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Astrological preview October 2011

The month October appears to become a rather quiet month in fierce times, caused by the transit of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn shows us failures in systems and structures (a.o. the financial system) and makes clear what should be restructured. Conservative powers will try to prevent better solutions to be introduced in order to prevent their private interests. The transit of the Sun in Libra the first part of October will put a focus on relationships. With also Mercury and Venus in this sign this will turn out to be a pleasant time in general, except there where relationships did exist too long and without a real content. In the period from October 7th up to October 23rd these will be tested and especially when from aOctober 9th Venus enters Scorpio. The Sun will join Venus on October 23rd when it also enters Scorpio. The friendly climate of being focused on the other changes totally. Superficiality will disappear and will be replaced by depth and many issues will be tested against this. The New Moon of October 26th on the 3rd degree of Scorpio is a good moment to do the test in your own personal life. According to Rudhyars astrological mandala this is the degree for the pioneers of the approaching new era. It appears to be meant that everybody in a spiritual mood will question what his/her contribution for the New Era is supposed to be.

In October Pluto makes a trine to Jupiter in Taurus. This trine will be exact on October 28th on the same day when the Sun makes an opposition with Jupiter and a sextile with Pluto. This special astrological constellation will bring us new impulses for growth but now from a purified inner wish for a better world for all mankind.

Astrological biography Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs astrological biography (24-03-1955 / 05-10-2011)

Short curriculum

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was born on February 24th 1955 in San Francisco, California, USA at 7:15 pm. (source: astrodienst)

His mother, a student, left him for adoption, to ensure the boy would have a good education.

At the age of 10 he got interested in electronics. A couple of years later he worked as a student and joined Hewlett Packard, a supplier of electronic equipment and years later becoming leading in micro systems.

He left college and started a job at Atari a supplier of video games. Some years later he became spiritually inspired and travelled to India. After his return he joined Steve Wozniak and in 1976 together they developed a board with computer circuits they called The Apple. This formed the basis of the Apple computer they built a couple of years later and turned out to become a huge success. Within 3 years the company had a value of 10 million dollars and a year later even 100 million dollars. Steve turned out to become a tyrant with moody outbursts leading to struggles with other executives. He resigned from Apple and started a new adventure NEXT, a computer enterprise, developing hardware different from other suppliers. He bought Pixar Animations and became a partner for Disney. In those years Pixar was rewarded with 20 Academy Awards for animation pictures. In 1997 Jobs convinced Apple to take over NEXT and when decided to do so Jobs became CEO of Apple. In 2001 the iPod, a revolutionary discovery to be able to listen to music according to the own choice was presented and on January 9th 2007 the iPhone, an imported breakthrough in the integration of voice, phone, internet and image, was introduced. The iPhone turned out to be the facilitator for the world wide use of internet using a multi variety of technologies for communication. On January 27th 2010 the iPad was introduced, Apples last new announcement under the direction of Jobs. On March 18th 1991 Jobs married Laurene Powell. Together they were blessed with 3 children, the oldest a son a couple of months after the wedding ceremony. On July 31st 2004 Jobs underwent a surgery to remove a pancreatic tumor. The tumor seemed to be self contained  and no further treatment appeared to be necessary. Because of his worsening health situation Jobs resigned as CEO on January 17th 2011 and died on October 5th 2011.

Astrological analysis

Steve was born with Sun in Pisces and Virgo rising. These are tokens for a man who wants to be a servant for the community. From his birthchart we can identify his personal skills as follows. There is a Grand Square with Mars and Neptune opposing each other on one hand and Venus opposing Jupiter and Uranus on the other hand. His Pisces Sun makes a one and half square (135 degrees) with Jupiter. Hard (Mars) and restless (Grand Square) work to realize his visionary (Uranus and Neptune) ideas in matter (Venus) for a better world (Jupiter). Uranus is ruler of  his 6th house (work and health) and Mars of his 8th house (transformation). With Venus ruling his second house the efforts will inevitably result in “matter’ and possessions. Mars in Aries square Uranus indicate his talent and interest for electronics.

His moody behavior can be explained as follows. Moon rising is intended to be a servant. However the planet ruling Virgo Mercury is in Aquarius in his 5th house and makes a square with Saturn. It leads to criticism on other people especially authorities , possibly not being at the right position according to Jobs opinion. The Moon in Aries in the 8th house gives him inpatient emotional behavior. Possibly Jobs has never realized his moody behavior and acted according to what he perceived to be in the interest of all.

On the day of his wedding progressive Mercury was opposing the ascendant and Saturn (ruler of his 5th house of children) was in his 5th house. His wife was pregnant from their first child. This gives rise to the idea of a rational marriage. However also love played an important role because the universal planet of love Venus was opposing Steve’s planet of love Neptune and in conjunction with Mars, ruler of the 8th house and therefore related to the birth of new life.

On the moment of the presentation of his major finding the iPhone Venus in progression was opposing his ascendant. Furthermore Sun and Mercury made a transit conjunct Venus and Pluto made a transit conjunct the Galactic Centre. Uranus made a one and a half square (135 degrees) with Uranus. So something really revolutionary and important to the benefit of mankind had been presented also fulfilling the quest of Steve himself (Mercury being ruler of his 10th house).

At the day of the pancreatic surgery Mars (surgery) made a transit conjunct Pluto (hidden in the body), Uranus (sudden changes) made a transit conjunct the Sun and Neptune (illusion, hidden issues) a transit conjunct Mercury. An indication for big changes in his daily life and health, but also indicating issues to stay invisible (Uranus) and under the surface (Pluto).

The day Steve died, the transit of Neptune, the divine and ruler of his Sun, was trine the Neptune in his birth chart. Neptune also made a sextile to Mars ruler of his 8th house of life and dead, birth and passing away. It is also an indication of a passing away in peace.