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Issues in this month’s edition are:

  • Preface

  • Preview month September

  • Important energies

  • Light on the path & through the gates of gold (7)

  • Astrology and astronomy in daily practice

  • Virgo in astrology and the tarot (Eleonore Oldenburger)

  • Astrology AD 1910 (2)

  • Coincidence in our solar system (2)

  • Wisdom of Lao Tse


Recently, when reading a book about the quantum world I came upon the word “reflexions”.

A beautiful example of a world stipulating the possible presence of different holes of significance.

By putting a “-“ between “reflex” and “ions” these both worlds (the quantum and the physical one) become visible. The reflex-”ions” open for us the possibility to let the observed quantum to become part of the real world. It empowers the world of ever-growing awareness and consciousness, by wondering whether all we think to observe can be considered the same (identical to) what others observe.

It is impossible to find answers to this question. We can have the idea that we observe something identical and even give it identical names (because we have learned to give this name). However, whether we really have an identical observation cannot become evidence based.

To make it more clear; I suppose that we, knowing the difference between all individuals (and this is part of our personal assignment in life) observe different and also make other interpretations than anyone else. Exactly when we become aware of this and pay attention to it in our conscious actions we create possibilities to better understanding and mutual cooperation.

Preview for the month September

September in general is a month with harmonic energies. On world level this could signify a more quiet period and preparedness to listen and negotiate.

For individuals this might be somewhat different depending on their birth chart.

Yet it might be a month with difficulties in communication.

Mercury turns retrograde on September 10th for the remainder of this month.

In addition, a number of planets (Sun, Mercurey and Venus) make oppositions with the planet Neptune, and Mars runs into a square with Neptune. All energies facilitating misunderstandings.

So, try to tune on the rhythms of the planets and understand cosmic messages, on an intuitive level it could give beautiful insights and inspirations.

September starts with an energy possibly helping us to carry out activities successfully.

About September 3rd we may tend to exaggerate or to be broad in our communication.

About September 5th the way we relate becomes more rational and less warm.

In any case we also become more helpful and less selfish.

On September 10th Mercury turns retrograde. It starts a period of misunderstandings, and breakdowns of technical and electronical tools, and cancelled meetings.

Try to meet your daily challenges and obligations seriously.

It is also a time where you can become betrayed or receive messages from the past.

On September 11th one could have brilliant insights, however they may be difficult to recognize or believed in. If applicable make a note of them, it might be useful for future events.

On September 12th we can be in fire and flame having met somebody, or just have a discussion with our partner.

On September 12th we might be rather disoriented. When you have an appointment on an unknown location, prepare carefully, otherwise you may get lost.

Don’t take important decisions especially when there is a claim on your trust related to this. Promises made may turn-out to be fancy.

On September 19th you might have the right inspiration and still be doubtful about your thoughts, making the right decisions might be difficult.

On September 20th energy is helpful to refresh relationships and agree about individual and mutual freedom.

On September 23rd Sun enters Libra, we become somewhat more oriented to our partner.

Today may also be a day filled with communication difficulties with the partner.

On September 24th we might live on a rosa cloud, we can meet somebody being the reason for this.

The New Moon on September 25th is on the 3rd degree of Libra. This degree is symbolized by: “the brink of a new day reveals everything to be changed.

It symbolizes the possibility to have a new start based on new values, needed so urgently by our society. It is also a beautiful moment to have a group meditation on this issue in order to have collective inspirations.

The energies on September 26th, 27th and 28th as well as the transit of Venus in Libra on September 29th are very helpful for this.


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Important energies for September

This month, the following important energies will be present. They will be the explanation for significant events during this month. Time used is GMT.

1 Mars sextile Jupiter

3 Mercury opposition Jupiter

5 Venus enters Virgo (06.05)

10 Mercury turns retrograde (05.37), Full Moon (11.59) at 17.41 Pisces

11 Sun trine Uranus

16 Venus square Mars

17 Sun opposition Neptune

19 Mercury R opposition Neptune

20 Venus trine Uranus

23 Sun enters Libra (03.04), Sun conjunction Mercury, Mercury R enters Virgo (14.04)

24 Venus opposition Neptune

25 New Moon (23.54) at 02.49 Libra

26 Venus trine Pluto, Mercury conjunction Venus, Sun opposition Jupiter

27 Mercury trine Pluto

28 Mars trine Saturn

29 Venus enters Libra (09.49)

Light on the path & through the gates of gold (7)

This booklet of author Mabel Collins had been published in the first issue in 1887.

