CERN and the Mayan calendar

Next week’s New Moon on Tuesday September 27th at 13:09 MET is another special one.  The specialty is that the NM on 4:00 Libra conjunct Mercury, opposes Uranus en squares Pluto. Together with a sextile to Mars, and a trine to Uranus, Moon, Sun and Mercury form a half kite. Together with a square to Pluto, Uranus, Moon, Sun and Mercury form a T-square. These represent powerful energies. According to the interpretation of Janduz the 5th degree Libra symbolizes a fall down the rocks of a cliff and according to the interpretation of Rudhyar this degree symbolizes a man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a new world could be built.  A good moment to meditate on the value in your personal life.