Astrological preview of the year 2014


At the end of the year 2013, we can easily confirm 2013 has been a roaring year. A year where a number of rare astronomical events have left their tracks.

These were:

  • The transit of Neptune in the own sign Pisces, an event occurring once in 165 years.
  • The waning square between Pluto and Uranus occurring once in 120 years, 7 squares as we will see now are very seldom;
  • The mutual reception of Pluto (in Capricorn) and Saturn (in Scorpio). We speak about mutual receptions when 2 planets are in each other’s sign in the same period.
  • The Grand Cosmic Cross in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn by alternation accompanied by Jupiter in Cancer and Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Libra. The first of these crosses will occur around Xmas and Sylvester this year, this time with Mars as the 4th planet.

All these configuration are rather unique in themselves and have led to changes and remarkable events.

Our world is changing rapidly, in most cases as a result of our own behavior.

The world has envisaged other periods with lots of changes before. In most cases Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn played a major role. Such as in the Reformation with Martin Luther and Johannes Calvin.

So we should not be surprised we have to deal with a lot of changes and also the world will never be again as it was before. Most of us, know very well changes are necessary, but because we lose the control in our own lives, we try to stay outside these changes. Still it will be better to accept them, and integrate them in your own lives and adapt where indicated.

The stars in 2014

All of the above mentioned energies will also be of influence in 2014.

E.g. we will have to deal with the effects of the 5th and 6th square between Uranus and Pluto.

Coming year these will take place on April 21st (Eastern Monday) and on December 15th.

Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025, The mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto will end on December 23rd, but will return for a short period of time in 2015.

Other remarkable events are: Venus retrograde during January 2014, Mars retrograde from 1st of March until May 20th.

Jupiter opposing Pluto will occur on January 31rd and April 21st.

In 2014 we will regularly meet a Grand Square, sometimes together with a trine, other times together with a kite. All these energies ensure a year with lots of striking events and surprising new findings.

In the square we will every time see the planets Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter, so the energy will be directed to innovation and purification in matters of ethical value systems and religions. Also issues of power will be an important theme.

So the most important energies we have to face in 2014 are related to the planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Transits of Saturn have the objective to learn you about the quality of discipline, structure and restriction in the area of life where the transit is. This area will be cleaned up and unusual things will be removed, whether you like it or not. As Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception in most cases these restructuring events will occur as a more or less organic process.

Transits of Uranus have the objective to remove obsolete values and to get rid of the survived restrictions opposed by the social environment. The change is about to discover what is really important in your life and to incorporate it there. Uranus is revolutionary in itself, this is visible in the way Uranus makes its transit through the ecliptic: cross-grained.

Transits of Neptune teaches you your ideals in the area of life concerned, however as many people are not aware of this people can be misled.

Transit of Pluto indicate the area of purification in your life, however in many cases it does not surpass the narrow area of power and destruction.

What does al this mean for the year 2014?

Most astrologers consider the waning square between Uranus and Pluto as a period of crisis.

Process that have been initiated during the last conjunction (1965 and 1966) will now be tested and where necessary corrected. Most important events from these years were the following:

  • In Syria Assad (father of the current president) comes in power by military action;
  • Beginning of the cultural revolution in China
  • Start of the area of space travel to other planets (Voyager mission). In 1965 Gerry Flandro discovered that once every 76 years Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are outlined in a way it makes it possible to visit all these planets in 1 single mission. Pioneer-1 was launched to test whether it would be possible to pass Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager mission had the objective to pass Uranus and Neptune.
  • Treaty of Brussels where a number of European countries agreed the introduction of a political Union.

Where the principles of the waning square between Uranus and Pluto indicate a crisis period what happens in Syria can be easily understood.

In China the cultural revolution comes back into attention in a way authorities have made excuses for their behavior. Still we have to wait for the further developments.

Some months ago, Voyager-2 managed to leave our solar system after a successful trip through our solar system.