When the lessons from the former articles have been understood, a clear inner voice will direct itself to you and say:

Lesson 5: Listen to the music of life

Lesson 6: Keep in memory the melody

Lesson 7: Learn the lessons of harmony

Lesson 8: You are able to stand upright now, as a cliff in the sea and obey the warrior in yourself and being your guide. Not doubtful to carry out his orders, not worrying about the outcomes, for just one thing is important, the warrior fighting the fight of justice will win, he knows he cannot be beaten. So, while standing upright, being clear and awake, use the power to hear you have learned through the suffering and the annihilation of suffering.

Only fragments of the most beautiful songs come to your ear, as long as you are only a human. But when listening to it, keep in mind the true sound, so nothing you have heard will get lost, and try to understand the meaning of the mystery surrounding you.

After a while you will not need a teacher anymore. For, equal as an individual has a voice, all where the individual is part of, also has one. Life itself can speak and never will be silent.

What it will tell us, is not only a litany of shouts, but a harmonious composition. Learn from this to obey the laws of harmony.

It is the picture of your growth you will go through, when you allow guidance of the divine cosmic energies, experience them, and let them become part of your awareness.


Light on the path, Mabel Collins

Astrology and astronomy in daily practice.

On 23rd of September the Sun returns to the southern hemisphere and passes the equator.

Days are becoming shorter. So, it is easier to recognize “bodies” in the nocturnal skies.

Venus cannot be seen as she is too close to the Sun and is on her way to an outer conjunction on October 22nd.

The planet Mars will be visible at sunrise in the South.

Jupiter and Saturn are rising in the Southeast around midnight.

On September 9th the Full Moon is close to Saturn, on September 11th to Jupiter and September 17th the Moon is close to Mars.

In the last newsletter I wrote the following:

About August 7th, we can have the encounter of our dreams, at the same time we can feel somewhat inhibited.

About August 9th, the encounter of our dreams can turn out not to meet our high expectations.

One of the readers informed me that her encounter caused the buy of a piece of art to be proud of.

This buy was sold so handsome in information that looking carefully at the object was not possible.

Two days latera first small imperfection became visible. At close inspection the piece to be proud of turned out to be repaired very carefully in order to hide all imperfections. The price paid turned out to be too high.

About the 13th of August we could see a swarm of falling stars (the Perseids) returning every year.

Some days later also in the Netherlands the Polar Light (caused by a solar eruption) was visible.

About the New Moon of August 27th, we were confronted with the relativity of life, a number of remarkable and deadly accidents took place causing a lot of personal grief.

Mars square Sun and Moon in addition to Venus square Uranus and Venus opposition Saturn were the energetic basis for this.

In the same period my attention was drawn by another expression of Venus (beauty), in the T-square with Uranus (creativity) and Saturn (shape) by Leontine who sent me a beautiful picture of a spider in his web. The picture looks as if the spider is made of gold, Leontine also works with gold in the creation of beautiful jewelry.

Virgo in astrology and the tarot

On Tuesday August 23rd, 2022, the Sun entered Virgo as well as the Moon entered Cancer.

We went with our dog to the veterinarian; a good idea as domestic animals are ruled by Virgo.

The star sign Virgo has many stars, but only the star Spica is visible.

Spica is situated North of the equator and can be found easily (in spring and summer) by drawing a line through the stars of the arm of Ursa Major (the Great Bear).

Virgo is depicted in most cases as a virgin with wings in one hand holding an ear of corn and in the other a palm leave.

The blue and white alpha star Spica can be found in the ear of corn and the bright yellow star Vindemiatrix can be found in the arm holding the palm leave.

The star sign is considered during many centuries as female and connected to fertility and nature.

Vitality, growth, and fertility are best visible in nature in spring. Spring also is the time when Virgo becomes visible in the nocturnal skies.

