Astrological preview 2022

In last year’s preview I wrote that:

In 2021 we could expect an era, where authorities will try to limit the negative aspects of freedom in the interest of a responsible and free society and within limitations where needed.

We have seen what happened and especially the square between Saturn and Uranus (we had the final one on December 24th) played a major role in this.

We can disagree about intentions and why, however, nobody likes this situation to last.

In 2022 energies will be far less limiting than in 2021, however we will have to be prepared on the outcomes of the crisis and still many reasons why this crisis occurred have not been solved yet. Us is still waiting a vast effort in many fields to a better world.

It is no good thinking to expect or long to go back to the time before, we should have learned and be prepared to adapt our behavior.

Gradually we will become more freedom, however we should learn to behave I a less dogmatic way. We are part of a society, where there should be a balance between all aspects of life. Lack of balance gives no balanced future.

Both Saturn as well as Uranus have some dogmatic sides. The first one to govern from the authority point of view, the other from the individual right point of view.

Next year will therefor e again be a less complex year, as the energies will be less rigid and complicated and offer opportunities to put steps on our way to a balanced and prosperous society (I do not mean material prosperity). We need to work on the reasons for dis balance and we have plenty of them.

Pluto (♇) on the last degrees of the structure sign Capricorn will every time again ask our attention and if we do not react as required in an increasingly striking way.

Pluto in the ultimate energy should be about purification.

Unfortunately, mankind has problems to understand this message and uses Pluto for plays related to power.

The most important change for 2002 is related to the transfer of Jupiter to Pisces on December 29th 2021.

Jupiter (♃) is gradually approaching Neptune (♆)in the ecliptic. The planets will be in conjunction on April 12th, 2022 on the 24th degree of Pisces.


Neptune and Jupiter both are ruler of Pisces. Due to this conjunction their energies will be mutually strengthened. This can have different effects depending on the individual birth chart and in society.

Neptune gives us unlimited ideals and love and Jupiter need for growth development and justice.

When these energies cooperate this will be fantastic, however nothing is sure as Neptune also can be related to addiction, infections, mislead and betrayal.

So, stay away from these issues and you will be benefited.

We should also consider the role of Neptune related to the waters.

Also, in this aspect Jupiter can strengthen the effects, so be prepared for situations where water is superfluous.

Picture: Neptune (Poseidon) as God of the seas

A complex dilemma, we need ideals to realize the earthly paradise.

Unfortunately, some of us try to do this according to their personal interests and intentions.

Follow your ideals, keep an eye on what is happening and avoid being misled by fake talks.

The symbol for the 24th degree of Pisces is: On a small island surrounded by the vast expense of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction. This can be a message learning to accept the own limitations and to live in narrow interaction with your environment to be prepared for the future.

Before this conjunction we first have a conjunction of the planets Pluto, Mars, and Venus on March 3rd and on the 28th degree of Capricorn.

Basically, this is a deep purifying energy filled with compassion. However, in individual situations this can be of influence. The basic concept is purification, so everything happening should lead to the better. Consider the energy as a token from mother earth helping you to understand the real values of life.

Especially people born about January 18th, April 18th, July 20th, and October 21st can feel the influence of this energy.

The 28th degree of Capricorn is according to the astrological mandala symbolized by: “A large aviary”.

It symbolizes the enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself by its implications.

This degree is also called the degree of clairaudience, or the capability in being responsive to inner voices. It is also a challenge to let these voices hear beyond the gates of the aviary.

Birds symbolize mental powers bringing joy and harmony to consciousness.

While Venus station (at the beginning of her retrograde period on December 19th took place on this degree, we can expect here to be the accent of the process of reconciliation related to Venus retrograde. This will be valid for each individual and for the community.

Besides, there are other energies asking for our attention, namely the Venus retrograde period form December 19th, 2021, up to January 29th, 2022, and the Mars retrograde period form October 30th, 2022, to January 2023. Venus retrograde will take place in Capricorn; Mars retrograde in Gemini.

On a global level Venus R asks our attention for scarcity in goods and rising prices.

The question is whether this is caused by manipulation and greed or where we should consider it to be more careful with respects to all elements in our geo-cosmic environment.

I also expect societal systems (as health care) need a restoration, but also the big differences between haves and have-nots. Equality and responsibility will be the keys to real solutions.

2022 can also be considered a year to further develop your cosmic antennas to be better prepared to attune to higher cosmic frequencies. The age of Aquarius we are expecting requires us to participate. It won’t take place when we ourselves are not prepared for it. So, take care you can “read” the new frequencies and it is not 4 or 5 G systems I mean.

Venus retrograde also helps us to revalue everything having value in our lives.

Like for instance money, material matters, friendships, relations, health, love, and affection.

This revaluation process can bring us insights in where to put more focus on and where to pay less attention to.

What the issues are and where possible changes should take place depends on your birth chart.

As the moment Venus turns retrograde the Sun is on our Galactic Centre. This emphasizes the galactic need for purification because of the Venus retrograde considerations.

Try to understand the message and take them into account when making decisions in your live related to this revaluation.

Pluto on the last degrees of Capricorn will make more and more clear where societal systems urgently need to be replaced or renewed.

In March and April Pluto will enter Aquarius for a short while, then returning to these last degrees, giving us an ultimate chance for restoration.

From January 21st up to March 9th, 2043, Pluto will make its transit in Aquarius, purifying all aspects of freedom and individuality for the benefit of the whole.

The Lunar Nodes have changed signs recently. For the coming 19 months they will be in Taurus and Scorpio.

As soon as the Northern Lunar node has entered Taurus, the message is to get insight in the nature as a whole and in the nature as part of yourself. Discover the potential in yourself and Mother Earth and learn to trust upon them. Accept the challenge and develop yourself in harmony with these insights.

With the Southern Lunar node in Scorpio the source of knowledge of past experiences comes from the insight in the reason for life and death. Here we can learn from the mistakes, the consequences and how to prevent them for the future.

Mars retrograde (between October 29th, 2022, and January 11th, 2023, will lead to a fall back in trade activities. We can also have to deal with worldwide communication problems.

At any case it should be considered as a period of reconciliation of where to put your efforts.

When Mars retrogrades it always makes an opposition with the Sun, the best reason not to act impulsively.

So, use your energy more conscious and be selective in where you put your efforts.

Before Mars turns retrograde it makes several times some hard aspects with a.o. Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus and that could possibly lead to violent situations (physically or verbally) (about February 15th and about July 1st or protests authorities (beginning of August).

On the background the square from 2021 between Uranus and Saturn keeps playing a role, however far less prominent. It can lead in the months October and November to measures and discussion, either directly related to the pandemic or related to release from the damage.

Uranus has an important role to take care for innovations in the world around us. Most important is to re-balance ecological systems and support biodiversity. Mankind should learn to play a role as part of all there is and not as a kind of robber knight of all nature gives us.

And may you consider your own contribution as unimportant I would like to remind you to the role of the butterfly in a saga of the Cherokee Indian.

This saga tells us how one simple movement of the butterfly wing can use a hurricane somewhere else to demolish negative effects of human behavior and allow the gifts of Mother Earth to do well.

Picture: Atalante (source: Vlinderstichting)


The astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar

Vlinderstichting: picture Atalante