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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month November

  • Important energies

  • Astronomy and astrology in daily practice

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold (9)

  • Coincidence in our solar system (4)

  • Alan Leo

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Every now and then each of us will wonder about the meaning of his or her life.

This will happen in different ways and through various insights. Sometimes we fight fiercely about differences in our mutual opinions.

However, when we behave this way, do we answer our questions?

To my opinion I don’t think so; insight is related to specific qualities of every single individual.

We can suppose the ideas of some of these individuals may be appreciated better (as wisdom) than ideas of others.

For this reason, it might be helpful to have a common objective measure to agree upon and to prove what might be right or wrong.

However, also when we have such a measure, we will still have questions.

Who has created the measures and for what purpose?

Even with all these efforts, there will remain enough possibilities to keep disagreeing. So, not all our questions will be solved this way.

What may be helpful is, to try to understand the why’s and reasons behind point of views of others.

You may conclude that differences in insight are related to personal interpretations of universal principals.

And this can’t be neglected. Everybody on earth has a different mission, meeting own challenges when trying to reach the objectives. However, these missions should all be related to the principals of universal love. Our time in life is of great value and lifetime is dedicated.

We are certain that the end will come, but not when and how. Carlos Castaneda makes us aware of this in one of his books about the warrior where he states: “Every warrior is aware about the death being on his heels”.

There is no reason to hurry or to fear, you will only be overtaken when this is meant. When this incarnation cannot contribute any more to a fulfilled life.

Be precious with your time, live aware, contribute in love to the beautiful objective we all have; the creation of a peaceful world where mankind can live in love and a full mutual understanding.

Preview for the month November

At the end of the month October, the planet Mars turned retrograde.

This means we entered a period of more reflection about our efforts. This period will last up to January 11th 2023.

The retrograde Mars is supposed to reduce the fierce sides of our actions.

At the beginning of November, we still are under the influence of the eclipse of October 25th.

As, at the moment of the eclipse also Venus and Mercury were in conjunction with the Sun, we will enter a period where these planets make the same aspects within a couple of days.

At first Mercury (the fastest of the 3), then Venus and finally the Sun.

At first, they will come in aspect with the Lunar Nodes (we will get the tendency to have trust in everything known to us.

Afterwards there is an opposition with Uranus (We can be confronted with unexpected events bringing us a wake-up call.

Later on, there will be a square with Saturn, energies to consider seriously as we can learn a lot from it, provided we are prepared to listen by heart. It can also lead to some stressful situations with authorities in your lives.

Finally, we will run into trines with Neptune and somewhat later Jupiter.

Beautiful aspects possibly helping us to realize our deeply wished dreams and develop them.

A month with nice opportunities and energies, when we are prepared to think over things and the common interest for society as a whole.

Picture: Beach of the North Sea (Jan Weber)

The New Moon of October 23rd is on Sagittarius 2nd degree.

This degree is symbolized according to the astrological mandala by:

White-capped waves display the power of wind over sea.

It symbolizes the mobilization of unconscious energies under the presence of super personal motives.

It is the degree of spiritual dynamics obeying powerful and beautiful cosmic rhythms as a contrast with the gory and hysterical rises of a civilization progressing through war.

It is the process of subtilisation trough rhythmic intensity.

With the Sun entering Sagittarius and Jupiter turning direct again, shortly after, we may expect better times. We may be more positive about the chances for more harmonic future developments and progress.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for October

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

3 Venus conjunction Southern Lunar Node

5 Sun conjunction Southern Lunar Node, Venus opposition Uranus

6 Mercury conjunction Southern Lunar Node

7 Venus square Saturn

8 Full Moon with Lunar eclipse (12.02) on 16.01 Taurus, Sun (outer) conjunction Mercury

9 Mercury opposition Uranus, Sun opposition Uranus

10 Mercury square Saturn, Venus trine Neptune

11 Sun square Saturn

12 Mercury trine Neptune

15 Mercury sextile Pluto, Sun trine Neptune, Venus trine Jupiter

16 Venus enters Sagittarius (07.08), Mercury trine Jupiter

17 Mercury enters Sagittarius (09.42)

19 Mars square Neptune

21 Sun trine Jupiter

22 Sun enters Sagittarius (09.20)

23 New Moon (23.57) on 01.38 Sagittarius

24 Jupiter direct (00.02)

28 Mars trine Saturn

29 Mercury opposition Mars

30 Mercury sextile Saturn

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

Mars will be visible this month in the southeastern skies shortly after sunset.

