The year 2021, a brief prediction


In December 2020 Saturn (on the 17th) and Jupiter (on the 19th) will leave the sign Capricorn and enter Aquarius.

This causes a vast change in energy. Aquarius is the sign of freedom, and it will not be easy for authorities to keep up the measures related to the corona pandemic.

As such this might not be too complicated as the authorities themselves also will be nourished by another type of energy and may strive for more freedom.

New solutions can be thought over, resulting in a situation where more is possible and still our responsibility for the vulnerable will be taken into account.

For this reason, we can expect an era, where authorities will try to limit the negative aspects of freedom in the interest of a responsible and free society and within limitations where needed.

Picture: the planet Jupiter

This period will last approx. a year. In 2021 Jupiter has left Aquarius and will be in Pisces. Between May 11th and July 28th Jupiter will be in Pisces too. In Pisces Jupiter is strong and will have healing effects.

Picture: the planet Saturn

Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 2023. Jupiter in Aquarius indicates there is a need for freedom to develop. Saturn in Aquarius indicates this freedom cannot be unlimited.

There should be a context of limitation within societal boundaries. Relevant systems such as health care, agriculture, ecology, economy should be modernized and focused on equality. This is only possible with cooperation between all involved. Groups only striving for own interests, without taking into account the interests of others, should be learned to adapt.

The first thing to follow is the question: What can we do for the future of all life on earth and how should we adapt, to have a future life in balance together.

All efforts should be put according to this strategy and authorities will have a role to remind us to this.

Writing this, I am aware I also describe the root of all problems, our limitations to oversee all there is. We have a certain arrogancy, where we expect to be able to solve everything bothering us in the future.

This is a fiction; we are too limited for this. While we are part of (and possibly the biggest) the problem, we will not be able to overthink or invent the ultimate solution. The only solution is to live in harmony and taking into account others in full awareness and unpersonal everlasting love.

The first important energy for the coming period will be the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This will take place on December 21st 19.21 MET, shortly after the Sun has entered Capricorn and the winter solstice has been reached.

On December 20th, so shortly before the conjunction I took the picture underneath. It shows Jupiter in the middle and Saturn close on top (vaguer).

Jupiter and Saturn make this conjunction every 20 years. It happens 6 up to 7 times in the same type of element (fire – earth – air – water). With the conjunction on the 1st degree of Aquarius, a series of conjunctions in the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are left behind. The coming conjunctions over a period of 120-140 years, all will be in air signs (Gemini, Balance and Aquarius).

The last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct, was in May 2000, a period known as the Great conjunction in Taurus. Apart from Jupiter and Saturn, also Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars were part of it.

In NL we had a disaster in Enschede explosion by fireworks. A whole section of the city was damaged with demolished houses and over 30 people killed.

But the conjunction was not the immediate reason for this. Other dynamic aspects where Mars, Pluto and Uranus were involved and making dynamic aspects to each other and to the conjunction were the direct reason for this.

Next month, other dynamic aspects are involved, possibly causing unattendances and also resulting in unexpected incidents.

The conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in the earth signs have gradually shown us the scarcity of land and the need for growing regulation in the use of it, for all societal functions.

With the conjunction in air signs, there will be a growing regulation in the space around us, and also the use of it by planes, satellites, drones, wireless telecommunication etc. Possibly even our thinking might be regulated, think for instance on the effects of artificial intelligence.

On world level, the year 2021 will have to do with the issues of freedom and limitation of it. Some issues will be a result of things happening in 2020, where authorities have limited freedom for different reasons. Sometimes as a reasonable action of prevention and in other cases as a false opportunity to regulate things in personal advantage. A.o. we can think of COVID-19, the ecological problems, freedom of speech, inequality of races, etc.

The energy that will feed the discussion in 2021 will be caused by the planets Saturn and Jupiter.

In addition, and for a part of the year first Jupiter and later on also Saturn (classic ruler of Aquarius) will make a dynamic 90-degree aspect with Uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius).

Jupiter is the typical energy for development and growth, but also exaggeration.

Saturn is the typical energy for limitation and responsibility and Uranus is the energy for freedom and new inventions.

This causes a challenging playing field, where we will see a number of interesting games developing this coming year, not only on a world level, but also at a personal level.

Periods with more freedom, such as for instance January, March to May and August up to November will be followed by periods with more regulation February, June, December).

Especially the months June and July can lead to circumstances with conflicts as we have also to face the energy of a solar eclipse.

In between we can have to cope with new insights, especially in ecology, possibly helping us to be prepared for the future. In addition, we certainly will have to cope with restorative actions from authorities, trying to improve societal systems (such as for instance, health care and democracy). This can also lead to new societal unrest and conflicts.

The theme for 2021 easily could become “Freedom within restrictions”.

Preview 2020

Preview 2020


The year 2020 is expected to become a year to remember.

A couple of years ago we could connect the 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto to the big economic and financial crisis and the subsequent renewal of our economy, we now will have to deal with the cardinal climax in Capricorn.

In addition, the periods when Venus and Mars are retrograde as well as the entrance of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at the end of the year, will be the most relevant energies.

