venus (retrograde). This is a special moment as Venus is on one of the 5 corners of the Venus star (the pentagram) today.

The 5th degree of Aries where this takes place has a special symbolism: “A triangle with wings”.

This symbolizes the capacity for self-transcending. It indicates the need for wholeness of every individual to be able to grow in wisdom.

Picture: Window in the Xaverius church in Amersfoort NL showing a peace pigeon almost completely covering a triangle.


April has a clear signature of retrograde planets and changing energies. Apart from Venus also Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will turn retrograde leading to a rather unbalanced energy. Also the turning direct of Venus on April 15th will contribute to this.

These shift of energies forces us to have a greater focus on our inner world.

Venus will also square Saturn these, this brings the possibility of measures from authorities leading to financial losses.

As Venus goes direct again on the degree of fulfillment, we could discover new bright and important insights in our inner world.

Around April 9th it is better to keep away from dangerous places.

Mercury turning retrograde on the tenth of April in Taurus gives an additional need to communicate carefully, because things will be easily misunderstood. This needs attention to the 2nd of May.

At the end of the month we will be more extravert and our communication becomes more direct.


The month May will be rather quiet, with little difficult energies.

Around May 10th our communication becomes very original with new ideas. We have little energy and are a bit lazy. From May 21st and on, we become more active and focused on communication, learning and reading. The New Moon on May 25th on the 5th degree of Gemini brings a different energy. The symbol of this degree is: “A revolutionary magazine asking for action”.

This is the degree related to Einstein’s law of energy E=Mc2. This means that every action will cause a reaction leading to a new equilibrium. On the other hand this equilibrium never will be at the same point as before. It is the cause of endless change, where we are subject to, and what we can use to create a better future for earth and mankind.

Try to keep away from primary and primitive reactions, because also this type of energy will lead to comparable reactions.

We need revolution for a better future; the real revolution should be in ourselves in changing our attitudes, where we should solve karma and not create new karma.


Also June will bring us a rather quiet time from the perspective of cosmic energies. We like activities in and around our homes and with our families.

It is a good time for gardening. Halfway this month we can become a little bit disoriented.

Summer solstice is on June 21st MET 06.25.

Picture: Sunset in Stonehenge

On June 21st Sun and Mercury will enter Cancer almost at the same time, family life will be very important.


The month July begins with a difficult energy, which could cause safety risks. So avoid unsafe places and situations and keep away from aggressive persons. Especially July 10th is a risk full day.

Around July 18th we can meet surprising and unexpected events. Be prepared, an accident could take place easily.

When Sun enters Leo on July 20th we become lazy. We will avoid becoming over-active and we like to leave bigger efforts to others.

July 21st will bring us surprising events, we could also have unexpected and brilliant ideas.

There will be a need to be in the foreground for many people. It would be helpful to make this effective in the interest of all, i.e. the whole community.


In August we will have to face strong and frequently varying energies.

We might have difficulties to keep focused and concentrated.

The Lunar eclipse on August 7th (MET) will disconnect us from our emotional roots.

Around August 10th we will spend a lot of energy, however we can get the feeling this was a waste of time and energy.

The solar eclipse on August 21st is on the 29th degree of Leo.

This degree is symbolized by: A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves, ready for rebirth in human form. The degree gives a message of intense purification and transformation.

It also indicates we will have to face many sudden and life-changing events.

Famous people will pass away and leave messages for us, when we have the intention to listen.

There could also be volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. As the full shadow of the eclipse will hit the USA from Oregon to South Carolina, there is a somewhat bigger chance some of this will happen on the US West Coast (Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson volcanic area).

After August 23rd we become more critical, also details and caring attitudes become more predominant.

We look for values we can count upon. After August 26th we like more luxury in our lives.


At the beginning of September we might become disoriented. We also could loose sight on our destination.

We will direct our efforts more on activities concerning services to community.

Around half September we might be confronted with requirements from authorities.

Our need for luxury fades away, we will return to more sober living patterns.

From September 22nd and on, we will be more focused on our partner.

Sudden events could have influence on society as a whole and our roles in it.

Against the end of the month we will become informed about new surprising information and about people who will become compromised.


This month we will have to deal with quick changing energies. The month will start rather harmonious, and some of us will meet a person becoming important in our lives. Strong identic issues in our ways of thinking may facilitate us.

Around October 10th energy will change completely. The general atmosphere will become rather disharmonic and we will have strong feelings of un-safety. There will be a number of strong confrontations with authorities.

Halfway this month stress will fade away and we will become more interested in our loved ones.

Around October 19th we will have to face other sudden and unexpected events.

The New Moon of this day on Libra 27th degree shows “ An airplane sails high in the clear sky”.

It shows the possibility to go beyond problems and create new perspectives based on past experiences of mankind.

From October 23rd and on, we become much more defensive and reluctant. We hide ourselves and look for emotional security.

At the end of the month we feel expressive and enjoy luxury in our lives.


From November 7th we look for depth in our relationships. We remain careful and reluctant.

Around November 19th there is a chance for dangerous situations and aggressive people.

From November 22nd we become more enthusiastic and interested in the world.

We would like to conquer the world with new ideas and ideals. There is a chance for exaggeration and loose of control related to this. We can become disoriented, we may have trouble to find our path in life.


This moth will start with unexpected events. These could cause troubles, especially when we travel abroad, so be well prepared.

It would be wise not to use medicine, drugs or alcohol, and if necessary, try to limit the use as far as possible.

This year’s winter solstice is on December 21st at 17.29 MET.

This time it will be a very special one, as Saturn has entered the own sign Capricorn the day before.

The next 2 and a half years Saturn will stay in this sign. It will give many new regulations.

At the same time Venus is also entering Capricorn. This could mean that we will have the tendency to be reluctant in spending money for luxury and other unpractical things.


The symbolism of degrees of the ecliptic used is from “An astrological mandala” by Dane Rudhyar.

ISBN 0-394-71992-1.