With respect to the European Union we have to face many crucial challenges as e.g. related to the power of the EC, the ECB and the budget problems especially in Southern European countries. However when these won’t b solved they will affect all of Europe. At the moment we see a power struggle between all parties involved. Changes in our financial system are urgently needed in a way wealth will divided better in society and the current tendency where the very rich become more and more wealthy at the cost of community should be stopped.

In 2014 the waning squares will take place on April 21st and December 15th.

The square of April 21st will take place close to a solar eclipse, the same energy as on November 1st of this year, where the taifun in the Philippines was related to. Again we probably will have to deal with natural disasters, on the other side, the energy related could also lead to influencing innovations.

The energies for every month

The month January will not be simple for most people.

The Grand Cross that started around Xmas Eve, is still present and has a lot of influence.

The New Moon on New Year’s Day with Sun and Moon in conjunction with Pluto requires new inspiration and purification. Where innovation will be founded on preservation of power it will fail. The energy will stay until January 9th.

Venus is retrograde in Capricorn this whole month and with Venus station on January 31st this also will be in conjunction with Pluto on the 14th degree of Capricorn. On January 22nd Venus will make another Grand Cross together with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

The 14th degree of Capricorn is known for revaluation of everything representing remaining value for our society. Where this degree is highlighted by Venus, planet of value, it might be a good opportunity to decide about real solutions for our problems in the financial systems, provided, these solutions really serve the whole community and not only a happy few. On January 31st there is also an exact opposition between Pluto and Jupiter and together with Uranus another T-square will be formed, another challenging aspect requiring and facilitating important changes. This energy can favor new discoveries , but also sudden political revolts.

The month February will be more quiet. Please keep in mind the retrograde period for Mercury, starting from the 6th of this month. Be prepared on sudden disturbances in technical equipment and delays in traffic and communications. Take good care for your car, because sudden cold can cause troubles. In addition it is not a good period to conclude agreements, especially not when they are complicated. This period will last until the end of the month. On February 21st we can be favored by the positive influence of a grand trine in water signs and arrive in dreams and romantic experiences.

March immediately starts with Mars station turning retrograde. This will keep its influence until May 20th. All this time energy levels will be rather low, and it will be difficult to achieve goals by working tough. So use your energy thoughtful and do not act in a hurry, but be quiet awaiting the right moment to act.

On March 8th we have the positive energy of a grand trine in air signs. We can be part of many emotional discussions. On March 17th and 18th we meet the energy of another Grand Cross. We can deal with upcoming stress by acting full of love and before we react also consider in the real meaning of the other person’s reactions.

Begin of April and being exact on the 5th we meet the energy of another Grand Cross. Again Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter play a role, this time together with Mars, At the same time there will be a Grand Trine where Mars is connecting both. It is important to react thoughtful and with integrity. The energy of this Grand Cross will stay until end of May. It will be a challenging time with on one hand possibilities for innovation and on the other hand explosive situations easily running out of control.

When on April 16th we also have the energy of a Grand Trine and a Kite the potential for innovation is enormous.

Jupiter makes its following and final opposition with Pluto (exact on the 25th) and gives shape on the relationship between these energies on the 14th degree of Cancer. This degree is known as the degree of celebrity and ancient wisdom. For people having their Sun on this degree (born from July 4th until July 6th) this will be a fantastic time with enormous potential, but also people born in April and celebrating their anniversary one of these days, become excellent opportunities.

Be aware of these opportunities and don’t let them pass waiting for better times. On April 21st we will experience the energy of the 5th waning square between Uranus and Pluto on another 14th degree, this time of Aries and Capricorn. It might be a good opportunity to relax, step back and visualize the real values for you.

This energy will enable new developments in global events as described earlier in this article, but also influence on individuals with import factors on the

On April 29th the solar eclipse will have to deal with this energy. Our attention will be asked for preservation of nature as a source of all live. It will also a good idea to understand we have to move on the waves cosmic energies bring us.