General trend

Since December 2nd, 2019 we entered a rather rare energy. It does not happen too often that 3 of the long-term planets, i.e. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in the same sign. This only happens less than 1 time per 1000 years.

Such a stellium (with also other planets like Sun and Mercury involved) in a cardinal sign is called a cardinal climax.

We see these conjunctions taking place in Capricorn.

The subjects to deal with are purification and power struggles (Pluto), structure, limitation and authority (Saturn), and Justice, personal growth and belief systems (Jupiter). In addition, the mini-planet Ceres is also part of these conjunctions.

Picture: Ceres (to the left beneath, with Earth and Moon)

Ceres is called after the Roman goddess of agriculture and maternal love.

Ceres directed her acts of doing well on the poor and so became a symbol for the plebeian rights. In Capricorn we find the heliocentric planetary southern nodes, as well of Jupiter (11th degree), Pluto (21st degree) and Saturn (25th degree). These nodes indicate karmic patterns for the community as a whole.

It will be clear Capricorn energy will be dominant this year.

The influence will be sensed the whole year with special periods where the energy will be even stronger.

At the mundane level we will see this in the first half of January, the second half of March, about April 5th and 25th, end of June, end of September and beginning of October and about November 12th.

At the beginning of 2020 the planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn.

The energy of this cardinal climax is the strongest as long as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn.

Up to January 12th from the slower planets, Pluto has first hit a degree, after that day and up to December 21st, 2020 Saturn was the first on a degree, after that Jupiter will be the first followed by Saturn and Pluto.

This has consequences for the exchange of energies. Up to January 12th we first had to deal with purification and power issues. Everything having passed the requirements of purification will be reordered and prepared for further development.

After January 12th first everything that doesn’t deserve a future from the existing structure, will be reordered and eventually removed. After that the requirement of purification will be examined and when positive there will be possibilities to build upon it.

There will be different scenario’s visible. In one we see the positive use of the energy, used to improve societal circumstances to the benefit of all (including mother earth). In this scenario we see a fair division of wealth, an economy serving a sustainable community and where quality and balance are the key factors. In this scenario we can expect a perspective to a better world.

In the other we see people sticking on decisions from economic models contributing to the wealth of a limited number of people and at the cost for the community and especially the poor.

In this model there will only be a perspective for societal unrest and revolution with many victims. It is the scenario that also was actual in the years before the French revolution, where some European sovereigns used the signs of time to serve their people, but the French sovereigns were blind and lost their head.

At the personal level these energies will also play an important role.

It will especially have influence on certain areas of an individual’s life, depending where the cardinal climax works out in the individual horoscope.

Especially people born between January 10th and 15th, April 10th and 15th, July 11th and 16th, October 12th and 18th will be challenged with energy.

The planet of change Uranus makes a transit in Taurus, indicating at the mundane level that the changes we will have to realize need to be focused on the way we take care for the planet, the production of food, and the environment.

Picture Uranus

With the planet Neptune in Pisces we also need a vision of idealism and unlimited cosmic love very much of importance.

Picture: Neptune

Venus as well as Mars will become retrograde this year.

Venus is retrograde from May 13th to June 25th from Gemini 22nd to Gemini 5th.

Picture: Venus

Venus retrograde is about rethinking of values.

This can both have to do with material values and with values in relationships.

We often see financial markets, losing their values and personal relations coming to an end.

It all has the objective to finalize what has become useless and to create new opportunities.

Venus in Gemini also urges us to rethink our ways of communication.

Mars will retrograde form September 10th to November 14th. This is happening from the 29th to the 16th degree of Aries.

Picture: Mars

When Mars is retrograde it is better not to carry out work that will take a lot of energy.

It is better just to do what is necessary and to think over plans for the future.

Take the time to overthink things you feel to be important for your future and how they could become part of your life. Mars retrograde is challenging you to overthink the acts to be the foundation of plans in your future life.

In December 2020 we can envisage another important change in energy.

On December 17th Saturn enters the sign Aquarius for the second time this year followed 2 days later by Jupiter.

At that moment what I have called the cardinal climax in Capricorn will come to an end.

Because Pluto is at the same time at the Southern node of Saturn we can expect some important consequences of this cardinal climax.

Picture: Saturn

Saturn is already in Aquarius earlier this year (from March 22nd to June 2nd).

Saturn will make the transit in Aquarius up to March 7th, 2023.

In this period, we can expect authorities to put restrictions on our lives.

On the other hand, with Pluto and Jupiter still in Capricorn, this period will be used to reorganize and rethink the patterns of life in society.

When Saturn is in Aquarius the combination of individual freedom in the interest of collective societal developments will be the challenge.

When Jupiter enters Aquarius (the sign of individual freedom), Jupiter will help to create possibilities for individuals, but with Saturn following this can only stay for the long term, if these possibilities are also in the interest in society as a whole.

We can expect fights between individuals fighting for personal interests against the collective and public interest.

Picture: Jupiter

This will be the main challenge for the year to come 2021.

Jan Weber, December 2019