The myth of Persephone

The beautiful Persephone, daughter of Demeter (Goddess of fertility) and Zeus was picking flowers together with her friends. Suddenly earth split and opened, and Hades, God of the Underworlds arose.

He hijacked Persephone to the dark underworld and made her against her will his wife.

Her mother Demeter couldn’t be consoled and looked all over the world for her daughter.

She was very sorrowful and neglected the earth. Fertility disappeared and everything became dry and deathly. People died from hunger. Even Zeus couldn’t comfort Demeter. So, he addressed Hades his brother and asked him to send Persephone back to her mother. Hades agreed, but first forced Persephone to eat from a pomegranate. Persephone fell in love with Hades, and was so in love that she always kept longing to stay with him. In the season when Persephone stays with her mother everything is flourishing, however when months pass, she is longing more and more for Hades. For this reason, she stays the other half of the year in the Underworld, invisible from earth.

As well the High Priestess, the Virgo, and the Empress the mother, play the role of the Goddess. The High Priestess e.g., is the one understanding Gods oracle, as a mediator between Fate and mankind. She is permitted to enter the world behind the veil and knows the secret language of life. The empress represents all female, all life bringing, all love herself and mother earth. She is the classical example trinity of birth, propagation, and death. On cards II and III of Rider Waite tarot we see depicted the ear of corn with the Empress and the Date palm and pomegranate with the High Priestess.

Virgo, the 6th sign of the ecliptic, also is the sign where man is created. The creation of mankind in this world takes place on the 6th day (according to Genesis). This is also the day related to Venus, Friday, or Freya. Form a mythical point of view mankind is created on a Friday, and lives in Paradise.

According to the saga he also fells down. On the same day he meets the snake and falls down to earth from Paradise. This story possibly explains the less fortunate meaning of the fixed star Vindemiatrix: theft, dishonor, and treachery.

The meaning

Myths about Virgo deal with fertility as part of the process of life, death, and reincarnation. And also, about the growth from young girl to older women. They symbolize the natural, fertile, female process proceeding independently. In Christian myths virgin Mary became pregnant in a miraculous and supernatural way. So, she symbolizes fertility as an independent process. The Virgin represents pureness and inviolability.

In time of the earliest myths, without saying life was connected to the female cycle of fertility. In the following more patriarchal era, Persephone had to be brought violently to the Underworld.

She staid too long in the virgin stage, picking flowers with her friends. To proceed her path to matureness, an experience in the Underworld was necessary. She had to lose her innocence to get mature and become wise. In our days we idealize young virgins. Our culture adores to stay forever young and also the path through the Underworld is easily indicated as “depression”. The term “virgin” nowadays has got a different meaning, far from the original meaning of pure and independent connection to fertility.

 The Virgin as Lady Justice

According to the saga written by Aratos in the 3rd century after Christ in his epos Fainomena, the astral Virgin personifies Lady Justice, also the card Justice in the Rider Waite tarot.

In the Golden Age, Justice lived among mankind, but when afterwards mankind became less strict with morality, she hovered to the skies, where she only can be found as a star sign.

Not accidentally, the nearest star sign in the ecliptic is the Libra.

The Greek combined the signs Libra and Scorpio as one star sign Scorpius. They saw Scorpius as the dark force and Libra as the light one. Libra was ruled by the Goddess Astrea holding a balance in her hand. The Romans knew her as Justice and see as a result the picture on the tarot card: Justice with balance and without blindfold.

Spica and Vindemiatrix

The name of the fixed star Spica literally means inflorescence. Spica is in Virgo in the place of the ear of corn and symbolizes the gifts of earth to mankind.

The ear of corn is a symbol of earth’s fertility and growth by solar power, awakening life, and abundance. A seed first has to germinate and become an adult plant and after that, we can expect as a result new prosperity, the ear of corn. Spica symbolizes the natural process as told in the myths.

This process of maturing is important and needed for mankind.

Spica learns you to be prepared to lose your innocence and also to be prepared to go through the Underworld. At the end you are reborn and can possess of life bringing power.

Vindemiatrix can be found where the arm of the virgin holds a palm leave. A palm tree is a tree of life because the tree never loses its leaves.