Jupiter and Saturn rise after midnight in the South-East. Before sunrise, we could observe them in the southwest before they will set.

As Jupiter is on the point of her orbit around the Sun that is closest to the earth, we can observe her as by far the brightest “star” in the skies.

In the evening of November 2nd, the Moon will be close to Saturn, at midnight on November 5th close to Jupiter and on November 11th close to Mars.

On September 30th I had a remarkable experience. We every now and then take care for the dog of one of our daughters, so also this day. Coco is about half a year old, when she is brought to us, she has had her morning walk. I welcomed her and went to my computer to finish some messaging.

When I was busy doing this, I heard an unusual sound and when I took a look Coco came to meet me with her belt in her mouth. I tried to get it, she resisted and when I ultimately succeeded and started to look for my coat and left Coco alone, she had found my shoes and taken both in her mouth and brought them to me. I was astonished. All was also very amusing. I went outside with her, and this turned out to be worthwhile.

I checked the positions of the planets, to understand her behavior. The planet Mars (ruler of my 6th house and a.o. indicating pets) made a 135-degree aspect with Neptune (a.o. ruling the animal world) and Mercury also made a 135-degree aspect with my natal Uranus. A beautiful example of intuitive and non-mental communication.

In last month’s newsletter, I informed about special adventures of one of our readers in the preparation of a journey to Chartres. Her effort to gather information knew many difficulties and was against many rules.

Picture: Cathedral in Chartres (Wikipedia)

Later on, I received a message the planned journey had been cancelled. In the first place her doctor was against due to health complications. In addition, there was the challenge with fuel in France and strikes related to it.

It was good to be able to conclude the journey didn’t have the consent of universe and had already taken place mentally, due to the broad investigation carried out on forehand.

On October 8th I made the picture underneath with my iPhone.

We here see the Full Moon in conjunction with Jupiter.

A couple of days earlier a policeman on a motorbike asked me to stop. He said I did drive somewhat lurching. This might indeed have been the case, some moments before I wondered which road to take to come to my destination. Fortunately, I had decided to go straight on.

He checked my drivers license and I got a warning to drive more cautious. He said I had hindered him when he drove behind me, at the meantime anticipating on what I would do. In my birth chart Saturn is in the 8th house. It means I will always have to behave with respect to the authorities (and of course an agent on a motor bike thinks he is).

The solar eclipse of October 25th had her influence. In last months newsletter I paid attention to the dead of Queen Elisabeth and the relation to her birth chart.

Also, a remarkable number of victims drowned after an accident (cars in the water, collapse of ferries) took my attention. The eclipse turned out to make a difficult aspect 135 degrees with Neptune and at the same time Neptune making a square (90 degrees) with Mars.

Other recent events that can be related to the eclipse (and together with the 90-degree aspect between Mars and Neptune) are the Halloween victims in Korea and the collapse of a bridge over a river in India.

Light on the path & through the gates of gold (8)

This booklet of author Mabel Collins had been published in the first issue in 1887.

When the lessons from the former articles have been understood, a clear inner voice will direct itself to you and say:

Follow the road you have taken.

Lesson 13: Speaking is based on knowledge. So, acquire knowledge and you will be able to speak.

Lesson 14: Now you have received the control over your inner senses, have received the desire of your outer senses, have overcome the desires of the soul, and have acquired knowledge: be prepared disciple to follow the path, you have found it, so go and walk it.

