Mercury station experience

On December 30th (the day Mercury went station after a retrograde period) I experienced some remarkable adventures with the services of my local bank. In the morning shortly before 11.00 a.m. I left home to do some shopping for Sylvester Eve. As I almost did not have cash money and in one of the shops I planned to visit cash money is the only means to pay, I went to the nearest bank station to get some cash. When I expected to have finished the transaction and waited for my card to appear, somebody came to me with a paper where was written that the machine was not working and he told me not to put my card in, because it would not be returned. Soon it turned out the guy was right because my card did not appear and neither did the money I expected. So I had to face the problem to need cash money to do my shopping and not having a card to withdraw it, nor to be able to pay. I phoned my bank, the service number happened to be in my mobile phone and informed them about the incident. I had to face problems because the account might be blocked, neither could I perform payments using internet banking facilities. A new card would take a week as well as the service of the withdrawal automate where my card has disappeared. The solution was to go to one of the offices of the bank and get cash money at the desk. As the nearest office was closed that day I was advised to go to another office. When I arrived there and I had explained the problems the employee informed me she could not help me because their cash withdrawal automate was defect. I had to go to another office in another village. As it was short before closing time for lunch and I expected I might not reach that office in due time, I asked the employee to phone the other office and inform them about my problem and ask them not to close and wait for me. On my way to this office I came upon many obstacles in traffic and as a result I arrived 5 minutes late. Fortunately the office turned out to be still open, the girl in the office assisted me very friendly and I could leave the office with the required money to do the shopping. The hole adventure took about 2 hours.

Lessons learnt:

Trust in people and not in systems.

The employees of my bank are professionals and helpful.

Be aware of Mercury stations, it can take a lot of time to fulfill your planned assignments

This day Mercury station squared the midpoint Sun/Mercury in my birth chart. In this chart Mercury is dispositor of the 8th house (banks and insurances, money from other persons). Station Mercury was in my 2nd house indicating money and goods.