In Biblical stories, we see the palm leave playing a role in the triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, when palm leaves were put in front of him on the road.

In the Christian church this event is called Palm Sunday.

The name Vindemiatrix is derived from the Latin word vintager (collector of grapes). When in ancient times this star was visible rising it was time to collect the grapes. In the cycle of fertility everything has a right time. It is impossible to harvest before the grapes are ripe. Also later is not suggested because grapes get rotten. You only can harvest what has bee sawn. Vindemiatrix gives you the insight to gather on the right moment and patiently everything you need.

Eleonore Oldenburger


  • Friedrich Weinreb, ‘The Astrology as part of the Hebrew mystics
  • What the stars tell you; Willem Beekman and Bart Brandsma.
  • From Achilleus tot Zeus; Eric Moormann & Wilfried Uiterhoeve.
  • The stars of your life; Adrie Byen & Ria Borst.

Astrology AD 1910

This book with the title “Astrology, technics and ethics” from author C. Aq. Libra (a pseudonym for Roelf Takens) was edited in the first edition about 1915. It gives insight in astrology from the point of view of Helena Blavatsky.

A.o. Takens was also known as a painter, who painted the “Magere brug” a bridge crossing the Amstel in Amsterdam.

The book was also edited in English, German and French and gives a rather complete insight in the most important astrological techniques. For many chapters it still is worth wile to read.

I found a special way of birth-time corrections: the rule of Hermes. This rule tells us there is a relation between time of birth and the moment the impregnation has taken place.

This “epoch” moment is about 273 days before birth.

The rule of Hermes tells us the following:

The sign and degree where the Moon is positioned at the “epoch” moment is considered to become the Ascendant in the birth chart of the person concerned when the Moon is waxing at the “epoch” moment. When the Moon is waning, the AC will be the opposed sign of the Moons position.

I never heard before about this rule during my astrological life of over 30 years.

I am curious whether one of the readers has experience with it.

In any case, when I applied the rule on my own birth-chart and my wife’s.

When I apply it on my children it doesn’t fit., they have an “epoch” moment with a waning Moon, and it still indicates the sign rising.


C. Aq. Libra Astrology, techniques, and ethics

Coincidence in the solar system (2)

Already for many centuries, mankind is occupied in trying to understand the dynamics in our solar system. We already have understood many insights, however we still are looking for more.

Recently, I received a very interesting booklet as a present and was struck deeply by the special contents.

The booklet was about the order in our solar system and how they are presented to us on earth.

Figure: the dance of Venus, Sun and Earth

In the picture above, the mutual “dance” of Sun, Venus and Earth has been depicted.

Except Sun and Moon Venus is by far the clearest object in our skies.

As observed from earth, Venus makes in her orbital cycle 10 conjunctions (5 inner and 5 outer ones). Above we see the pattern of this orbit by Venus.

When Venus, Sun and Earth are in one straight line, with Venus between Sun and Earth, we call in an inner conjunction. In the figure above depicted as the 5 small “eyes” in the center of the figure.

Venus gives us her “kiss” once in 584 days at the moment of an inner conjunction, when she is closest to the earth.

In the lower part of the figure this is depicted as the small 5-pointed star in the center of the figure.

That this “kiss” is not happening accidental may become clear when we know every time this kiss takes place, Venus has the same area of her surface turned to the earth.

This is related to the very slow axial cycle (2/3 of an earth year) of Venus. The direction of this cycle is also in contradiction to every other planet’s cycle.

When Venus, Sun and Earth are in one straight line, with the Sun between Venus and Earth, we call in an outer conjunction. In the figure above depicted as the 5 points of the “big” star.

After every cycle of 10 (5+5) conjunctions (almost exactly 8 years) the next cycle takes place on nearly the same degrees (2 degrees earlier) of the ecliptic.

It takes about 1440 years to have the “same conjunction” back on a dedicated degree of the ecliptic.

In addition, it makes clear that the energies of inner and outer conjunction from Venus and Sun will be quite different at the moment of the conjunction.

I will give other examples in the next edition of this newsletter.


John Martineau: A little book of Coincidence (Wooden books):


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