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The name “Omegahighlighter” comes from the words “Omega” (something to be adressed as fulfilment) and “highlighter” (somebody who is putting a focus on a subject and explains it in more detail). The name “Omegahighlighter” I have chosen incidentally somewhere in the nineties of the last century as my email address. The program I used to create my first web address asked after a mail alias and by then I filled in the name “omegahighlighter”. Afterwards it turned out something different happened than my objective, it turned out to be my real email address from that moment.

Some years later this incident turned out to have a very remarkable meaning for me. During my education in astrology I came in contact with the ideas of Dane Rudhyar. His ideas struck me and I decided to make a specific study on his ideas, leading to an article. You will find this article somewhere else on this website. When preparing my article I his book “The planetarisation of consciousness” was handed over to me, and when I opened this book it was on page 334 where I was struck by the following text:

“The word plenitude, well known in all European countries, has nearly the same meaning as “fullness”, but it is used almost exclusively with reference to an inner state of human or divine being and consciousness. The Greek term, pleroma, is related to it, and I have used this term, pleroma, to indicate a condition of existence in which the most complete plenitude of being and consciousness is experienced – a truly “divine” state, the omega state”.

I was astonished and from that special moment I understood there was an assignment hidden in my email address. The creation of this website is one of my activities to employ the seed ideas of Rudhyar.