Lesson 15: Ask the earth, the air, the water the secrets they keep for you. By developing your inner senses, you will be able to do so.

Lesson 16: Ask the saints of the earth to the secrets they keep for you. The control over the desires of your outer senses gives you the right to do so.

Lesson 17: Ask the most intimate, the one and only, to the ultimate secret it has preserved for you during all centuries.

The big difficult victory, to conquer the desires of the inner soul is a process that takes centuries.

Don’t expect to be rewarded before centuries of experience have piled up. As soon as the time has come to learn about this 17th lesson, the man is on the threshold to become more than a man.


Light on the path, Mabel Collins

Coincidence in the solar system (4)

Already for many centuries, mankind is occupied in trying to understand the dynamics in our solar system. We already have understood many insights, however we still are looking for more.

Recently, I received a very interesting booklet as a present and was struck deeply by the special contents.

The booklet was about the order in our solar system and how they are presented to us on earth.

In John Martineau’s booklet I found some additional interesting information. In this case about the special cooperation between the 2 largest planets in our solar system: Jupiter () and Saturn ().

An orbit of Jupiter around the Sun () takes approximately 12 years, an orbit of Saturn around the Sun takes 29.6 years (the same number as the Moon needs days to make her orbit around the earth (). In the same time Saturn has made 2 orbits, Jupiter has made 5.

On the picture underneath we see 3 sections.

Both upper sections (top left and right) show the 2:5 ratio.

Top left is an impression of the combined dance of Jupiter and Saturn around our Sun.

Conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn take place every 20 years and are pictured by the 3 curves to the center of Jupiter.

Top right we see a picture of oppositions and conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. The conjunctions are on the outer circle and the oppositions on the inner circle. Together they form a hexagram also known as the “star of David”.

In the section underneath the golden ratio (phi ratio) hidden in the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn is presented.

When the earth has made her orbit around the Sun and returns to the starting point after 365 days, she needs an additional 13 days to catch up with Saturn and after that an additional 20,8 days to catch up with Jupiter. The golden ration has been made visible in time and space.

John Martineau: A little book of Coincidence (Wooden books)


John Martineau: A little book of Coincidence (Wooden books):

Esoteric Astrology

Currently, I am attending a 4day workshop dealing with esoteric astrology. On the first day we started with the exchange of background and basic concepts.

Esoteric astrology is based on a.o. the work of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Baily.

A first book about this subject has been written by Alan Leo, afterwards also other astrologers (Ruperti, Rudhyar and Alan Oken) paid attention to the subject in their books.

Alan Leo, born William Frederick Allan, (Westminster, 7 August 1860 – Bude, 30 August 1917) was an English astrologer, author, publisher, astrological data collector[1] and theosophist. He is often referred to as “the father of modern astrology“.

His work stimulated a revival of astrology in the Western world after its decline at the end of the 17th century. Leo was a devout theosophist and he worked many of its concepts such as karma and reincarnation into his astrology. 

He wrote a number of books about astrology and was a.o. the first author of a book about esoteric astrology.

In this work he used the following 3 main principles:

There is but one life within the Universe, the supreme life of God streaming through the Sun.

This life is expressed in various ideal states of consciousness. Through the planetary spheres of influence and –

The force and matter of the universe are expressed in innumerable modifications through the various groups and divisions of the signs of the Zodiac, which represent the Ether, or inner planes of matter and are reflected downward into our material universe.

Esoteric astrology makes use of Sun, Moon, Lunar Nodes and Sign Rising as major indications.

In the booklet: Astrology for everybody (edited 1910) by the Theosophic society, Alan Leo uses these indications to give information about the path of life to be expected, based on the combinations of the position of Sun and Moon in the birth chart.

Interesting to follow the development of this in the work of these astrologers and to understand the meaning in actuality.



Alan Leo: Astrology for everybody (Theosophic Editors: 1910)


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When you let go of what you are,

You become what you might be.

Lao Tse