During the month May the Grand Cross will remain of big influence. First part of the month the solar eclipse will have influence. Disasters could take place and important famous citizens could pass away. Between May 15th and 20th energy will be more relaxed. On May 20th the energies become much more active while the planet Mars is turning direct again. While Mars still is part of a Grand Cross explosive situations can take place and also run out of control.

During June the situation remains explosive and stressful. We can have to deal with conflicts, explosions and terrorist attacks. Between June 7th and 30th Mercury turns retrograde again, this time in the signs Cancer and Gemini. We have to take into account communication problems in electronic equipment, delays at travels and misunderstandings. Members of the family you did not meet for many years can appear suddenly. Again the energy is not of good influence for complex contracts. If possible conclude them before either after this retrograde period.

Starting from June 30th the energy will change. Another Grand Cross combined with a Kite is giving energy, inspiration and many valuable new insights.

Between June 12th and July 13th the football world championship in Brazil will be organized.

At the beginning the organization might look rather chaotic, afterwards from June 30th and on it will be more in balance.

July will start with positive energy and the possibility to get inspired.

On July 10th we are under the influence of a harmonic rectangle, we would like to realize changes in a constructive way. Between July 20th and 30th there will be a lot of positive and loving energy. In this period the 12th degree of Cancer is the breeding ground. Janduz indicates this as the degree of higher wisdom. Remarkable is the fact that Albert Einstein has this degree rising in his horoscope. The symbol of this degree also has a spiritual dimension i.e. the promise of the birth of the divine in the soul of mankind.

The month August gives changing energies, however the stress is much more reduced although the energies will not always be relaxed. On August 29th we will be more sensitive for alcohol and medicine, so be restrained in the use of these.

September will give a lot of positive energies. On September 12th the sphere will be emotional, idealistic and full of love. We will be able to share deep secrets. Pay attention that the intention is pure, afterwards it could become clear people might be misled. At the end of the month everything will run smoothly.

Also the month October will start with a lot of positive energy.

Between October 4th and 25th we will attend the 3rd period in 2014 with a retrograde Mercury. This time in the sign of Libra. It can cause communication problems with partners, both in love and in business. In addition we can have to deal with many disturbances in technology.

From October 10th and on the 2nd eclipse period of 2014 will have its influence. Another period where famous people an decide to change sides of life, and other remarkable events will take place. The solar eclipse will take place on October 23rd on the 1st degree of Scorpio. Next to Sun and Moon also Venus will be on this degree. The first degree of a sun sign represents the mere essence of a sign and in Scorpio this is transformation. The energy of the eclipse and especially through the conjunction with Venus, will be a harmonious one and is about the coherence between mind and soul. However, as for the eclipse we lack the connection with the self, therefore the energy may turn out to become very emotional. So the transformation will be furthered in solving and erasing egocentric motives leading to to a revaluation of material and non-material values.

In November we will experience changing energies. On November 10th we can become disoriented. In the middle of the month the energy will be more stressful, this could also lead to situation filled with aggression. The final days of this month are much more positive, although we can feel tension between ratio, ideals and inspiration.

The first week of December this positive energy will continue. However as we are nearing the 6th waning square between Uranus and Pluto, being exact on December 15th, the energy will turn to tension. The square will be on the 13th degree of Capricorn and Aries. We can expect sudden and impressive changes, having a big influence on society. On December 23th Saturn will transit into Sagittarius. A totally different energy will come in place. Saturn as the structuring and restrictive principle does not feel at home in Sagittarius, the sign of borderless and unconditional growth. Saturn in Sagitarius will also further the need of justice and careful and structured investigations. We surely will become aware of this energies through what will be happening. As for this transit the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto will be finalized for a couple of months. Therefore the energy of Pluto in Capricorn will become more intense. So we can have to deal with authorities trying to restrict us in every area of society. New regulations will be proposed, so try to be aware of the real meaning on these energies and keep being critical about new regulations of government and other authorities.