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Neptune in Pisces


It is not evident that each man or woman will go through a period with Neptune in Pisces. The most important reason for this is the length of the orbit of Neptune around the Sun. Every orbit will take Neptune approx. 165 years. Neptune is the 8th planet in our solar system.

Neptune for first time  has been signalized by Galilei somewhere in 1612-1613, but the real discovery is dedicated to John Galle and Heinrich d’Arrest on September 23rd 1846 when Neptune was signalized at 25:53 Aquarius. It took Neptune until February 7th 2010 to reach position again. When Neptune was discovered in 1846 Saturn was on the same degree of Aquarius, remarkable because at the moment of “discovery” by Galilei, the other big planet in our solar system, Jupiter was on the same degree as Neptune.  This year Neptune will make the transit to Pisces on April 4th. Neptune stays in Pisces until August 5th, when it returns to Aquarius until  February 3rd 2012 as a result of the retrograde motion. After that Neptune will stay in Pisces until March 30th 2025.

Neptune energy

Neptune is known for the quality of making things unlimited. Visions and dreams for a perfect society are also related. Neptune represents the need for total perfectness but can also result in disillusion. In addition Neptune represents pictorial expressiveness, pictures, photography, movies, art, fashion and glamour, but Neptune also represents selfhood, self-esteem, self-deception and scandals.


The effect of a Neptune transit in Pisces is not a very simple issue. The one and only experience before, mankind being aware of the existence of Neptune and its influence, has taken place about 160 years ago. In addition it is not very simple to analyze the influence of a transit of Neptune through a star sign, because the effects do not result in the most eye catching events. Where a transit of Pluto results in thorough revolutions and a transit of Uranus gives innovative and sudden and unexpected incidents, a transit of Neptune has influences on ideals, pictorial expressions and the fading of restrictions and these are issues that can’t be expressed very clear. It also corresponds to one of the known influence of Neptune, namely dissolution and making things unrestrictive and invisible. Beside the mutual aspects between the mystery planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto play an important role, while they are of predominant influence on the mutual exchange of energy. Where Uranus discovers and brings awareness, Neptune brings the divine dimension and Pluto takes care the whole will be purified thoroughly.

According to Rudhyar (in his book “The sun is also a star”) Neptune is the universal solvent. Solvent in the ancient alchemistic mystical meaning. The ancient alchemists searched for gold in more than one meaning. An important cover for them has been the search for a chemical formula to derive pure from base metals. In reality they tried to understand the source that connects all. Although not striking and in accordance with the qualities of Neptune this process takes place in an inner-world. Important is the fact that Neptune is in Pisces in the own sign, there where the expression and influence of its qualities can be most effective. These effects can be 2way, the dissolution of structures from the past and the creation of issues in an, as it might be, other reality. The perceiving through different eyes, a filtering by a diffuse number of factors. Furthermore we should encounter and differentiate between the effects on the image of time when Neptune is in its own sign Pisces and on the personal qualities of people born with Neptune in Pisces. In the coming years the influence of the transit of Neptune in Pisces in the years 2011-2025 will become clear. The effects of the presence of Neptune in Pisces in the natal horoscopes of people born in these years will become evident later. Especially from the moment these people had their first Saturn return (about the age of 29) and start to make projections of the inner-world, they have been developing in the first part of their lives, on the outer world of people around them, this will become evident. So in the period 2040 up to 2055 we will see the effects of this.

Neptune in Pisces (1847-1862)

The preceding time Neptune made a transit in Pisces took place, as mentioned before, in the years 1847 up to 1862. At the moment Neptune entered Pisces Uranus and Pluto where in Aries. On April 4th this year, Uranus will be in Aries too, Pluto in the contrary is in Capricorn. With Neptune in Pisces the dreams for  political systems representing a perfect society will be strived and we will see reforms in health care, prison systems and arts. The pictorial capacities of these people will be phenomenal.

Examples of people born with Neptune in Pisces are:

  • Karl Marx, founder of the communist ideology was born in 1848;
  • Vincent van Gogh, the famous painter and founder of the neo-impressionism was born on March 30th 1853.
  • Sigmund Freud, psychologist and “inventor” of the idea mankind has something like an under-consciousness, was born on May 6th 1856.

Examples of social initiatives or striking incidents during the Neptune in Pisces transit period are:

  • The discovery by Florence Nightingale during the “Krim”war 1853-1856 that most soldiers were not killed on the battlefield but as a result of the lack of good healthcare when they were wounded. After her return in London she founded a nurse school in the St Thomas hospital, one of the first educations in this area and with the most influence. In 1859 she wrote “Notes on Nursing, What it is and what it is not”, the first modern handbook for nursing. Her opinion that health not only is the absence of illness, but also a situation where mankind can deploy all his or her talents, has been of big importance for the foundation of the World Health Organization (WHO). (Source: Wikipedia).
  • The battle of Solferino in the Austrian French war with many casualties and cruelties gave rise to the founding of the Red Cross organization by Henri Dunant.

Neptune is also related to viruses, epidemics and bacteriology. The discoveries by Louis Pasteur of pasteurization as a means for the preservation of food in 1862 and by David Semmelweiss of bacteria’s being the reason for puerperal fever fit very well in this picture.

What can be expected from the coming transit of Neptune through Pisces

The years before Neptune will enter Pisces we experienced another particular fact, namely that in the years 2004-2011 Uranus and Neptune were in each others sun sign (Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces). We indicate this as mutual reception. In such a period  the energies of planets are as effective as they were in their own sign. This also gives rise to big expectations for children born between 2004 (when the mutual reception started) and 2025 (when Neptune enters Aries). We can expect a generation with a fantastic pictorial intelligence and capability. So we can be prepared for breakthroughs in pictorial art, photography and movies.

In the coming years we also can expect initiatives for improvements or revolutions in societal systems where all individuals will have equal chances. As Pluto makes a transit in Capricorn all these years and Pluto has the objective of purification we can envisage thorough changes in systems, associated with power struggles.

We can also expect breakthroughs and new discoveries in health care with a revolutionary impact enabling a different, more patient focused, organization of care. There will be discussions about the organization of healthcare and prison systems related to the issue of societal justification. In institutions for healthcare there will be more attention for the care itself (attention for the patient, quality of care, quality of life). The current boundaries will dissolve and care will be given less in big scale organizations but more in specialized clinics as well as at home. The role for the patient will be more important and he will have more influence and decisive power.

Also prison systems will change as they need to. The environment where people serve their imprisonment will become more in line with the character of the offences they were imprisoned for. This to further the experience of imprisoned to their reason of punishment.

Finally the process of de-christianization will be stopped in this meaning that a religion will become more important for the individual and the notion that we all serve the same God will become more and more accepted. However in this process we can expect power struggles initiated by people trying to defend the privileges of the current situation.

Mercury station experience

On December 30th (the day Mercury went station after a retrograde period) I experienced some remarkable adventures with the services of my local bank. In the morning shortly before 11.00 a.m. I left home to do some shopping for Sylvester Eve. As I almost did not have cash money and in one of the shops I planned to visit cash money is the only means to pay, I went to the nearest bank station to get some cash. When I expected to have finished the transaction and waited for my card to appear, somebody came to me with a paper where was written that the machine was not working and he told me not to put my card in, because it would not be returned. Soon it turned out the guy was right because my card did not appear and neither did the money I expected. So I had to face the problem to need cash money to do my shopping and not having a card to withdraw it, nor to be able to pay. I phoned my bank, the service number happened to be in my mobile phone and informed them about the incident. I had to face problems because the account might be blocked, neither could I perform payments using internet banking facilities. A new card would take a week as well as the service of the withdrawal automate where my card has disappeared. The solution was to go to one of the offices of the bank and get cash money at the desk. As the nearest office was closed that day I was advised to go to another office. When I arrived there and I had explained the problems the employee informed me she could not help me because their cash withdrawal automate was defect. I had to go to another office in another village. As it was short before closing time for lunch and I expected I might not reach that office in due time, I asked the employee to phone the other office and inform them about my problem and ask them not to close and wait for me. On my way to this office I came upon many obstacles in traffic and as a result I arrived 5 minutes late. Fortunately the office turned out to be still open, the girl in the office assisted me very friendly and I could leave the office with the required money to do the shopping. The hole adventure took about 2 hours.

Lessons learnt:

Trust in people and not in systems.

The employees of my bank are professionals and helpful.

Be aware of Mercury stations, it can take a lot of time to fulfill your planned assignments

This day Mercury station squared the midpoint Sun/Mercury in my birth chart. In this chart Mercury is dispositor of the 8th house (banks and insurances, money from other persons). Station Mercury was in my 2nd house indicating money and goods.